Getting the Cheese

8 Sep

There is a saying that the second mouse always gets the cheese. The idea being the first mouse goes to the trap and is destroyed allowing the second mouse to swoop in and grab the spoils once the danger has passed. Although we fortunately don’t have to deal with mousetraps in our lives there may be times when we let someone else go in front of us if there is a complicated or unsettling matter that needs attention. Sometimes it’s because we aren’t sure about the situation and letting someone else go first gives us more information. And sometimes we may be concerned there is trouble ahead and we’d rather let the first guy face it. Letting someone else pave the way can seem like a good idea when we’re unsure or intimidated by a situation. But that doesn’t always work out for us in the end. Yes, we might get the “cheese” if there are problems ahead, but we may lose important opportunities by stepping aside and letting someone else get there ahead of us. There really isn’t any situation or complication we can’t manage. We are brave enough to step up and go first even when things are difficult. We have leadership skills we can call on and all the courage we need. We can choose to be the one to mark the path and forge the way ahead.

Personal confidence is something we can always work on. Being confident in our abilities gives us an edge and helps us achieve and find answers even under difficult circumstances. There will be times of uncertainty and sometimes fear of what lies ahead. We can’t read the future and there is no way to know for certain if we will prevail. But if we study the situation out carefully before we move forward, and confidently proceed, no matter what happens we will find our way. Sometimes things will go well and other times there may be problems. But if we face the situation calmly and confidently we will find whatever answers are needed to move forward.

Getting the cheese isn’t always the most important part of the scenario. We can learn a lot about problems and how to solve them as we face complicated situations. The growth we gain from facing adversity and hardship teaches us how to understand the world and live successfully. Nobody wants to lose at anything but we never lose in any situation if we gain knowledge and understanding – even if we don’t prevail. If we do win and get the cheese it’s an added bonus. If we miss out this time we can take all the information we’ve gained going forward and use it to make our mark the next time around. There really isn’t any problem so complex or difficult we can’t figure out. We have all the tools we need to succeed. Taking advantage of everything we learn in the process helps us every time.

Today if you’re worried about a situation and aren’t sure about it take the time you need to see it objectively. Think about what you want to gain and move forward with confidence. You have all the tools you need to succeed. Everything you want is within reach. You are brave enough and smart enough to do anything. Step up and take charge.

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