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True Competition

25 Apr

There are all kinds of ways to compare ourselves to the world. We can determine how we measure up to performance standards we admire, notions of beauty we desire, levels of success we strive for and thousands of other ideas. Although we may compare ourselves with others, our true competition is within ourselves. It doesn’t matter what anyone else achieves, how much they acquire, or what they define as success. We are the ones who determine what success is in our lives. If we emulate someone else’s achievements we may get closer to the goal we’re seeking but our personal success is unique to us. We must define true accomplishment in our own lives. Each of us has specific and unique talents and gifts we bring to the world. We will not find success by trying to give the world something we don’t possess. Understanding who we are and what gifts we offer will help us find our way to the lives we want most. We don’t need to compare ourselves against the accomplishments of others. We may set our own goals and standards and achieve them our own way. The world may set all kinds of ideals for what it defines as success, but true success comes when we give our best, no matter the outcome. We are the only ones who can truly judge our performance. We are our true competition.

There are a lot of ideas and opinions about what success looks like. Some believe it’s a reflection of material possessions and the more we have the more successful we are. Others think it has to do with power and having control over many people. Still others equate it only with money with the goal to have a lot of it. But we define what true success is in our lives. There is no success greater than doing our best to live the lives we most want. We determine what that looks like and only we can decide if we are accomplishing the goal. Our competition lies within us and the choices we make every day. What others think really doesn’t matter.

We live with ourselves every single day. There is no way to escape the choices we make or the decisions we choose. If we aren’t living in ways that bring us satisfaction and happiness we can change. True happiness is available to everyone but we must make decisions needed to bring it to us. We can compare ourselves to everyone around us, to what others think we should do, and try to model our lives after examples we admire. But real happiness will only come when we do what is best for us. We don’t have to compete with what others define as successful. We can define it for ourselves.

Today if you’ve been trying to measure up to someone else’s ideas and competing with those around you, remember only you know what makes you happy. Make choices that bring you the personal successes you seek. You know the perfect path forward. Choose it, and you will find joy as you move forward. Every success you desire will become a reality. Real happiness is there for you and you can have it.


31 May

We all have a lot of potential in our lives. There are limitless things we can do and learn, and every day we can try something new. But potential is not achievement. What is possible doesn’t mean anything if we do nothing. Life is full of choices and every choice we make takes us somewhere. If we choose to, we can live mediocre lives and follow along without ever trying to be the best we could be. We don’t have to test our limits and see how far we can go. We may have great potential, but potential is unrealized expectation. There is the possibility we could achieve something great, but without action it will sit dormant. Nothing happens unless we do it. We will never go as far as we can, or achieve all that’s possible unless we do what is needed ourselves. Nobody will hand us success. It’s always available to us, but the choice to go get it is ours.

Sometimes it takes time to decide what we want to achieve. We have to figure out what we want most and how we want to live. We may perceive limitations that keep us from trying, or be intimidated by change. But if we want to do something, no matter what it is, we can do it. It takes the decision to succeed, determination to stay the course, and focus to get where we want to go. We’re all capable of doing great things and only we can decide what those things are. We may need some time to determine exactly where we want to go, but we can choose any direction we like, and then chart a course to get there. If we stay true to our desires and focused on our goal, we will succeed and our potential will be realized.

It’s frustrating and unfulfilling to live our lives endlessly hoping for things and doing nothing to achieve them. We can hope we’ll lose weight, hope we’ll make more money, hope we’ll become more educated, hope we’ll get better jobs and all the rest. But hope is only desire and anticipation. It doesn’t help us actually achieve the thing we want. If we really want to move forward to the things we desire, we have to work for them and do what is needed to achieve them. We can realize all our potential. We can make all our dreams reality but we have to do what is needed to get there. Potential is great. It helps us plan for our future and what we want most. But until we start moving forward, potential is only what’s possible. We have everything we need to change potential into achievement. We can do anything we want to do. We can move forward and when we do, all our dreams can come true.

Today if you’ve been hoping for something and you know you are capable of more than you’re doing, start planning to move forward. You have unlimited potential for success. You have everything you need to succeed and you deserve every success. Take the first step toward your goals, and then take another. Keep moving forward and you’ll realize all your greatest potential and make all your dreams come true.

Spare change?

6 May

Today while driving home from work, I saw a man standing in the median with a sign asking for money. He was on the other side of the road facing away from me, but I’ve seen him before. He has one leg, and stands with a crutch, but you can see his wheelchair across the road. I don’t know what his story is. I don’t know what his problems are. I don’t know anything about him except that he is seeking money.

Everyone has their own ideas about giving to beggars on the street. Some people feel they should help if they can, because they have sufficient for their needs, and they want to share. Others, convinced that the money will not be used for good, look the other way, and refuse to give. Wherever we stand on the issue, we will, from time to time, have the opportunity to evaluate our decision. Every city, every town, everywhere we go, there are unfortunate people who beg for money.

Whether or not to give money to these people is a personal choice. If we decide to give, we are offering a blessing. We are extending our hands to help. We are being charitable. The decision of what happens with the gift after it is given belongs to the person who receives it. If it is used for good – the decision is on them. If it is used for other things – the decision is on them as well. They are accountable for what they do with the gift, not us. We are accountable only for offering the gift. Anytime we are charitable and kind, anytime we offer assistance, anytime we help in any way, we are blessed. Our decision is noble. It is worthy, and it is selfless. And our decision is the only one we answer for.

I keep five dollars in the ashtray of my car to use if the opportunity arises where I may give to someone in need. Since I don’t smoke, the ashtray has been used for nothing else. The money is there, and ready if I feel prompted to help when I see someone asking. Sometimes I get a feeling that it’s not the time, and I wait. Other times, the five dollars is theirs. As it passes hands, I always bless the person and wish them well, and without exception, they return the blessing back to me. Most of the time as I drive away I have to choke back tears, not because I’m sad, but because I realize, again, how much I have.

Today if you see someone seeking help, asking for money, think about where you stand. Remember, the gift, if you offer it, is your blessing to them. What they do from there is their decision. But the blessing remains as a testament to your kindness and charity. And the world certainly needs more of those. If you aren’t the one out on the street begging, no matter what the circumstances are, your life is better than theirs. Don’t forget that.