Stepping Out

17 Apr

“Too many opportunities out there to spend your life in a box. No matter how nice the box is.”  Dolphin Tale 2

Our lives are ours to design and we may do many things and go anywhere.  There are opportunities for us to try new things and open new doors.  When we feel settled and our lives have routines we may become complacent and neglect to notice what else is available to us.  We can make any decisions we like and if we want a small life we may certainly have one.  We can keep things close, never venture far from what we know and only step on the paths we’ve paved over time.  If we never step out or venture away from what we know we will never learn anything new.  There are countless opportunities for us to enrich our lives, endless roads we could travel and limitless experiences awaiting us.  If we open the door a little wider and take a step out of our comfort zone we will see things we don’t imagine and find wonders in the world and inside ourselves we never dreamed existed.  We are stronger and more capable than we think we are and there really isn’t anything we can’t do.  No matter how comfortable we feel in our lives we can always reach for something more.  Life is all about learning.  Staying locked up in a box – even a very nice box – will keep us from becoming the very best we could be.

Life is full of surprises and even if we try to keep our routines the same and prefer predictability, sometimes things will happen that shake everything up.  Unexpected complications take us someplace new that opens our eyes to fresh possibilities for the road ahead.  We can determine to re-set our lives back exactly the way they were before the tumult began, or we can choose to see things in a new light and try something else.  If we seize every opportunity for growth and step onto new paths we’ll develop more depth of understanding about our lives and the world around us.  We’ll be enriched by the possibilities of change.

If we’ve been doing the same things the same ways for a long time the idea of change may be daunting.  There is comfort in repetition and suddenly stepping off the paved path we’ve been on may be a challenge.  But staying on the same road can only give us the same experiences and the same views.  There are countless new things we could see and do, and stepping out will open our minds and enrich our lives.  We are capable of so much more.  We can stretch and reach for new goals, go to new places and build new dreams.  The world belongs to us.  If we open our arms and stretch there is no end to what we could do.

Today if you’ve been keeping your life the same and staying close to what is comfortable, think about trying something new.  Step out and see what’s possible. You are capable of so much and the world is there for you.  Open the door a little wider and stretch a little farther.  You can go anywhere, do anything, and make all your dreams come true.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and find success.

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