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Finally Ready

2 May

Nobody gets a perfectly easy life. There are things we all struggle with and want to change. We have our own desires about how we want our lives to go and what we want to do. There are unlimited things to achieve and we may have many goals we want to work toward and master. Sometimes when we want to change something, we may step forward a little and begin, only to return and wait a little longer. There are lots of reasons why we change our minds. Maybe the timing isn’t right, maybe there are complicating factors that make going forward too difficult, and maybe we’re just not ready to embrace the change yet. The world is filled with all kinds of messages about how we should do things, what we should look like, and where we should go. We can listen to any suggestions we like, but ultimately the lives we’re living are ours to design. There’s no defined time frame for completing any goal and we may take as long as we need to master them and make them ours. If we try once and decide not to move forward, we can set the goal aside and try again another time. Changing our lives takes effort and concentration and we must be ready to do what is needed to make the change complete. When we’re finally ready to start, we can make a plan, take the first step and begin to do what will bring us the desired accomplishment. We can do anything we want. Nothing is too difficult or complicated for us to find the way through. We’re strong, capable and intelligent, and nothing is beyond our reach. Every goal is possible and when we’re ready, we will achieve them.

Not all destinations are easy to reach. Some may take a lot of thought, dedication and time. Losing twenty pounds, getting a promotion at work, or completing a marathon won’t just happen because we’ve decided that’s what we want. We’ll need serious planning, and must be committed to reaching the goal with each step we take. There will always be setbacks and things in the way. Problems will inevitably arise and if we aren’t determined to continue pressing forward, we may get waylaid or completely stop. If we do stop, it doesn’t mean we can’t achieve the goal. We can start again and move ahead until we reach success.

We don’t have to limit our goals and dreams to the parameters set by others. Those around us may think our goals aren’t practical or will be too difficult to achieve. They might be right about some things. They may be difficult, they might take a lot of time, and they might push us to our limits, but if we really want to achieve them, we have everything we need to prevail. We can have the lives we dream about if we’re willing to do what is necessary to gain them. We’re always in control of our decisions and can reach any goal we desire.

Today if you want to achieve a difficult goal that will take time and dedication, and aren’t sure you can succeed, trust yourself. You have everything you need to do anything you want. The whole world is there for you and nothing is out of reach. Decide what you want and then do what you must to achieve it. Every dream is possible and you will prevail.


17 Dec

Life is filled with ups and downs.  We never know what will happen or what tomorrow will bring.  Sometimes things go wrong, and when all we planned disappears, and the hopes and dreams we counted on are no longer possible, we may be stunned, and it can be hard to know what to do next.  If everything from the life we thought we had goes up in smoke and we can’t see any hope for the future, we may feel lost and frozen in place.  What will we do now?  Where will we go?  How can we face the uncertain days ahead?  It’s difficult to know what to do when everything we counted on is gone.  But life is resilient and continues on, no matter what we’re going through.  It can seem unfair and somehow impossible that everything can continue moving forward when we’re standing still in disbelief and confusion, but the world keeps turning despite our loss and we must find a way to turn with it.  Every challenge and trial brings a blessing and even if it’s hard to see at first, will always be there for us.  When we’ve lost everything, we have the chance to start something new.  When the bottom falls away, we have the chance to build a firmer foundation.  There is opportunity in every experience and if we look around we’ll see possibilities before us, even in the depths of despair.  Our lives will continue onward and we will survive.  There’s a lot ahead of us and we can still reach our destinations.  When we’re ready we can start again, turn in a new direction, and begin to move forward with renewed confidence and clarity.

When we’re starting out in life, we may have a clear idea of where we want to go and what we want to achieve.  It’s possible all our dreams will come true and we’ll never suffer a setback, but chances are the perfect scenario won’t exactly be our experience.  Even if we do everything possible to ensure things go the way we want them to, we may face an impasse.  There are all kinds of influences we don’t know about and decisions being made that may impact our way forward.  When the door ahead suddenly closes it may no longer be possible to continue on the same road, but there are many roads to every destination and if we’re flexible and willing to bend, we’ll find them.

Disappointment is something we all experience.  If it’s great and encompassing, it may be difficult to believe we’ll ever succeed.  It’s hard to trust what hurts us and if we’ve suffered from a great loss we may lose faith in our ability to move forward.  Big disappointments hurt but they are just a signal we must change direction to keep moving ahead.  There are endless ways to accomplish any goal.  If one way fails, we can try another.  We are wise and creative, and nothing is too complicated or difficult for us to manage.

