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Stepping Out

17 Apr

“Too many opportunities out there to spend your life in a box. No matter how nice the box is.”  Dolphin Tale 2

Our lives are ours to design and we may do many things and go anywhere.  There are opportunities for us to try new things and open new doors.  When we feel settled and our lives have routines we may become complacent and neglect to notice what else is available to us.  We can make any decisions we like and if we want a small life we may certainly have one.  We can keep things close, never venture far from what we know and only step on the paths we’ve paved over time.  If we never step out or venture away from what we know we will never learn anything new.  There are countless opportunities for us to enrich our lives, endless roads we could travel and limitless experiences awaiting us.  If we open the door a little wider and take a step out of our comfort zone we will see things we don’t imagine and find wonders in the world and inside ourselves we never dreamed existed.  We are stronger and more capable than we think we are and there really isn’t anything we can’t do.  No matter how comfortable we feel in our lives we can always reach for something more.  Life is all about learning.  Staying locked up in a box – even a very nice box – will keep us from becoming the very best we could be.

Life is full of surprises and even if we try to keep our routines the same and prefer predictability, sometimes things will happen that shake everything up.  Unexpected complications take us someplace new that opens our eyes to fresh possibilities for the road ahead.  We can determine to re-set our lives back exactly the way they were before the tumult began, or we can choose to see things in a new light and try something else.  If we seize every opportunity for growth and step onto new paths we’ll develop more depth of understanding about our lives and the world around us.  We’ll be enriched by the possibilities of change.

If we’ve been doing the same things the same ways for a long time the idea of change may be daunting.  There is comfort in repetition and suddenly stepping off the paved path we’ve been on may be a challenge.  But staying on the same road can only give us the same experiences and the same views.  There are countless new things we could see and do, and stepping out will open our minds and enrich our lives.  We are capable of so much more.  We can stretch and reach for new goals, go to new places and build new dreams.  The world belongs to us.  If we open our arms and stretch there is no end to what we could do.

Today if you’ve been keeping your life the same and staying close to what is comfortable, think about trying something new.  Step out and see what’s possible. You are capable of so much and the world is there for you.  Open the door a little wider and stretch a little farther.  You can go anywhere, do anything, and make all your dreams come true.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and find success.

Shallow Roots

2 Mar

There are billions and billions of trees all around the world. They give us shade and beauty, and provide oxygen. The very tiniest of saplings starts out with a single root that reaches down into the earth to absorb nutrients and water essential for survival. As trees mature their root structures expand and depending on circumstances will be either secure or precarious. If there is a lot of surface water and rich soil they may develop a shallow root network having no need to dig deep for what they need to survive. All roots feed the tree but shallow roots are vulnerable to wind damage and deterioration. Without sufficient anchor, in a storm if the wind is strong enough, a tree with shallow roots may fall over. As we go through our lives all the experiences we encounter enrich and strengthen us. If we don’t develop vitality in our relationships or commitment to what we’re doing, we may create shallow roots. We may have enough strength and understanding to get through easy times but if a storm rolls in and we are challenged we may lack the depth we need to find our way. We probably won’t actually fall over, but we may feel overwhelmed because we’ve done nothing to deepen our understanding or become strong. There are many storms in life. When they come, we must be ready with sufficient strength and courage to endure.

There will always be countless opportunities for us to grow and learn. If we reach beyond where we are for something greater we will gain new attributes and skills. Our understanding of life and those around us will be enriched and we’ll have a secure foundation of confidence. We can stretch beyond where we are and try to become something more to deepen our experience and become stronger and more capable. There is more to learn and do than we could ever accomplish and applying ourselves every day will give us a great foundation that will be firm and invincible.

If we prefer to stay in our small area and don’t extend ourselves, we may find comfort in doing the same things each day and feel safe in the familiarity of our lives. But life is unpredictable and there are countless things that may come we can’t anticipate. If all we know is what is comfortable and have no skills for coping with something new, we may be overcome when things change unexpectedly. Instead of hiding out and keeping ourselves isolated it is far wiser to reach out beyond what is comfortable and test our wings. We are far stronger and more capable than we think we are. As we extend ourselves we will find added security and courage. We can do anything. Deciding to reach beyond what is easy will make us stronger and happier as we learn more about life and those around us and we will be ready when things change.

Today if you’ve been keeping yourself in your own world, look a little further. Reach for something new and test your wings. You have incredible abilities just waiting to be experienced. You are strong and capable and you can handle anything that comes to you. Dig deep and let your roots find new direction. You have so much to share with us and we need your influence. Reach out and try something new. You will be enriched and invigorated by what you find.

Wide Water

25 Jan

Our lives are filled with all kinds of trials and challenges.  We face them as they come and get through them the best we can.  Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed at what lies before us and unsure we can get through it.  It’s like standing on the shore of a very wide river and looking at the other side.  If it’s very far away and the water is deep we may be uncertain that we can cross over and hesitant to begin.  We don’t know how long it will take or what will happen once we step into the water.  If the wind is blowing or it begins to rain, we may become more apprehensive and worried.  The hardest challenges we face may be very difficult to comprehend at first.  We may be stunned trying to figure out what to do or feel lost at the enormity of what we must overcome.  But no matter how complex the issue, no matter how deep the water or how far it is to the other side, we can succeed by taking one step at a time.  We can build a boat to navigate the water by using all the skills and abilities we already possess, and move forward little by little.  The water may be wide but that only means it may take us a little longer to reach the other side.  We have all the wisdom and endurance we need to traverse any river we face.  We can be confident of success even if the winds are blowing and the rain begins to pour.

