2 Sep

If we live purposefully and with determination, our lives can be a great adventure.  We can try anything we want and push our limits as far as we wish.  There is nothing we can’t do.  But although we can make all the personal decisions we want, we’ll sometimes run into fences that block our path.  We may be able to see over them or through them to the other side but they stand in our way and keep us from going forward.  If they are tall enough and strong enough they may be impenetrable.  There may be no way to get over them from where we are.  However, no fence goes on forever.  Every fence, no matter how long or high, has a place to cross and if we look for it we’ll find it.  But we have to want to get to the other side badly enough to search.  It might mean going out of our way or even backing up a bit to get there but if we look hard enough and persevere long enough there is no fence that will stop us.  We just have to decide we’re going to get to the other side no matter what.  We can do anything we want.  If we want to cross over any barrier, we will.

Few things in life go as planned.  There are always unforeseen events and complications and sometimes it can seem what we want to do is impossible.  But often whether something is within our reach or not depends on how much we want to achieve it.  If we try to do something we aren’t really convinced we want, the first obstacle may end our journey.  But if there is something very important to us, something we can’t imagine not getting to, even if serious complications arise we will find a way to navigate them.  It’s easy to say, “I couldn’t do it,” and sometimes that may be true.  But often what we really mean is it wasn’t worth what was required to accomplish the goal.  There are times when after we begin a journey we realize it’s far more difficult than we imagined and we may decide to let it go.  That doesn’t mean we couldn’t do it, but that we’ve chosen not to do it.  We can make any decisions we like and we can change our course any time we choose.  If something doesn’t work, if the fence is higher or longer than we want to navigate, we can change our minds and move onto another goal.  We can choose where we go at every turn.

If we decide to change our course, the decision is ours and ours alone.  We don’t have to justify it, we don’t need permission, and we don’t have to feel bad for deciding to go another way.  Others in our lives may have ideas about what we should and shouldn’t do but their opinions need not control our decisions.  We can live our lives our way.  If we want to change our minds, we can.  But if we determine to stay the course despite the fences and obstacles in our way, each day we continue forward will bring us closer to our goal.  We can take the time we need to succeed.  We can do it our own way.  Our lives belong to us.  We are perfectly capable of managing them and doing what is most important to us.

Today if you’re on a path and there’s a fence in your way but you want to stay the course, keep walking.  Walk beside it until you find the opening you need.  If you want to change course and do something else you can.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  Whatever you decide is best for you is the right decision.  You have everything you need to succeed.

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