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Getting the Cheese

8 Sep

There is a saying that the second mouse always gets the cheese. The idea being the first mouse goes to the trap and is destroyed allowing the second mouse to swoop in and grab the spoils once the danger has passed. Although we fortunately don’t have to deal with mousetraps in our lives there may be times when we let someone else go in front of us if there is a complicated or unsettling matter that needs attention. Sometimes it’s because we aren’t sure about the situation and letting someone else go first gives us more information. And sometimes we may be concerned there is trouble ahead and we’d rather let the first guy face it. Letting someone else pave the way can seem like a good idea when we’re unsure or intimidated by a situation. But that doesn’t always work out for us in the end. Yes, we might get the “cheese” if there are problems ahead, but we may lose important opportunities by stepping aside and letting someone else get there ahead of us. There really isn’t any situation or complication we can’t manage. We are brave enough to step up and go first even when things are difficult. We have leadership skills we can call on and all the courage we need. We can choose to be the one to mark the path and forge the way ahead.

Personal confidence is something we can always work on. Being confident in our abilities gives us an edge and helps us achieve and find answers even under difficult circumstances. There will be times of uncertainty and sometimes fear of what lies ahead. We can’t read the future and there is no way to know for certain if we will prevail. But if we study the situation out carefully before we move forward, and confidently proceed, no matter what happens we will find our way. Sometimes things will go well and other times there may be problems. But if we face the situation calmly and confidently we will find whatever answers are needed to move forward.

Getting the cheese isn’t always the most important part of the scenario. We can learn a lot about problems and how to solve them as we face complicated situations. The growth we gain from facing adversity and hardship teaches us how to understand the world and live successfully. Nobody wants to lose at anything but we never lose in any situation if we gain knowledge and understanding – even if we don’t prevail. If we do win and get the cheese it’s an added bonus. If we miss out this time we can take all the information we’ve gained going forward and use it to make our mark the next time around. There really isn’t any problem so complex or difficult we can’t figure out. We have all the tools we need to succeed. Taking advantage of everything we learn in the process helps us every time.

Today if you’re worried about a situation and aren’t sure about it take the time you need to see it objectively. Think about what you want to gain and move forward with confidence. You have all the tools you need to succeed. Everything you want is within reach. You are brave enough and smart enough to do anything. Step up and take charge.

Big Shoulders

22 Jun

As we go through our lives trouble comes to all of us.  We have the regular aggravations that crop up and there are always some sort of complications as we try to do things.  Sometimes we encounter serious problems that are difficult to navigate and if we have more than one to deal with at once, we can feel beset.  They say that in every life a little rain must fall, but if we’re in a deluge of trouble and struggling to get through, it can be very uncomfortable to navigate.  There is a limitless variety of problems we may encounter.  If we have all the skills we need to solve them we get through them more easily than when we are caught unaware and unprepared.  We can’t read the future and can’t be prepared for everything that comes to us but we can be confident that no matter what it is, no matter how hard it is to overcome, or how complicated it becomes we can find a way through.  Nothing will come to us that we can’t figure out.  It might take some time, and we may feel daunted and confused for a while but we will find our way.  If we are confident and calm there isn’t anything we can’t face.

Sometimes we can sense when problems are going to happen.  Perhaps we notice changes that point to complications coming our way.  Maybe we can try to head them off at the pass and solve the situation before it gets too big.  But sometimes we can’t do anything to stop the issue and have to navigate it when it arrives.  There will almost certainly be other people involved when we face difficult issues and although we may have our ideas about how to go about resolving them, their influence and impact may be significant.  If we can’t agree on how to correct the situation it will take longer to let it go.  But we can be patient and clearly give our opinions and advice.  We may have to compromise our plans but when we find a workable answer everyone can agree on we can move forward.

When we have very difficult personal problems it can be hard to navigate the other arenas of our lives.  If what we’re going through is so painful that we can’t concentrate, finding the solution won’t wait.  Our lives are important and our happiness depends our ability to navigate and resolve whatever is holding us back.  Sometimes we may need to reach out for professional help and we can do that.  Or we might want the advice and counsel of a trusted friend.  We don’t have to face anything alone and if we want help, we can find it.  No matter what comes, there isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t manage.  We are capable of facing even the most difficult of trials, and our shoulders are big enough to carry them.

Today if you’re going through a difficult situation and feel beset by the problem, remember there isn’t anything you can’t do.  You can get help if you need it.  You will find the answers you’re seeking and you will resolve the issue.  You are stronger than you know.  Be confident.  Be brave.  You will prevail.

Despite It All

11 Jan

There are times in everyone’s life when things don’t work out. Sometimes it seems like, for reasons we can’t fathom, everything goes wrong.  Everything we try fails, every idea is wrong, and every attempt to fix the situation falls flat. At times like those it can feel like the planets have aligned against us, the stars are raining down on us, and a black cloud is following us everywhere we go. Of course, we are overstating the situation, but when we feel beset and overwhelmed, when we’re trying hard and nothing goes the way we want it to, it can feel that way. We can believe that it’s our fault, and although we know it’s a temporary situation, we may think we’ll never be right again. But everything in this life is fluid and ever changing. What we’re going through today will certainly change in some way tomorrow, maybe not the way we’re hoping it will, but it will be different. The old saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel has a caveat – it might be an on-coming train! And that’s just how things go sometimes.  We can be in uncomfortable situations that unfortunately get worse before they get better.  But even if that happens, things will change at some point and we can begin again.

How are we supposed to manage when we feel like everything is off its axis and we’re walking around on an off kilter syncopated path that keeps twisting and mixing things up? We have choices regarding how we’ll handle the calamities that befall us all. We can hole up in our rooms, lie in bed, and pull the covers over our heads until things improve. We can get angry and snap at everyone around us because we’re unhappy, or we can try something more positive.  No matter what we’re going through we can choose how we’ll navigate it.  We can endure the trial miserably or we can see it for what it is – just a bump in the road – and face it with optimism. No trip is without problems, and no journey is without struggle. But there isn’t a problem or journey that lasts forever, so whatever disappointments we face will resolve in time. How much time that takes is different for every situation but no matter how long it takes, we have the power to manage it, and manage it well.

A bump in the road is a transient situation. Sometimes there are big potholes we have to drive around, and sometimes we don’t see them in time and our tires get stuck in them. They are annoying, and can hang us up, but they aren’t the end of the road. They aren’t our destination. They are just a complication along the way. We can navigate them and if we get stuck we can figure out how to get out again. We are resourceful and wise. There really isn’t anything we can’t manage if we give ourselves time to figure things out. If we remember that when our lives take a nose dive and we feel overwhelmed, we can put everything into the proper perspective. Nothing is forever but death, and we aren’t dead yet. So this will pass. We are more capable than we realize and we will, despite everything that’s going wrong, prevail. There isn’t a bump big enough to stop us from going forward and finding success.

Today if everything is going wrong and you feel like giving up, remember this is a temporary situation. It’s not permanent and it’s not too big for you to handle. No matter what comes you can manage it and find your way to happiness again. You have everything you need to succeed. This is just a moment. There are wonderful things just ahead.