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Bump Bump

12 May

When we’re trying to accomplish something important or get to a goal there are sometimes bumps along the way.  Even if we plan effectively and try to prepare for possible eventualities, there may be surprises that stop our progress.  When we first start out and come upon a snag we may navigate around it and keep going with confidence.  However, if we’ve been working to move forward for a while and we keep running into problems again and again, we may begin to feel the goal is unattainable.  One bump is easily overcome but if the road is continually difficult and there are a lot of things in our way we may start to re-think our ability to succeed.  Every road has construction from time to time and there will always be things we don’t expect and can’t control.  If we are determined we will more easily be able to get through but each compromise and each problem takes a toll.  As time passes if we don’t see any progress we may begin to feel defeated and think about giving up.  We can always change our course if the original plan isn’t workable and we can choose to let go of any goal we set.  But if we really want to achieve the things we desire, stopping and quitting will never get us there.  Instead we might stop and revise our plan forward, or we may set the goal aside and try again later.  Sometimes success is all about timing.  We don’t always know our timing isn’t right when we begin and we get more information as we move forward.  There is no need to rush to accomplish our goals.  We can let them go for a time and when things change and we’re in a different place we can try again.

We learn a lot as we go through difficult times.  As we overcome problems and complications we gain skills that help us going forward.  We learn more about our situation and what is needed to continue on.  We can’t read the future and as things develop we can be flexible and use the information we’ve gained to navigate the way ahead.  If we take complications as opportunities to see our situation more clearly instead of the end of the road we will get through them more easily.  No road is without problems and there will be bumps and potholes along the way.  We can learn from each setback and decide how to effectively continue on.

If we must set a goal aside we may feel disappointment or even a sense of failure.  Change doesn’t mean we stop but that we need to redirect how we will go forward.  We can accomplish anything we desire but we may need to modify how and when we get to the destination.  We are flexible enough to do what is needed to succeed.  If we must wait, we can wait.  Everything changes every day and soon our situation will be right to begin again.  Success will come to us if we are willing to be flexible and determined enough to continue forward.

Today if you’ve been working hard to accomplish something and there have been continual problems and complications along the way, step back and decide how you want to go forward.  If the timing isn’t right, set the goal aside until things change.  You can do anything and you are wise enough to find the way through.

Despite It All

11 Jan

There are times in everyone’s life when things don’t work out. Sometimes it seems like, for reasons we can’t fathom, everything goes wrong.  Everything we try fails, every idea is wrong, and every attempt to fix the situation falls flat. At times like those it can feel like the planets have aligned against us, the stars are raining down on us, and a black cloud is following us everywhere we go. Of course, we are overstating the situation, but when we feel beset and overwhelmed, when we’re trying hard and nothing goes the way we want it to, it can feel that way. We can believe that it’s our fault, and although we know it’s a temporary situation, we may think we’ll never be right again. But everything in this life is fluid and ever changing. What we’re going through today will certainly change in some way tomorrow, maybe not the way we’re hoping it will, but it will be different. The old saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel has a caveat – it might be an on-coming train! And that’s just how things go sometimes.  We can be in uncomfortable situations that unfortunately get worse before they get better.  But even if that happens, things will change at some point and we can begin again.

How are we supposed to manage when we feel like everything is off its axis and we’re walking around on an off kilter syncopated path that keeps twisting and mixing things up? We have choices regarding how we’ll handle the calamities that befall us all. We can hole up in our rooms, lie in bed, and pull the covers over our heads until things improve. We can get angry and snap at everyone around us because we’re unhappy, or we can try something more positive.  No matter what we’re going through we can choose how we’ll navigate it.  We can endure the trial miserably or we can see it for what it is – just a bump in the road – and face it with optimism. No trip is without problems, and no journey is without struggle. But there isn’t a problem or journey that lasts forever, so whatever disappointments we face will resolve in time. How much time that takes is different for every situation but no matter how long it takes, we have the power to manage it, and manage it well.

A bump in the road is a transient situation. Sometimes there are big potholes we have to drive around, and sometimes we don’t see them in time and our tires get stuck in them. They are annoying, and can hang us up, but they aren’t the end of the road. They aren’t our destination. They are just a complication along the way. We can navigate them and if we get stuck we can figure out how to get out again. We are resourceful and wise. There really isn’t anything we can’t manage if we give ourselves time to figure things out. If we remember that when our lives take a nose dive and we feel overwhelmed, we can put everything into the proper perspective. Nothing is forever but death, and we aren’t dead yet. So this will pass. We are more capable than we realize and we will, despite everything that’s going wrong, prevail. There isn’t a bump big enough to stop us from going forward and finding success.

Today if everything is going wrong and you feel like giving up, remember this is a temporary situation. It’s not permanent and it’s not too big for you to handle. No matter what comes you can manage it and find your way to happiness again. You have everything you need to succeed. This is just a moment. There are wonderful things just ahead.