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9 Aug

When we have two things we want to stick together, glue is a very useful tool. We all use it from time to time, and when we need it, nothing else will do. As we go through our lives we’ll meet and make connections with all kinds of people, make decisions that will take us to many different places, and choose every road we want to travel. We may build relationships that help us move forward, and take us to the destinations we desire. However, it’s also possible the relationships we value may hold us in place. Tradition and custom carry a lot of power and some people believe they must be honored and maintained no matter the cost. If we’re close to our families or loved ones, and they want to keep everything the same as it’s always been, it may be hard for us to do anything outside their norm. They may pressure us to conform to the traditional model and we may feel we can’t move and are glued in place. Trying to make others happy may keep us from achieving the goals we most desire. It would be easy if we all wanted the same things and agreed on every step ahead, but that will never be the case. We’re all unique and deserve to live our lives authentically, in ways that express our individuality and personal choices. Traditions and customs have a place and we can honor them, but our lives are ours alone and we can design them any way we like. Nothing can hold us in place if we’re determined to move. We can be respectful of others, recognize and value their decisions, and still make our own. Our destinies are ours to choose. We can go anywhere and do anything. We can have the lives we dream about, and find great success.

Keeping things the same and following roads that have been traveled well by those around us may bring comfort and security. But there are unlimited roads to travel and endless destinations to choose. Limiting ourselves to what is known and commonplace will only bring us experiences that are known and commonplace. If we all did the same things, life would be stagnant and boring. We can reach beyond where we are, step onto new roads and make them ours. The whole world is there for us, and we can reach further and achieve more.

Most of us like ice cream. It’s sweet and delicious, and there are endless flavors we can choose. Of course, we can always get vanilla. We’ve had it many times before and know what to expect. But limiting ourselves to only one closes the door to the exciting experiences we could have by trying something new. A life filled with repetition may bring some satisfaction, but will never fulfill our fondest dreams or help us reach our most treasured goals. By choosing what we want most and traveling the roads that will take us there, we can make our dreams come true and live the lives we want.

Today if you’re being pressured to keep things the same and stick with what’s known, remember your life is valuable and you can make your dreams reality. You are not glued in place. Nothing is out of reach and every goal you desire is possible. Look ahead and choose the road you want the most. Step forward and reach further. You can make your dreams come true, and every success is possible.

Heads or Tails

30 Jan

We have a lot of choices in life and make millions of decisions as we go along. What will we wear, what will we eat, where will we go, who will we see, what will we do, the list is endless. Sometimes the decisions we make are important and the way we choose alters our lives in one way or another. If we choose badly when there’s a lot at stake, we can lose a lot. If we choose well, we gain. But sometimes there is no one right answer. All the options are possible and appropriate. If all the roads we can take are good, how do we choose between one or another? It seems strange but at times like that, when every possibility is workable, those decisions can be the hardest to make. It’s like flipping a coin. There is no right side to the coin when we choose. It just depends on how it lands. If we’re considering which road to take and they all look good, perhaps it won’t matter which one we choose. But every road has an end, and every choice takes us somewhere. If we can determine exactly where we’ll be be at the end of the road, we will choose more effectively.

Ice cream comes in many flavors, and if we like ice cream, we probably like a lot of them. Chocolate is rich and deep, strawberry is light and fresh, butter pecan is creamy and incredible, mocha is amazing, and all the others have wonderful qualities as well. If we go to a shop with dozens of flavors, it’s hard to choose. It doesn’t really matter which one we pick because they’re all good. When we’re facing a decision with lots of possibilities, and they all look good at first, we can take some time to evaluate all the parameters of each choice, and we’ll be able to narrow the field. Then we can choose what most fits what we want to achieve. If it’s a decision we can only make once, we’ll have to weigh all the options more carefully. If it’s something we can change after we’ve started, and the first choice doesn’t work out, we can stop at any time and choose another road.

Our lives have no “re-do” option, like games we played as children. Once we do something, it’s done. It will always be done, and nothing we do can undo it. We can’t go back and edit or delete anything. It will stand as it happened until the end of time. That’s great if we always make the right choice. But mistakes happen and if we aren’t happy with a choice we’ve made, although we can’t go back and make it again, we can modify our lives, turn our course, and change direction. There are few things in our lives that can’t be adjusted or corrected. We can’t change what’s been done, but we can change ourselves, and where we’re headed going forward. We are in control of our lives and every decision we make. If we aren’t happy, we can do what is needed to change things. If we aren’t where we want to be, we can alter our course to another direction. There isn’t anything we can’t do. Making decisions will help us find our way. Making them well, will take us where we want to go.

Today if you’re unsure about a decision you need to make, and all the options look good, take a closer look. You’ll notice differences and find the one that fits the best. You already know where you want to go and what you want to do. Choose the choice that takes you there. You can do anything you want. You are perfectly capable of making excellent choices. Today you will do just that.