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Down and Out

24 Oct

Life is filled with all kinds of experiences. Some days are great and everything moves along well, but other times things go wrong, sometimes terribly wrong. We may experience serious loss, intense grief, and fierce disappointments. There may be moments we feel overwhelmed by sorrow or sadness, and it’s hard to look ahead. Things happen and when something happens that takes our breath away, it can be hard to manage. However, each moment that passes, as we continue on, we gain more strength and confidence. The world isn’t going to end just yet. Time will help us process whatever changes have occurred, and we will recover. Just how much time that takes depends on many factors. We don’t have to push faster than we’re comfortable and if we need time away, we can take it. Our lives are valuable and we are a blessing to the world around us. We can sit things out for a while and when we feel stronger, can step back up and move forward with renewed confidence and courage. When we break a bone it’s painful and it takes time to heal. But after the healing is complete, the bone will be stronger and more resilient than it was before we broke it. The same is true of our spirits. We may go through terrible trials and have to face very hard challenges. They may test our mettle and push us to the limits of what we think we can handle. But in the end, after we’ve survived everything, we will be stronger and more secure than we were before everything happened. We can trust ourselves to face anything and prevail. We are powerful and nothing is strong enough to hold us down indefinitely. No matter what happens we can continue forward and find success.

We all want lives filled with sunshine and roses, but that’s not how it works. Bad things are going to happen and we are going to be tested. It’s the nature of life. Unexpected developments may knock us off course and at first, we may fall down under their weight. Being down will give us a moment to rest and adjust, and when we’re ready we can rise and begin again. Nothing can overcome us. We will always have everything we need to move forward.

Everyone has their ideas about how things should go, and when we’re suffering, we may get lots of advice and direction for getting through it. We can take any advice we like and follow any prompting we think might help, but the way forward is our decision. If we need help, we can find it. Every answer will always be there for us, and with patience and determination we will find them and be able to continue ahead with confidence and faith.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with despair over something that’s happened, give yourself time to think and process everything that’s occurred. You are wise and capable, and will find the next steps forward. There isn’t anything you can’t manage. You are amazing and strong, and every success is there for you. Deep breath. Success is still possible and you will reach it.


30 May

Being able to see what’s around us is helpful when we’re moving forward. If we have a clear view not only of what lies ahead but of what’s going on near us we have a better chance of navigating complications more effectively. Seeing things as they develop gives us more information and opens options for us as we move ahead. But sometimes, like peering through a pinhole, we only see a direct line forward and not activity that may be happening beside us. Tunnel vision can happen if we are so focused on our goal we negate the value of being involved in anything but our movement forward. Ambition is great when we’re striving to reach a destination but if we only focus on the way ahead and are unaware of what’s around us we may complicate our lives in ways that will stop our progress altogether. No matter what we’re doing or where we’re headed there are many facets of our lives that need attention. If we focus on only one objective and neglect other areas we may experience turmoil and frustration. Life is complex and there are always many things going on that need our attention. If we ignore everything but the road ahead we may make some progress but the things left undone will remain until we return to address them.

There is no way to hold back time. It continues relentlessly whether we are ready or not. The best we can do is try to prepare as we move forward so as time passes we can manage the challenges that come to us. When our lives are busy and we have many pressing details to address we may wish for a pause button to take a breather but there is no way to stop life from moving forward. However, if we need time to see things more openly, and want to step back for a moment we can. We can stand still and take the opportunity to clearly view what’s going on around us and evaluate how we want to proceed. Time will continue but we can stop until we feel ready to start again. We are always in control of what we do. Taking a break may bring us refreshment and new perspectives that will help us moving forward.

Embracing a wide view helps us understand how our lives work and how we fit into the world. It’s easy to restrict our vision to only what we’re currently doing and our personal connections, but when we do we might miss subtle cues that may help us going forward. There may be someone near us with a suggestion that will get us to our goal more effectively. There may be an easier road just to the right of the one we’ve been traveling. If we open our sites a bit wider than just the way ahead we gain the benefit of every influence around us and the information they offer. All the answers we need are available to us. We need only open our eyes and see them.

Today if you’ve been focused on pushing forward and kept your eyes firmly planted on the road ahead, take a moment to look around and see everything available to you. There are answers all around you waiting to be discovered. The whole world is there for you. Be open and take it all in. There is great success ahead and seeing everything will help you find it.

