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Big Red Line

31 Mar

Everyone has their own ideas about how life should go and what we should do. We all have our own personal preferences about everything in our lives. We like some things over others, and pattern our lives in ways that enable us to do what we prefer. There are endless expressions and unlimited varieties all around us. When we want something, we can clearly define what it is, what it looks like, how we’ll get it and thousands of other parameters. If we’re looking for a companion, we can define the traits we like the most and try to find someone who fits them but it’s important not to draw the lines too severely. We can narrow the field all we like, but the more lines we draw and parameters we set, the smaller the group of possibilities will be. If we say we will only date people who are tall and have red hair, and refuse to even consider anyone else, we will eliminate a lot of other potential candidates. If we further add they must work in a specific field, make a defined amount of money, drive a certain type of car, and dress in ways we find attractive, we may specify ourselves right out of success. It’s good to know what we want, but if we keep our options open and allow a wide scope, we have a better chance at finding what we want. Sometimes the perfect situation is completely different than we imagined it would be. By keeping our minds open to all possibilities, we can achieve anything we desire. Every success is possible in every arena of our lives. We have what we need to find them, and with clarity and patience, we will reach them all.

When we’re facing a big decision and look at all the options before us, we may quickly discard some because we don’t like them, or they look too hard to manage. The first look at something can never tell us all the facts. New and uncharted roads may seem daunting at first, but if we take one step closer, and then another, we may find what looked impossible at first is within reach. Throwing ideas away before we find out what they have to offer may keep us from the best roads ahead. We are intelligent and highly capable. There isn’t anything we can’t understand and manage.

The past can never predict the future. If we’ve had a bad experience with something we might avoid anything that looks like it or reminds us of it as we move forward. Life isn’t a record that repeats over and over again. We need not limit anything because of a previous loss. One failure cannot keep us from success. It doesn’t matter what happened before, everything is still possible. Each day brings new opportunities for success, and with determination and focus, we can make them ours.

Today if you’ve been drawing a big red line around things you will not do, think about expanding your vision. You are incredibly capable and powerful, and nothing is too difficult or complex for you to understand. Be open to new ideas, and courageously step forward. The world is full of possibilities and everything is on the table. Every success is there for you. Keep your eyes open and they will all be yours.



3 Apr

We go through all kinds of experiences and changes as we navigate through our lives. Each day brings us new lessons that teach us and give us tools for success. Our understanding of life deepens as we experience many different situations and scenarios, and we decide what we want as we move forward. Sometimes we progress exactly as planned and move continually ahead toward our goals. But other times things happen that turn us back around into a situation we thought we had left behind. Something happens that reels us back in and before we know it we find ourselves back at the beginning where we don’t want to be. People are complex and sometimes we make decisions that take us off the road leading forward and loop us back to where we’ve been. Even if we want to change our lives, the pull to return can be great. It’s possible to go back and revisit situations from our past and still continue moving forward, but if we cling to them it will be more difficult to head to the future. We don’t have to sever our connections to where we’ve been but if we want to find success moving forward we can’t hold onto situations that keep us in place. We know what we want and are capable of every success we desire. No dream is out of reach. If we find ourselves stepping back we can step forward again. The road ahead is always there for us and we can achieve any goal we desire.

We are responsible for the lives we live. If we’re unhappy, frustrated, or unfulfilled, it’s up to us to change the situation. We deserve complete happiness but we are the ones responsible for bringing it into our lives. If we want to change we can. There may be pressure from those around us to keep things the same, we may be afraid to alter our course because we don’t know what will happen, or we may be lazy and decide we can deal with things as they are. But there are unlimited possibilities around us and we can do anything we really want to do. We can choose the path that will take us exactly where we want to go and find complete contentment knowing we are in control of our future.

It’s easy to stay in a routine, even if it’s not what we want. We know where we are and what to expect. We may step away for a moment, but if we aren’t committed to change we may be quickly pulled back. We are in charge of our lives and nothing is strong enough to hold us down when we want to move forward. We can do anything we desire and no destination is too far to reach. We can step away from situations we don’t want and open all the doors ahead. Our lives belong to us and we can design them any way we choose.

Today if you find yourself looping back to what you left behind and want to continue forward, be confident and turn around. The whole world is there for you and anything is possible. Let go of anything that holds you in place and move ahead. You are strong and capable and nothing will keep you from success. Step forward. The future is there for you and you will reach it.


