Shallow Roots

2 Mar

There are billions and billions of trees all around the world. They give us shade and beauty, and provide oxygen. The very tiniest of saplings starts out with a single root that reaches down into the earth to absorb nutrients and water essential for survival. As trees mature their root structures expand and depending on circumstances will be either secure or precarious. If there is a lot of surface water and rich soil they may develop a shallow root network having no need to dig deep for what they need to survive. All roots feed the tree but shallow roots are vulnerable to wind damage and deterioration. Without sufficient anchor, in a storm if the wind is strong enough, a tree with shallow roots may fall over. As we go through our lives all the experiences we encounter enrich and strengthen us. If we don’t develop vitality in our relationships or commitment to what we’re doing, we may create shallow roots. We may have enough strength and understanding to get through easy times but if a storm rolls in and we are challenged we may lack the depth we need to find our way. We probably won’t actually fall over, but we may feel overwhelmed because we’ve done nothing to deepen our understanding or become strong. There are many storms in life. When they come, we must be ready with sufficient strength and courage to endure.

There will always be countless opportunities for us to grow and learn. If we reach beyond where we are for something greater we will gain new attributes and skills. Our understanding of life and those around us will be enriched and we’ll have a secure foundation of confidence. We can stretch beyond where we are and try to become something more to deepen our experience and become stronger and more capable. There is more to learn and do than we could ever accomplish and applying ourselves every day will give us a great foundation that will be firm and invincible.

If we prefer to stay in our small area and don’t extend ourselves, we may find comfort in doing the same things each day and feel safe in the familiarity of our lives. But life is unpredictable and there are countless things that may come we can’t anticipate. If all we know is what is comfortable and have no skills for coping with something new, we may be overcome when things change unexpectedly. Instead of hiding out and keeping ourselves isolated it is far wiser to reach out beyond what is comfortable and test our wings. We are far stronger and more capable than we think we are. As we extend ourselves we will find added security and courage. We can do anything. Deciding to reach beyond what is easy will make us stronger and happier as we learn more about life and those around us and we will be ready when things change.

Today if you’ve been keeping yourself in your own world, look a little further. Reach for something new and test your wings. You have incredible abilities just waiting to be experienced. You are strong and capable and you can handle anything that comes to you. Dig deep and let your roots find new direction. You have so much to share with us and we need your influence. Reach out and try something new. You will be enriched and invigorated by what you find.

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