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2 Dec

Life is filled with opportunities for growth and understanding. We can do anything we really want to do and go as far as we desire. We can reach further and stretch to move closer to any destination we choose. But progress doesn’t always come easily, and understanding can elude us even when we’re trying hard to get a grasp on something. There is always a lot going on all around us. People come in and out of our lives continually, we face innumerable challenges and complications, and sometimes just when we’re sure we’re headed in the right direction, the road turns and we end up going the long way around or even the wrong way. We can always right our course, and find the way forward, but that may take more time than we want, and might involve a lot of unexpected adjustments. Change doesn’t just happen because we want it. We have to do what is necessary to make it ours. If we really want the lives we dream about, if we really want to experience true success, we’re going to have to step away from what we already know. The world is a huge place and the chances for change are unlimited. Staying in the same place and refusing to move will only bring us the same things over and over again. We have incredible potential and nothing is too complex or difficult for us to manage or unravel. We can step forward with confidence that although we don’t know exactly what lies ahead, we will handle whatever comes and be able to push forward toward any goal we desire. There are endless possibilities, and countless opportunities for success. There is sufficient wisdom and courage within us to guide us forward, and help us open every door we reach. Every dream is possible, and we can go anywhere and do anything.

Our lives are ours to design and we can create them any way we like. If we want a small life filled with routine and repetition, it’s easy to achieve. We can keep our influence close, and do the same things we know well. It takes courage to step away from what is commonplace, but if we’re ready to move onto something new, there are no walls that can hold us in. We can step off the well-traveled path, and forge our own road ahead. There is great satisfaction in doing new things and stretching beyond where we are.

We never need permission to pursue our own personal goals or reach for our dreams. Nobody knows what we want better than we do. Those around us may not agree, and may try to dissuade us from stepping forward, but we’re in control of our lives. We can do anything we desire, and no matter how far away or how difficult a goal is to achieve, we already possess everything we need to succeed. We are powerful and strong, and nothing can hold us back from what we want the most.

Today if you’re thinking of trying something new but aren’t sure you will prevail, trust yourself. You are smarter and stronger than you think you are, and nothing can hold you in place. Set your sites on the goals you’re dreaming about, and step forward. You have everything you need to succeed and you will win.


9 Aug

When we have two things we want to stick together, glue is a very useful tool. We all use it from time to time, and when we need it, nothing else will do. As we go through our lives we’ll meet and make connections with all kinds of people, make decisions that will take us to many different places, and choose every road we want to travel. We may build relationships that help us move forward, and take us to the destinations we desire. However, it’s also possible the relationships we value may hold us in place. Tradition and custom carry a lot of power and some people believe they must be honored and maintained no matter the cost. If we’re close to our families or loved ones, and they want to keep everything the same as it’s always been, it may be hard for us to do anything outside their norm. They may pressure us to conform to the traditional model and we may feel we can’t move and are glued in place. Trying to make others happy may keep us from achieving the goals we most desire. It would be easy if we all wanted the same things and agreed on every step ahead, but that will never be the case. We’re all unique and deserve to live our lives authentically, in ways that express our individuality and personal choices. Traditions and customs have a place and we can honor them, but our lives are ours alone and we can design them any way we like. Nothing can hold us in place if we’re determined to move. We can be respectful of others, recognize and value their decisions, and still make our own. Our destinies are ours to choose. We can go anywhere and do anything. We can have the lives we dream about, and find great success.

Keeping things the same and following roads that have been traveled well by those around us may bring comfort and security. But there are unlimited roads to travel and endless destinations to choose. Limiting ourselves to what is known and commonplace will only bring us experiences that are known and commonplace. If we all did the same things, life would be stagnant and boring. We can reach beyond where we are, step onto new roads and make them ours. The whole world is there for us, and we can reach further and achieve more.

Most of us like ice cream. It’s sweet and delicious, and there are endless flavors we can choose. Of course, we can always get vanilla. We’ve had it many times before and know what to expect. But limiting ourselves to only one closes the door to the exciting experiences we could have by trying something new. A life filled with repetition may bring some satisfaction, but will never fulfill our fondest dreams or help us reach our most treasured goals. By choosing what we want most and traveling the roads that will take us there, we can make our dreams come true and live the lives we want.

Today if you’re being pressured to keep things the same and stick with what’s known, remember your life is valuable and you can make your dreams reality. You are not glued in place. Nothing is out of reach and every goal you desire is possible. Look ahead and choose the road you want the most. Step forward and reach further. You can make your dreams come true, and every success is possible.