10 Jan

When there’s something we want to accomplish, sometimes we think we’re ready but find it hard to move forward. We may think we’re prepared to make the change, talk about it, get others to help us, make a plan and attempt to work it. But if we aren’t convinced we really want it, despite all the planning we may look for ways to cheat. If we aren’t ready to do what’s needed to turn the tide, we may vacillate back and forth with our decision. For instance, if we want to lose weight we may sign up for a program we think will work and determine to move forward. At the beginning, we may feel strong in our decision but if we aren’t ready to change we may look for ways around the diet requirements, make up “cheat days,” or pretend we’re eating less than we know we are. Our confidence may suffer as time passes and nothing changes. We won’t find success even if we pretend we’re working hard and nothing will change. Looking for a way to cheat is a sign that we’re not yet ready to move forward and it’s unlikely we’ll find success. Everyone is on their own timetable. If we really want something to happen, we can do what is needed to achieve it. But if we’re unsure, or unconvinced, it’s better to wait before we try to implement the actions we need to take. If we aren’t ready, we can be honest with ourselves and prepare to get ready. We can take the time we need to change our thinking, decide what we really want, and then plan our way forward. There isn’t anything we can’t do, but we must decide we really want to achieve the goal or we’ll go nowhere.

Sometimes we make decisions based on what others think we should be doing instead of what we really want to do. There may be pressure from friends or family to change something in our lives and if that pressure is great enough we may try to go along. But change only happens when we decide we want it. We are the only ones in control of our lives and if we aren’t ready, we can wait. The best we can do is decide what we want most for ourselves and then live our lives accordingly.

There may be times when we really want to change something but haven’t had the courage or the ability to make it happen. Maybe we aren’t convinced we can do it, or perhaps it will take longer than we hoped, or it’s harder than we thought it would be. We can always change our plans and modify what we want going forward. But if there is something we really want and haven’t been successful in achieving, evaluating our reasons for wanting the change may help us commit. If our motivation is strong enough we will succeed. We can do anything when we’re ready. If we want a change, even if it’s eluded us in the past, we can make it happen.

Today if you’ve been going back and forth with a decision you want to make, decide what you really want and go forward. You can do anything you want to do. What’s happened in the past doesn’t matter. The road ahead belongs to you and you can make it any way you want. Decide where you want to go and be confident. There isn’t anything too difficult for you to achieve.

Blast From the Past

25 Jun

As we go through life, sometimes there are personal things we want to change about ourselves. Often it’s a manifestation of our personality that we want to refine, or change. We may want to eliminate procrastination, complaining, over spending, laziness, or something else that’s bothering us. It takes time to change facets of our personality, but when we’re devoted, it is certainly possible. Once we feel we’ve mastered the change, and are happy with our growth, something may happen that throws us back in time – back to the way we were before all our hard work. It could be a visit from someone we haven’t seen in a while who triggers an old response. Or perhaps a stressful situation that makes us drop our guard. Whatever it is, when it happens, and we revert back to old patterns we don’t want, it’s very disappointing.

Relapsing back into a behavior we thought we had overcome doesn’t mean all the work we’ve done to overcome it is wasted. It just means we’ve stepped back into a roll we no longer desire in our lives. We aren’t moving back in, and we aren’t setting up shop. We’ve just taken a step back. When we realize what we’re doing, we can stop and take inventory, look at where we are, and where we want to be, and we can redirect our course. We can take control, and move forward again.

Nobody is perfect. We can’t be perfect in this life. But we can do things that are important to us so we can be happy. Changes aren’t easy to accomplish, but we can make them happen, and if we relapse, we can recapture them. Life throws us curve balls. We get surprised, and sometimes we get hurt. Those things can make us lose our stand for a moment, but that need not be permanent. We are in charge of our behaviors, and if we slip back into something we don’t want, we can slip right back out again. Change isn’t a destination. It’s a process. It’s ongoing, and continual. If we have a setback, we can still move forward.

Today if you feel you’ve lost your way, and returned to a behavior you don’t want, it’s okay. Just start again. Look up, and change your direction. You are capable of change, and you will prevail. Make the adjustments you need to turn around again. Forgive yourself, and let it go. In the big picture, you’ve already come a long way. Keep walking ahead. Pretty soon you will regain your footing, and you’ll be back on track.