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Just Good Enough

10 May

When we want something badly, we may do whatever it takes to get it. We might spend all the money we have, call in every favor and push ourselves to the limit. Strong desires can trigger extreme measures, and if after all we’ve done, we succeed, we may feel it was all worth it. But those situations are few and far between. Most of the time, the things we desire won’t require such herculean efforts. When things are easily accessible, we might put them off. If we’re happy where we are and achieving them will require us to change something or they are inconvenient, we may set them aside. After all, everything is going okay, why test the waters to see what’s possible? We may decide we don’t need excellence and can be happy with just good enough. It’s like getting a C in class. It’s a passing grade that probably won’t take a lot of effort, and if we’re willing to settle, it’ll be fine. Settling for what’s easy will never make our dreams come true. A mediocre life will never take us anywhere we really want to go. We can coast through and just follow along, but if we want the lives we dream of, and reach every destination that captures our interest, we must be willing to do more. We are capable of achieving far more than we think we can, and every single dream is possible. If we step forward and open new doors, we may accomplish things we never thought we could. We’ll never know how far we can go if we stay in the same place. The world is huge, and there are unlimited options waiting for us. We can do anything and go anywhere. We just have to decide what we want, and then do what is needed to make it ours. Life is filled with opportunities. Our lives can be filled with every desired goal and as we achieve them, we’ll find complete and fulfilling happiness.

Routines are comfortable. As we repeat the same behaviors, we pretty much know what to expect and how things will go. It’s like walking on a treadmill. Our lives are advancing but the scenery never changes. Being busy doesn’t mean we’re moving forward. Our lives are ours to design and if we want to stay in the same place we can, but it’s impossible to learn anything new by doing the same things over and over again. We can trust ourselves to step onto a new path and begin a new journey. As we move ahead, we’ll find great reward and refreshment by opening new doors.

Every experience we have changes us in some way. We learn as we go, and each time we overcome an obstacle we get stronger and wiser. New destinations can be intimidating, and we may be hesitant to step in a new direction. But we are strong and capable, and there isn’t anything we can’t manage. There is no tangle we can’t unravel, and with determination and clarity, we can go anywhere and do anything. When we’re ready, we can create the lives we dream about.

Today, if you’ve been staying in the same lane doing the same things, but are ready to try something new, make a plan and take the first step forward. The world is filled with opportunities and destinations just waiting for you. Be confident and trust yourself. Every dream is possible, and you will make them yours.

Super Highway

3 Mar

When we’re on a road trip and want to get to our destination quickly, we may choose a super highway to get there.  They are generally wide with several lanes, often in good condition and well paved.  Although there may be many cars traveling along with us, there are no stoplights to slow us down as we go.  Highways are popular, well-traveled and often busy.  In our lives when we’re deciding what we want to do and where we want to go, we can choose the path most people travel.  We can take the popular road and walk forward along with others doing what is expected.  There is nothing wrong with going with the flow but if we want to, we can turn off the main road and take an exit.  We can choose a path that isn’t well traveled, where the terrain is rocky because it hasn’t been worn down, and opt for a destination that is different from the norm.  Sometimes the most beautiful places are hidden away, and the most desirable outcomes are those that are hard to reach.  Super highways are great and we can always travel them.  But if we want our lives to be different, and prefer to travel someplace higher, we can take a turn off the highway.  We may design our own road forward, and choose a destination that is off the beaten path.

Some people prefer everyone to be the same, look the same, make similar choices and have common goals.   It’s often easier to relate to others who are like us.  We understand them because their choices are similar to ours and we may feel comfortable around them because they feel familiar.  But we aren’t clones of one another and we have the power to design our lives any way we want.  Even if we’ve been going along with the ideas of others for a time, if we decide we want to change course, we can.

As we travel on busy highways sometimes the scenery doesn’t change for hours.  Highways tend to be somewhat generic and it doesn’t matter where we are, they look about the same.  After some time we may not even notice what we’re passing as we move forward.  But every mile we travel is time we’re spending and once gone, can never be replaced.  We can look up and really see what’s around us and decide if we want to continue or make a change.  If we see something interesting off the road, we can choose to move toward it and leave the busy lanes behind.  There may be brambles in our way because nobody has cleared them, there may be things we must climb over to go forward, and we may need to turn a few times to continue forward.  But if the destination ahead is where we want to go we have everything we need to overcome anything to get there.  We can chart our own courses, and create our own paths.  We have everything we need to succeed and once we decide on a destination there is nothing strong enough to keep us from it.

Today if you’ve been traveling the same road with others and have decided you want something different, look around and decide where you really want to go.  Chart your own course forward and begin.  Every destination is there for you.  Choose what you want most and head toward it.  You will succeed and arrive exactly where you want to be.