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Super Moon

15 Dec

As we go through our lives and attend to all our responsibilities we are focused on the things that need to get done and where we want to be. Life can be busy and complicated, it can get messy and troublesome, and we may get lost seeing only what’s just ahead and miss other things going by. There are moments for all of us that are so captivating we are entirely consumed by them – our baby’s first step, the first kiss with a new love, a beautiful snowflake, a rainbow after a big storm, a reunion with a long, lost relative, and other poignant and captivating experiences. But many times, as we’re accomplishing our tasks we don’t notice some of the beautiful, enchanting or rewarding things passing us by. We keep our heads down and our eyes focused on the goal ahead and never hear the ice cream truck or see the red balloon floating up in the sky. It’s good to be focused and moving forward but there are many blessings all around us. If we look up, and see what else is going on our lives will be enriched and blessed. We only get one chance to live each day. Seeing everything we can, and noticing every nuance possible will bring us great joy and fulfillment.

Sometimes we have good intentions to do something, see something, or go somewhere but our schedules get in the way and we don’t make it. Super moons don’t happen all the time. They only occur when a full moon makes its closest approach to the earth. When that happens, the moon appears larger and brighter than normal and it’s amazing to behold. When one is predicted, we may read or hear about it and decide we want to see it, but then miss it because we were busy and forgot. We got carried away with all the things we were doing and didn’t take time to see it. Our chance to experience it has passed. Of course, it’ll come around again but if we continue doing things as we’ve been doing them, chances are we may miss it again.

It’s important to do all the many tasks we need to accomplish. Others rely on us and we must take care of ourselves. But as we’re storming through our days and checking off our lists, there are magical things all around us just waiting to be noticed. If we can slow down just a little and look up, be in the moment and cherish each breath, and pay more attention to the world around us we will be happier and our lives will be richer. We can stop and remember the very first time we tasted chocolate, or see how it feels to swing as high as possible, or how much fun it is to run into the ocean. If we do, our daily experiences will be enhanced. There are limitless things to do and see in life. We can reach out to them and broaden our horizons and our capacity for happiness will increase. We can get the most out of each day. We can see more, notice more, and remember how wonderful it is to be alive.

Today if you’ve been focused on your tasks and what needs to be done, look up and see what’s going on around you. Notice everything and broaden your scope. There’s something that will make you smile and bring you joy. Pay attention and let it fill your heart going forward. Your life is precious and wonderful. See everything and live it as fully as possible.

Finding Center

19 Mar

Most of us have busy lives and everyday have a lot to get done. Sometimes we rush around and the day flies by so fast that at the end, sometimes we aren’t really sure what we’ve accomplished. There are a lot of responsibilities to take care of, tasks that must get done, people we need to see, and dozens of other things we need to address. If we’re working a job, we have to fit all our personal errands and chores in before or after our time there, and it can be stressful. The most important thing we need to do every day is take care of ourselves. It seems like a simple idea, but when lots of people are pulling on us and there are things to get done, sometimes what we need falls to the bottom the stack. But we’re the most important people in our lives. If we don’t care for our own needs we won’t be able to care for anyone else’s. We can get our perspective more aligned if we take a moment to find our center. If we center ourselves before we start our day, take some time to focus on who we are and what we need, we’ll be better prepared to face whatever comes, and more effectively prioritize our time. We deserve every benefit. Taking time to identify what we need most will make us stronger, healthier, and happier.

It seems in this day and age we are expected to accomplish more in one day than ever before. The bar for achievement is set very high and we can get burned out constantly trying to reach it. We should strive to do our best, but our best must be determined by us. Nobody knows what we’re capable of or what we need better than we do. If we let others decide what defines our success we may feel defeated if we can’t reach it. But success can be determined by what we want to accomplish and not somebody else. We all get to choose how we’ll live our lives. We’ll never be happy constantly doing things the way somebody else would or achieving things we don’t really want just because someone else likes it. If we are honest and genuine with ourselves, we can set our own course and find success.

Finding our center requires us to think about our own needs and our own attributes. We all have gifts to offer that are unique to us. We know what we’re good at, we know what we need, and we know what makes us happy. Taking time to identify those things and then planning to incorporate them in our lives will bring great satisfaction. Each day is a blessing and once it’s gone we can never get it back. If we live our lives cherishing each moment, and doing what we need to be happy, remembering our center and who we are, every day can bring us joy. Life goes by in a flash. It’s ours to live and every choice we make counts. We can do anything we want. And if we do what we want most, nothing can stop us.

Today if you’ve been doing things the way someone else thinks you should, stop and re-evaluate your path. Turn your course to the things that matter most to you. Bring happiness into your life by making it uniquely yours. You are valuable and precious. There has never been anyone else like you, and there never will be again. Find your center and go forward your own way. You’re everything you need to be and the world is blessed because you’re here.