Small World

8 Dec

There are a lot of things we can do in life. There are places to see, people to meet, things to learn and unlimited experiences we can have if we want them. If we want big lives and are open to all kinds of new ideas, we may try many different things. We can travel the world, learn anything that interests us, and do just about anything we dream about. Or we can choose to have a small world by keeping our lives close and only doing what’s comfortable and familiar. If we are brave enough to expand our experiences to new things, we’ll learn more about life and about ourselves. Even if we think something is impossible at first, we often find that once we start we can accomplish far more than we imagined. There is a lot to experience and limitless things to learn. We can only live our days once and then they are gone. Making the most of the time, and stretching our view will create a deeper, richer experience. We can do far more than we think we can. There is so much to see and do and even if we’re intimidated by an experience at first, we can accomplish it. Reaching beyond where we are will teach us new things and broaden our understanding. We may choose a small world where everything is predictable or we may reach further and magnify every single day.

Our lives are ours to design and if we aren’t happy with what we’re doing we can change. We are in control and can do anything we want to do. If we feel unfulfilled or unchallenged, we can choose another path. Our lives are valuable and what we do with them is up to us. We can fill every moment moving toward where we want to be or we can tread water and stay in the same place. It can be scary to try new things and the unknown is often intimidating. But things are only unknown until we open the door and experience them. Then they belong to us. We can reach further than we think we can and do more than we believe. We have enough courage to stretch into the unknown.

If we like, we may keep our lives small and not expand them more than we must. We may stick with what we know and where we feel comfortable. Repetition brings predictability and if we do the same things every day we know what to expect and where the boundaries lie. But repetition may also bring boredom and dissatisfaction. After a time, we may feel unsettled doing the same things over and over again. When we’re ready to venture forward we can open new doors that will bring new experiences and a freshness to our lives. We don’t have to keep our world small to be safe. We can stretch and try new things and expand ourselves to make the unknown ours. There is so much to experience in life. We can do anything we want to do and go as far as we like. If we reach further our lives will be richer and deeper and our understanding will increase.

Today if you’ve been doing the same things for a while and are ready to try something new, go for it. There really isn’t anything you can’t do. This life is the time to experience things and stretch. You can have big, bold experiences beyond what you imagine. Try something new and reach for the stars. They are there for you.

Taking the Risk

7 Jan

In our lives, we all get the chance to try something new we want to do. It’s fun to try new things, but since they are unfamiliar to us there is some uncertainty and there may be some risk involved. Sometimes the risk is physical – if we want to try snowboarding or rock climbing it looks exciting but we may fall. And sometimes the risk has nothing to do with our bodies, and everything to do with our futures. If we want to change careers but we’re well established where we are now, letting our security go for something new, even if it’s something we really want, can rattle us. Should we do it or should we play it safe and stay where we are? Risk exposes us to possible loss. What that loss is depends on the situation. Of course, we can go through our lives avoiding new situations and staying on the same familiar road if we choose. But if we don’t try new things, if we don’t stretch out of our comfort zones, we’ll never know what we can do. We are all capable of greatness. But we can’t become great unless we push ourselves to do everything we can to get there.

There are more things to experience in this life than we’ll ever be able to accomplish. But the more things we expose ourselves to, the more unique situations we face, the deeper we become and our understanding of life broadens. If we keep our lives small, don’t venture far, stay away from things that are different than what we’re accustomed to and ask for nothing more, our sense of the world will be small as well. Imagine wearing the same color every single day. We know what color it is, and we know how it will look every time we put it on. The repetition of doing the same things can make us feel secure because we know what to expect. But if we put on a new color every single day, and try colors we never thought we could wear, we would see ourselves in many different ways. And that sense of newness and diversity would deepen our experiences. We might find that trying new colors makes us feel happy, something we would never have learned if we had remained in our old pattern.

The experience of taking a risk and trying something new is different for everyone. Some people thrive on the thrill of never knowing what’s coming next, and others prefer to plan escapades into new arenas. If we’re unsure, we could start small and decide to try something we’ve never done before but that will have little impact on us. We could explore new areas for work by volunteering in those arenas and trying them out instead of making a decision to change all at once. We don’t have to bungee jump over a 100 foot drop to take a risk. Just trying something new, something we want to do but have never attempted, will bring us great experience and often big rewards. There is something wonderful about being terrified of a new experience, doing it anyway, and surprising ourselves by succeeding. We can do anything we want to do. We will be enriched as we understand that no matter what comes we’ll be able to navigate it. This life was meant to be experienced. And we have everything we need to try anything we like.

Today if you’ve been thinking about trying something new but have been concerned about the risks involved, you can do it anyway. Plan for it, learn about it, and then take it on. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You are capable of stretching and learning anything you want. Enrich your life by stepping out and pushing yourself a little further. You can conquer any obstacle and on the other side your confidence will soar. Go for it. You can do anything.