Sucker Punch

26 Jul

Sometimes we get an unexpected surprise that knocks us off our feet. A “sucker punch” shakes us and suddenly everything is different. It can happen with a job – you go to work one day, and out of the blue you’re fired, let go, or laid off. Maybe there were unforeseen changes in the corporate structure, maybe your boss just decided to down size, or a thousand other reasons, and suddenly you’re out of a job. Or it can happen in our personal lives – we might see the person we’ve been involved with out with someone else in an intimate situation, and suddenly our world turns on its axis. It can happen anywhere, at any time. It’s always unexpected, and usually upsetting. We can’t predict the future, and even at times in our lives when we think things are going fine, everything can change in an instant.

These events tend to take our breath away. Since we don’t see them coming, there is no way to prepare for them. We can be caught in disbelief, we can be lost trying to figure out what just happened, and it takes time to process the change. When we’re shaken, it’s hard to think, hard to figure things out, and hard to look ahead. We need some time to let the change sink in, and how much time that takes depends on us, and the circumstances. Once we realize this is for real, and get over the shock, we have to reorder our lives, and re-position our direction. It’s not easy to adjust to sudden change, but in time, we’ll begin to start figuring things out again.

Changes in our lives are normal. Abrupt changes in our lives are difficult but we can handle them. Instead of a gradual turn on our path, facing a complete stop is hard. It’s not a permanent stop but it takes time to readjust, and get our footing again before we can go forward. When we’re ready, if we take it one step at a time, we’ll find our way in a new direction, and be able to move on. Our confidence will return, our heads will clear, the shock will wear off, and we’ll be ready to start again.

Today if you’ve been stunned or shocked by a sudden change in your life, hold on. Stand still for a while and catch your breath. There is nothing you can’t handle. Even if this hurts badly, you will get through it. Although the clouds may be dark now, there is sunshine ahead. You will laugh again. You just need some time to find a different direction. Take the time you need. When you’re ready your new path will be waiting for you. Look forward. There are wonderful and exciting times just ahead.

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