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Around and Around

15 Nov

There are many things that may occupy our time and endless activities we may be involved in. Every day brings new opportunities and we can use our time any way we desire. If we’re focused on a goal and doing what is needed to make it reality, we’re likely to find success. But life is filled with all kinds of distractions and even if we’re intent on doing something, if we allow those distractions to alter our focus, we may not achieve the goals we want to pursue. There are a lot of people in our lives who may want our time for one thing or another and if we value our relationship with them, we may give it. It’s good to be helpful and supportive to those around us but if we constantly say yes to the needs of others, we may end up sacrificing the things we want the most. Time is a defined commodity that cannot be expanded or recaptured. We can’t stretch our days longer in an effort to get more done. We must manage the time we have and judiciously make decisions that will allow us to help those in need and still accomplish the things we want most. Our lives are important and our dreams can come true if we do what is needed to make that happen. Constantly being busy doing all sorts of things for everyone else may make us very popular but won’t help us achieve our personal goals. We can plan our days in ways that allow us to serve others and still have time to continue toward the destinations we desire most.

Being busy doesn’t always mean being successful. If we’re spinning around and around in circles, we are active and busy but aren’t moving forward. Continually stepping off the road that takes us to our goals to do other things will not help us achieve them. There is much to be learned by doing many different activities and we can try everything we like. However, if we spend all our time trying new things, we will never master anything. We know what we want and we know where we want to go. We can keep our eyes focused on the goals we want most and with determination we will reach them.

There are endless opportunities to do unlimited things. We can accomplish many personal goals but before we begin, we must decide what we want to do. Making lists and plans is only the first step. All the planning in the world will get us nowhere if we never move. We must actually step out and start our journey if we want to reach any destination. We are strong and capable and there isn’t anything we can’t do and nowhere too far to reach. The whole world is there for us and we can find great success and achieve all our goals.

Today if you’ve been busy doing lots of things that haven’t moved you closer to the places you want the most, revise how you spend your time. Your life is precious and your dreams are worthwhile. Make a plan to achieve the goals that mean the most and begin your journey toward them today. You can do anything. Step forward and make all your dreams come true. They’re always available to you and you will reach them.

Checking Out

7 Sep

Our lives are busy. We have things we have to do every day, things we need to get done, and responsibilities we can’t ignore. We sometimes make lists to get everything organized and check things off as we accomplish them. Get gas – check. Call the exterminator – check. Go to the dry cleaner – check. Buy batteries – check. And so it goes. We have sticky notes to remind us in our car, and on our mirror in the bathroom, and we’ve got reminders programmed into our phones. No matter how many things we get done, there is always more to do. Like bees in a field of flowers, we flit from one task to the next, busy and determined.

As we go about all these responsibilities, we may forget about taking time for ourselves. When we’re making our lists and programming our phones, we may not include a time out. But time out just for us is as important as all the tasks we need to take care of. A lot depends on us, so it’s important that we take care of ourselves. That means taking time to recharge and find our center again. Even bees take time out to rest, and so should we. We can add it to our list of things to get done. It seems like a simple step but when we don’t actually put it on the list, it tends to get neglected. What is the most restful and rewarding thing we can do today? What will rejuvenate us and help us go forward? Whatever it is, we need to get it on our lists of things to do.

Maybe we’d love a short break to go to our favorite coffee shop for a drink and a snack. Maybe we’d like to relax and read a book for fifteen minutes, or take a walk around the local park. Or maybe it would be perfect to just sit and do nothing. Whatever makes us happy, whatever gives us respite, whatever reminds us that we’re important, is something we should schedule for. I have a friend who writes “Simon” on her schedule every day for half an hour to spend time on something just for her. On her work schedule it looks like a meeting, and when her phone reminds her it’s time for Simon and she’s with others, she excuses herself and steps away. No matter what’s on her list that needs to get done, she makes sure Simon gets on it too. She makes time for herself a priority. When we become a priority in our busy lives, we’ll be happier, and that will help us accomplish everything else.

Today if you’re busy with lots to do, be sure to schedule a time out just for you. No matter how much there is to get done, take a short break and do something that will refresh you. You do so much. You deserve to do this for yourself. Check out for a while. Remember that you’re as important as anything else you’ll do today. Time is the best thing you can give to yourself. Schedule it in and take it.