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Making Predictions

27 Feb

As we go through our lives and interact with those near us we gain an understanding of their reactions and over time we may think we know what they’ll do and what will happen.  We may begin to feel comfortable anticipating the future and get so confident we make predictions before situations even arise.  If we’ve seen the same things happen again and again we may decide they’ll always go that way.  Even if we feel sure of an outcome, and even if the same outcome has happened before it’s dangerous to assume anything.  Sometimes our ideas of what will happen may be right but we can’t know everything and there are bound to be times when our predictions will be way off the mark.  Change is constant and even if things have been the same for a while, those around us can change at any time.  Making predictions will work against us and it’s always wiser to leave the doors open to all possibilities.  We can use all the experiences we’ve had to help us understand situations and the people in our lives, but it’s important to remember everyone has the ability to choose anything at any time.  We can honor their ability to make choices without deciding ahead of time what we believe those choices will be.

We know ourselves better than we know anyone else.  We know how we feel about things, we know where we’ve been and we know what we want.  There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong and if we focus on instances when we’ve made bad decisions or chosen something that didn’t work out, our confidence may suffer.  If we lose confidence in our ability to make good decisions we may not take advantage of opportunities that come.  If we’ve failed in the past we may believe we’re destined to fail again.  Failure is never a predictor of the future but only a reflection of something that has already happened.  What’s behind us is gone and can never be changed.  We can learn from what we’ve experienced and let it go.  Our futures belong to us and we can be confident, no matter what’s happened before, that we can make excellent choices and achieve anything we want.

Some people like to keep their lives the same as much as possible.  They aren’t comfortable doing new things or being in unfamiliar places.  If we’ve watched them do the same things again and again we may believe we can predict what they’ll do in the future but we may be surprised.  Just when we’re sure we know what others will choose, they may change.  Instead of predicting their choices, we can keep all the options open.  If they stay the course, we can work with their decision.  If they change the pattern, we can work with that as well.  Nothing in life is written in stone.  Being receptive to new ideas and open to all possibilities will open doors for us and help us going forward.

Today if you’ve been making predictions about what will happen or what decisions will be made, revise your thinking and be open to any possibility.  If you’ve decided against trying something new because of a mistake in the past, remember what’s happened before does not control what happens now.  Life is filled with change and nothing is permanent. You have everything you need to do anything you want.  There is greatness in you.  Today bring it forward, open all the doors and consider all the possibilities.


1 Feb

We have a lot of different relationships throughout time. Sometimes they are long term and we spend years sharing our lives with someone else. If things go well, we may have a lifetime of mutual experiences and many memories. However, sometimes our relationships end. The reasons are many and if the reason is very painful or we’ve been hurt badly, leaving the partnership may cause us serious discomfort. As time goes by we will heal from the disappointment of the loss, the sting of betrayal, or the sadness of grief. At some point, we may unexpectedly run into the person we’ve lost. Maybe we see them in passing or they show up where we are. If we’re still healing from the break it may take our breath away. The surprise of seeing someone who has hurt us deeply when we’re trying hard to heal may stop us in our tracks. Our feelings from the original event may come rushing back and we may believe we haven’t moved forward at all. Unexpected surprises with bad memories may shake us but we can regain our footing. Nothing changes just because we see someone again. We are still on our way forward and in control of our lives. If we’re not ready to engage them and aren’t compelled to, we may simply walk away. If we must speak to them we can be polite and keep our exchange brief. We can do what feels right and remain in control. We know what we want and where we’re headed. There is no surprise sufficient enough to stop our progress forward.

When we have a seriously bad memory from which we are trying to recover and it involves someone else, we may wish we could move to another planet to ensure we would never see them again. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible and even if we move there is no guarantee they won’t show up at some point. Life has a way of circling around and the odds of running into someone from our pasts isn’t always as remote as we may wish. Instead of hoping we’ll never see them again, it’s better to simply plan for what we’ll do when and if that happens. We can prepare ourselves for that possibility so if it does occur we’ll be better able to manage it. Preparing for it will help us navigate it more effectively if it happens.

Our lives are ours to direct and design. There will always be bumps along the road and unexpected events that sometimes stop our progress for a time. It really doesn’t matter what complications arise. We have everything we need to manage any obstacle and find our way around it. There is nothing strong enough to stop our progress forward. We are strong and capable, and we know what we want and where we want to go. We can continue forward and achieve greatness, and there is nothing sufficiently strong enough to keep us in place. We are in control and we will find success.

Today if you’ve been surprised by a blast from the past that has upended your progress forward, take a moment to regroup and see the situation clearly. You are strong and capable and no matter what you face today you will be successful. Look forward. The road is there for you. You have everything you need to continue on and win.

Potential Greatness

12 Jul

Everyone is different. We all have our share of problems, talents, gifts, and drawbacks. Nobody gets all the good stuff or all the bad stuff. Everyone has a combination of things that make them feel confident, and things that try their patience. And every day we all have the potential for greatness. Not greatness in the worldly sense, like becoming President or world leaders, but greatness in the human sense. We can be great assets to those around us, great examples for good, and great inspirations to everyone we come in contact with. The potential is there, but potential does not guarantee we’ll gain those qualities. Potential is unrealized expectation. We have the ability to become great but we have to realize it, and we have to express it.

It’s easy to skate through life. We can do just enough to get by, we can be just nice enough to get what we want, and we can share just enough of ourselves that we are accepted. It takes effort to do more. We are all certainly capable of more, but that requires time, and it requires attention. Instead of choosing to do just enough to get by, if we want to be great, we need to choose to do the best we can all the time. Instead of being just nice enough to get what we want, we must choose to extend ourselves for others, and help whenever help is needed. And instead of sharing just enough to be accepted, we have to be fully engaged, fully participating, and actively involved.

Mediocrity is easy. We don’t have to do much, or give much. It’s easy to blend in. But it’s not as rewarding or fulfilling as pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. When we push for greatness we learn to feel things more deeply, and we become a higher version of ourselves. We can always be more than we are. We can be more sensitive, more understanding, more compassionate, and more human. If everyone tried to be the best they could be, the world would become a far different place. There would be more love and less conflict, more sharing and less greed, more caring and less indifference. It would be a better place, and we can do our part to make that happen.

Today as you go about your life, as you take care of your details, as you interact with others, remember you have the potential for greatness within you. It’s already there waiting to be expressed. Today do something more to extend that to those around you. Use your potential to the fullest. You have the power to change the world. Today think about how you could change it for good.