Today if you’ve lost everything you thought was sure going forward and you don’t know what to do now, give yourself time to think.  You’re smart and intuitive, and there are endless options ahead.  Decide what you want the most and turn your course toward the future.  You are capable and strong.  Nothing is out of reach.  Start again and nothing will keep you from success.

Standing Still

9 Nov

When we’re moving forward and pursuing a goal and things are going well we feel confident. When we have momentum on our side and everything is pushing forward we may see the end in sight. We may feel sure that nothing will stop us and happy about our progress. But sometimes out of nowhere something happens that stops everything. In a moment, we may find ourselves no longer moving forward but standing still trying to figure out how to get the engine started again. It’s like being in a sailboat with a strong wind pushing us through the water when suddenly the wind stops. If there is no wind, we cannot move and we are stuck until things change. In a sailboat, we may have to wait for the breeze to return but in our lives, we have options we can exercise to start moving again. We don’t have to wait for our situation to change around us. We can be the change we need. No matter what has happened we can do what is necessary to move forward. We can weigh all the options and choose a path that will move us toward our goal. We don’t have to wait for someone else to fix the problem, we don’t have to wait for something to happen, and we don’t have sit quietly. We are capable of untangling any complication and finding the answers to any issue. We can pro-actively plan and begin to move forward on our own and we can reach our destination.

Problems are a common part of life. Rarely do things go the way we think they will or the way we wish they would. Generally, there are complications, snags, unforeseen developments and other things that gum up the works. But we are smart enough and patient enough to figure out anything that stands in our way and we can determine what is needed to continue forward. If we get stopped in our tracks, we can stand still for a time and regroup. We can re-evaluate where we are and see where we want to be. And we can correct our course going forward so we achieve our goal. There isn’t anything too difficult for us to overcome or too complex for us to unravel. We know what we want and we will find a way to achieve it.

If we’ve been working on something for a long time and have faced several setbacks we may be begin to believe the goal is unattainable. There may be others willing to point up the problems and discourage us from continuing. We may start to doubt our ability to succeed. But if the goal is something we really want it doesn’t matter what others say or think, or what challenges we must face to achieve it. If we want to be successful we can find the way forward. We don’t need the approval or permission of others in our decisions. We can do anything we like and if things get complicated we can figure them out. We define our own success. We can do things our way and we can win.

Today if you’re facing a setback that has stopped you in your tracks, stand still for a moment and review everything before starting again. You know what you want and you will find the way forward. You are smart enough to achieve anything you desire. The road ahead is waiting for you. Step forward. The goal is just ahead.

Blast From the Past

25 Jun

As we go through life, sometimes there are personal things we want to change about ourselves. Often it’s a manifestation of our personality that we want to refine, or change. We may want to eliminate procrastination, complaining, over spending, laziness, or something else that’s bothering us. It takes time to change facets of our personality, but when we’re devoted, it is certainly possible. Once we feel we’ve mastered the change, and are happy with our growth, something may happen that throws us back in time – back to the way we were before all our hard work. It could be a visit from someone we haven’t seen in a while who triggers an old response. Or perhaps a stressful situation that makes us drop our guard. Whatever it is, when it happens, and we revert back to old patterns we don’t want, it’s very disappointing.

Relapsing back into a behavior we thought we had overcome doesn’t mean all the work we’ve done to overcome it is wasted. It just means we’ve stepped back into a roll we no longer desire in our lives. We aren’t moving back in, and we aren’t setting up shop. We’ve just taken a step back. When we realize what we’re doing, we can stop and take inventory, look at where we are, and where we want to be, and we can redirect our course. We can take control, and move forward again.

Nobody is perfect. We can’t be perfect in this life. But we can do things that are important to us so we can be happy. Changes aren’t easy to accomplish, but we can make them happen, and if we relapse, we can recapture them. Life throws us curve balls. We get surprised, and sometimes we get hurt. Those things can make us lose our stand for a moment, but that need not be permanent. We are in charge of our behaviors, and if we slip back into something we don’t want, we can slip right back out again. Change isn’t a destination. It’s a process. It’s ongoing, and continual. If we have a setback, we can still move forward.

Today if you feel you’ve lost your way, and returned to a behavior you don’t want, it’s okay. Just start again. Look up, and change your direction. You are capable of change, and you will prevail. Make the adjustments you need to turn around again. Forgive yourself, and let it go. In the big picture, you’ve already come a long way. Keep walking ahead. Pretty soon you will regain your footing, and you’ll be back on track.