Our minds are like libraries that hold onto everything we see, or hear, or learn. All our experiences are stored for future reference.  When we come upon something difficult or challenging we can access everything we’ve learned so far and bring it forward to help.  Sometimes an experience we thought inconsequential holds the keys we need to unlock our way ahead.  We can take some time to pull from the skills we’ve already gained to help us when we’re facing a new complex issue.  By using what we’ve got and being open to what we can learn as we go we will find the way to unlock any complication and clear the way ahead.  We have a lot to draw from already and as we navigate our new situation we’ll gain more tools to carry with us.

When we’re facing a huge hurdle or a situation that is more intense than we’re comfortable with, we can take it apart piece by piece and proceed.  Every complex issue has many parts and if we look at each individually we will find the answers we need.  A jigsaw puzzle has many pieces and when we dump it out of the box it’s hard to fathom how they’ll all fit together.  But we can start with the straight edges and put them together, find pieces that are the same color and begin to connect them, and piece by piece we’ll make the picture and solve the puzzle.  We can do the same thing with complicated issues we’re facing.  Piece by piece and step by step we’ll find our way through and before long we’ll be on the other side.  The water may be wide but we can find our way over and we have everything we need to get there.

Today if you’re on the edge of a big issue that is overwhelming and difficult, take it one piece at a time.  Give yourself time to think and pull from everything you’ve learned already.  You are wise and intelligent.  There isn’t anything you can’t manage.  Move forward.  Success is there for you.

The Same

6 Jan

When we go through bad experiences that make a big impression on us and impact us deeply, we may get stuck. Moments that are intensely painful may alter the way we see things going forward. If we’ve faced a very hard trial, or one that has hurt us severely, we may struggle with self-confidence. Life is full of experiences and some of them can be very difficult. But our experiences are only passages and we can navigate through them, learn from them and then let them go. If we hold onto the past, we may find we are unable to live fully in the moment where we are. If we focus on something that is behind us and relive it again and again in our minds, all our days going forward will look the same and we may miss the full experience life has to offer us. Each day is filled with possibilities and if we are in the moment, living now, we may fully embrace them and enhance our lives. We must let go of the past if we want our present and our futures to be filled with promise. What’s behind us will never return. There is nothing we can do to change it. We can let it go, and move forward with confidence.

The human mind is complex and capable of managing many things at once. We can adjust and adapt to virtually anything that comes to us and we can figure out any problems we may face. But if we are constantly pre-occupied with something that has already happened and can never be changed, we may go around and around thinking about it and reliving it. There is no way to re-write history. There is no way to alter what has already occurred and the best we can do is learn all we can from the experience and then let it go. It’s not easy to overcome a serious setback or let go of an extreme disappointment. But rehashing it over and over again, revisiting it endlessly to see if we can uncover some hidden meaning or try to figure out why it happened, will never help us going forward. Our lives are precious and each day is a gift. We can learn from the past but if we want to be truly happy we must embrace the future.

Time marches on. We can think about things that are behind us and learn from them and our memories allow us to do that. But memories are only snapshots of what no longer exists. We deserve every blessing and every happiness. Bad things happen to us all. When they are in the past, we can learn from them and then we can let them go. We have so much promise for the days ahead and our happiness depends on our ability to embrace it. We can be happy and we can have joy no matter what has happened before. This life is a wonderful gift. We can embrace each day as it comes and find joy going forward.

Today if you’ve been obsessing over something that has passed and are struggling to let it go, remember today is your most precious gift. There is nothing that can change what is behind you. You can let go of yesterday and embrace today. Look forward. You have so much to offer and there is great happiness ahead. Reach for it and let it come.


Failing With Glory

3 Aug

Sometimes our plans don’t work out and what we want to do fails.  Even if we do everything right and follow through effectively, there will be times when things go wrong and we don’t succeed.  There are thousands of reasons why it happens.  Maybe the influence of others involved stopped our progress.  Maybe the timing was wrong.  Maybe the idea was great but not a good fit.  We might see clearly at the end why things didn’t work out or we might never understand how we failed.  Failure is something we all experience from time to time.  We never plan on it and hope we don’t face it but we probably won’t succeed every time we try something.  Even if our plans fail, there is glory in doing our best.  If we did all we could, even if we fail we are magnified.  We can fail with glory if we were honorable and diligent in the struggle.  Failure doesn’t mean we can’t succeed, but an indication we need to change direction.  Despite the disappointment, we can learn from the experience, feel good about what we did accomplish, and move forward confidently.

Sometimes after we’ve failed at something we may see the new road we’re on is better than if we had succeeded.  We can’t see the future and when we’re striving to accomplish something we really don’t know exactly how it will look in the end.  We try to plan and prepare but there will always be unexpected developments and things we can’t see.  If we fail and it turns out the failure created a better situation than we would have had otherwise we feel happy.  It’s nice when things work out despite our plans falling through.  But we can feel happy even if the road we end up on isn’t better.  The glory is in the doing.  If we’ve done our best, we’ve learned new things and are wiser for the experience.  The end result isn’t where we grow.  Growth comes as we work toward the goal.  Not reaching it is disappointing but we can still be happy with what we learn and accomplish on the way.

They say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  There is no limit to the number of times we can try to accomplish something.  We can get more information or find another way to get to the goal and try again.  If that doesn’t work we can try another way.  We can pursue anything for as long as we like and we may find success or we may be continually daunted.  If we try several times and can’t reach a goal we may set it aside and work on other things.  Sometimes timing is an issue and we need to wait for our lives or the situation to change before we can find success.  And there may be times when success isn’t possible and we have to change our plans.  We can let it go and move forward in another direction.  We can fail with glory, be happy with what we accomplished, and move forward.

Today if you’re facing failure for something you’ve worked hard on be happy with what you’ve done.  You’ve learned a lot and although the goal was not achieved, you know more now than you did before.  Go forward with confidence.  You will accomplish many great things.  Be brave.  Success will come again.