It’s Already There

25 Jul

We’ve all read or heard stories about people who were facing extraordinary situations where they had to do amazing things to escape danger, or survive. We hear about heroism that has no limit, strength that defies the odds, and unbelievable endurance. Somehow in these extreme instances, those involved found within them the ability to overcome each situation and not only survive, but conquer. Sometimes we wonder how they were able to do it. Where did they find the courage? How did they manage it?

We may think we could never face situations like these. We may believe we don’t have what it takes, we aren’t strong enough, or we aren’t brave enough. But actually, when extreme situations arise, we can all find within ourselves attributes we may never have known we possessed. We will find a way to survive despite the obstacles, and we can pull from deep within us the willingness to keep going. It’s already there inside us. We just have to reach down, and get it.

At some point in all of our lives, we will be in situations where we will have to do more than we think we can. We will have to push harder than we believe is possible, and we will have to endure serious complications. Everyone will get the chance to prove their mettle. If we haven’t faced it yet, it is sure to come. And when whatever it is comes to us, even though at first we may feel we cannot possibly endure it, we will. We are far stronger than we realize, and we can do far more than we think we can. Everything we need for everything we face in this life is already inside us. We don’t have to study up, we don’t have to try to create it, and we don’t have to worry. We can handle whatever will come. We already have all we need.

Today if you’re facing a hard situation, something you don’t think you can handle, you can do it. You can manage it, no matter what it is, even if it’s really hard. You have all you need to get through it inside you. Rely on that. Trust in it, and take things one step at a time. You’ll overcome whatever this is, and you’ll be stronger when it’s over. Keep walking. You will succeed. This trial will end, and you’ll go forward with more confidence and clarity. Dig deep. What you need is already there. You can do this.

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