1 Feb

We have a lot of different relationships throughout time. Sometimes they are long term and we spend years sharing our lives with someone else. If things go well, we may have a lifetime of mutual experiences and many memories. However, sometimes our relationships end. The reasons are many and if the reason is very painful or we’ve been hurt badly, leaving the partnership may cause us serious discomfort. As time goes by we will heal from the disappointment of the loss, the sting of betrayal, or the sadness of grief. At some point, we may unexpectedly run into the person we’ve lost. Maybe we see them in passing or they show up where we are. If we’re still healing from the break it may take our breath away. The surprise of seeing someone who has hurt us deeply when we’re trying hard to heal may stop us in our tracks. Our feelings from the original event may come rushing back and we may believe we haven’t moved forward at all. Unexpected surprises with bad memories may shake us but we can regain our footing. Nothing changes just because we see someone again. We are still on our way forward and in control of our lives. If we’re not ready to engage them and aren’t compelled to, we may simply walk away. If we must speak to them we can be polite and keep our exchange brief. We can do what feels right and remain in control. We know what we want and where we’re headed. There is no surprise sufficient enough to stop our progress forward.

When we have a seriously bad memory from which we are trying to recover and it involves someone else, we may wish we could move to another planet to ensure we would never see them again. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible and even if we move there is no guarantee they won’t show up at some point. Life has a way of circling around and the odds of running into someone from our pasts isn’t always as remote as we may wish. Instead of hoping we’ll never see them again, it’s better to simply plan for what we’ll do when and if that happens. We can prepare ourselves for that possibility so if it does occur we’ll be better able to manage it. Preparing for it will help us navigate it more effectively if it happens.

Our lives are ours to direct and design. There will always be bumps along the road and unexpected events that sometimes stop our progress for a time. It really doesn’t matter what complications arise. We have everything we need to manage any obstacle and find our way around it. There is nothing strong enough to stop our progress forward. We are strong and capable, and we know what we want and where we want to go. We can continue forward and achieve greatness, and there is nothing sufficiently strong enough to keep us in place. We are in control and we will find success.

Today if you’ve been surprised by a blast from the past that has upended your progress forward, take a moment to regroup and see the situation clearly. You are strong and capable and no matter what you face today you will be successful. Look forward. The road is there for you. You have everything you need to continue on and win.

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