Super Moon

15 Dec

As we go through our lives and attend to all our responsibilities we are focused on the things that need to get done and where we want to be. Life can be busy and complicated, it can get messy and troublesome, and we may get lost seeing only what’s just ahead and miss other things going by. There are moments for all of us that are so captivating we are entirely consumed by them – our baby’s first step, the first kiss with a new love, a beautiful snowflake, a rainbow after a big storm, a reunion with a long, lost relative, and other poignant and captivating experiences. But many times, as we’re accomplishing our tasks we don’t notice some of the beautiful, enchanting or rewarding things passing us by. We keep our heads down and our eyes focused on the goal ahead and never hear the ice cream truck or see the red balloon floating up in the sky. It’s good to be focused and moving forward but there are many blessings all around us. If we look up, and see what else is going on our lives will be enriched and blessed. We only get one chance to live each day. Seeing everything we can, and noticing every nuance possible will bring us great joy and fulfillment.

Sometimes we have good intentions to do something, see something, or go somewhere but our schedules get in the way and we don’t make it. Super moons don’t happen all the time. They only occur when a full moon makes its closest approach to the earth. When that happens, the moon appears larger and brighter than normal and it’s amazing to behold. When one is predicted, we may read or hear about it and decide we want to see it, but then miss it because we were busy and forgot. We got carried away with all the things we were doing and didn’t take time to see it. Our chance to experience it has passed. Of course, it’ll come around again but if we continue doing things as we’ve been doing them, chances are we may miss it again.

It’s important to do all the many tasks we need to accomplish. Others rely on us and we must take care of ourselves. But as we’re storming through our days and checking off our lists, there are magical things all around us just waiting to be noticed. If we can slow down just a little and look up, be in the moment and cherish each breath, and pay more attention to the world around us we will be happier and our lives will be richer. We can stop and remember the very first time we tasted chocolate, or see how it feels to swing as high as possible, or how much fun it is to run into the ocean. If we do, our daily experiences will be enhanced. There are limitless things to do and see in life. We can reach out to them and broaden our horizons and our capacity for happiness will increase. We can get the most out of each day. We can see more, notice more, and remember how wonderful it is to be alive.

Today if you’ve been focused on your tasks and what needs to be done, look up and see what’s going on around you. Notice everything and broaden your scope. There’s something that will make you smile and bring you joy. Pay attention and let it fill your heart going forward. Your life is precious and wonderful. See everything and live it as fully as possible.

Sucker Punch

26 Jul

Sometimes we get an unexpected surprise that knocks us off our feet. A “sucker punch” shakes us and suddenly everything is different. It can happen with a job – you go to work one day, and out of the blue you’re fired, let go, or laid off. Maybe there were unforeseen changes in the corporate structure, maybe your boss just decided to down size, or a thousand other reasons, and suddenly you’re out of a job. Or it can happen in our personal lives – we might see the person we’ve been involved with out with someone else in an intimate situation, and suddenly our world turns on its axis. It can happen anywhere, at any time. It’s always unexpected, and usually upsetting. We can’t predict the future, and even at times in our lives when we think things are going fine, everything can change in an instant.

These events tend to take our breath away. Since we don’t see them coming, there is no way to prepare for them. We can be caught in disbelief, we can be lost trying to figure out what just happened, and it takes time to process the change. When we’re shaken, it’s hard to think, hard to figure things out, and hard to look ahead. We need some time to let the change sink in, and how much time that takes depends on us, and the circumstances. Once we realize this is for real, and get over the shock, we have to reorder our lives, and re-position our direction. It’s not easy to adjust to sudden change, but in time, we’ll begin to start figuring things out again.

Changes in our lives are normal. Abrupt changes in our lives are difficult but we can handle them. Instead of a gradual turn on our path, facing a complete stop is hard. It’s not a permanent stop but it takes time to readjust, and get our footing again before we can go forward. When we’re ready, if we take it one step at a time, we’ll find our way in a new direction, and be able to move on. Our confidence will return, our heads will clear, the shock will wear off, and we’ll be ready to start again.

Today if you’ve been stunned or shocked by a sudden change in your life, hold on. Stand still for a while and catch your breath. There is nothing you can’t handle. Even if this hurts badly, you will get through it. Although the clouds may be dark now, there is sunshine ahead. You will laugh again. You just need some time to find a different direction. Take the time you need. When you’re ready your new path will be waiting for you. Look forward. There are wonderful and exciting times just ahead.