Just Passing Through

6 Sep

Life is a journey and each day we move a little further down the road. We’re always moving forward to something else and we meet people, make friends, build relationships, and experience countless things. Wherever we go and whatever we do there are things to learn and see. It’s a continual journey. Nothing stays the same forever and no matter where we are we will move forward to something new. We can plan and prepare for the kind of lives we want and we can succeed. But even after achieving goals we desire, we will continue on the journey. There is no end to the road here on earth until our lives end. We may be settled in, live in the same place, work the same job and associate with the same people for years on end, but our personal journeys continue. We are always learning and growing. Although we may be directed in one way or another, where we’re headed is often up to us. We can look ahead and determine exactly where we want to be and guide our path in that direction. Our lives belong to us and we are in control of them. We can achieve anything we desire. We can go anywhere we choose. There isn’t anything we can’t do and despite what comes we can decide where our journey will take us.

Disappointment and sorrow are a part of life. Nobody gets a life filled with rainbows and sunshine every single day. Things will go wrong. We will be hurt. We may suffer grief and despair, loneliness and sadness, and we may feel overwhelmed. But no matter where we are, we are only passing through. We won’t remain in any situation forever. Life cannot be stopped. It always continues forward and as it does, our situations will change. If we are sad, the sadness will lift. If we are despairing, the answers will come. If we are heartbroken, we will heal. Time continues on and brings with it the soothing balm of relief. We sometimes can’t believe we’ll ever get through when we’re struggling with very difficult situations, but we will find a way. Each day that passes will bring comfort and peace and no matter how bad a situation is, it will change. Our happiness will return and the light will shine again.

Sometimes we may decide we want to change course. We may want to find a new road to travel. If we’re headed to a destination we no longer desire, we can turn another way. We can change anything at any time. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been going along or if others think we should keep traveling forward. We can step off and start another path whenever we choose. It’s all up to us. We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do. Our lives belong to us. We can pass through places that don’t fit and continue on. We can choose our personal destination at any time. We can have the lives we really want, do the things we most want to do, and be the people we strive to be. We can do anything.

Today if you’ve been passing through and you’re not where you really want to be, adjust your course. You can do anything. You know who you are and what you want. You can make all your dreams come true. Turn your direction to the destination you desire. Everything you’re hoping for is waiting for you and you will have it.

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