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When it Hurts

14 Feb

We make millions of decisions as we go through our lives. Some of them are easy and we process them quickly and move on. We want to make good choices and choose the best possible options available so we can be happy with the results that follow. That’s sometimes quick and easy but there are other times when our decisions are more difficult. It’s hard to make the best decision when that choice will take away something we want or move us in a direction we don’t want to go. We may be in a situation where the best path forward in the long run hurts us right now. The best things in our lives are worth working for and sometimes in order to get to a goal we must endure uncomfortable situations along the way. It takes courage to choose well and even more courage when those choices hurt. Sometimes in order to accomplish our dreams we must sacrifice something along the way. We can weigh out each choice, see the road ahead and choose the best option going forward. If it’s a hard decision and creates discomfort we can walk through it, learn all we can and use that knowledge to navigate the way ahead. We know what we want most and we can do what it takes to get it.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes it may seem that everything works against us and no matter what we do we can’t make any headway. In those complicated times when things get difficult and we’re inundated with issues and problems, we may consider giving up on the goal altogether. It’s hard to keep trying when everywhere we turn there’s another wall in our way. But nothing is impossible and if we’re facing obstacles it only means we need to find another road forward. There are countless ways to any goal we set. If one road doesn’t get us there, we can choose another. If that one ends in a detour we can turn again. We can modify our course as many times as it takes to get to the destination and as long as we don’t quit, we don’t fail.

There is no way to know all the complications we may face when we begin a journey. We can make excellent plans for how we’ll proceed, do all the research we can to make sure our plans will work, and still things may go wrong. If we really want to reach the goal we can prepare for any eventuality no matter how complex, and determine that we will persevere and continue forward. If we are determined we will more effectively navigate any disappointments or problems we encounter and even if we must back up for a time, will be able to continue moving ahead. There really isn’t anything we can’t do if we are determined. We can keep stepping forward in the face of trouble and if we refuse to quit we will win. Temporary setbacks are only opportunities to re-focus. We can do anything. There isn’t anything we can’t face and overcome.

Today if you must make a decision to move forward that is uncomfortable and difficult, keep your eyes on the goal ahead. There is nothing too complex for you to overcome and you will find the answers you need. Success is there waiting for you. Choose well and you will reach it.

Shooting the Moon

9 Feb

We all have goals we want to achieve and in our zeal to accomplish them we might make plans that very aggressive and challenging. We may decide we’ll make great changes overnight in order to achieve something quickly that often takes time. It’s good to have lofty goals and creating a plan that’s workable will help us find success more easily than one that’s extreme. For instance, if we seek personal wealth we may decide we’re going to work hard and in a year double our salary. If we want to change our fitness level, we may plan to go to the gym for two hours every single day. Or if we want to improve our diets we may swear off all sweets – forever. While these plans are certainly impressive we may not be able to adhere to them simply because of the intense changes needed to make them work. Finding the right method of accomplishing our goals is the first step. We can shoot for the moon and hope we make it, or we can determine what we can reasonably do each day to move us closer and make a plan we can more easily adapt to. Change never happens overnight. The important thing is to arrive at the destination, not how fast we get there.

Every small step forward we keep is a victory. We don’t have to change 100% right away and each step forward takes us closer to the goal. Even small advances are victories and if we are consistent will bring us success. If we only advanced a quarter of a percent each day we tried, and then only tried half the time, in a year we will have advanced almost half way to the goal. Small steps move us forward and each time we step forward our confidence will rise. Aiming too high too quickly often ends in failure. If we push too hard it may be difficult to accomplish the task. Understanding change and not speed is the goal will help us be more successful.

There may be times we feel we should have come further than we have in the time we’ve been pressing forward. We may feel we should have been able to get more done, or become more masterful at something. When we’re starting a new goal, or beginning a new behavior it’s impossible to know all the changes we’ll have to make to incorporate it successfully into our lives. We can imagine some of the work we’ll have to do but until we’re actually in the process of making the change we can’t see everything. While we’re striving to achieve, we can keep our eyes focused on making small adjustments that will move us forward. We can determine to continue despite any setbacks and if we don’t stop we will reach the goal. Life is long enough for us to accomplish anything. Step by step, making small successful moves will get us to every goal we desire. We have everything we need to succeed and there isn’t anything too difficult for us to achieve.

Today if you feel frustrated that you haven’t yet reached your goal, look back and see how far you’ve come already. Every step you take gets you closer to where you want to be. Continue forward. You know where you want to go and you have everything you need to get there. Move the dial a little closer today and tomorrow do the same. You’ll reach the goal and find success.

Apply Here

2 Mar

There is a lot to learn in life.  We never stop learning new things and when we’re challenged by something new, it may be hard at first to completely understand it.  Learning new skills, whether they are life skills, survival skills, job skills, or others, takes our attention and focus.  But learning a new skill isn’t enough.  After we’ve figured it out, if we want it to become part of who we are going forward, we have to apply it in some way.  We can learn all kinds of new things but until we actually use them we won’t know exactly how they work.  This is clear when we’re studying math.  We learn a new theorem or formula and we understand the process of using it, but in order to fully grasp how it works, we actually have to practice using it to solve problems.  It’s the same with any skill.  What looks easy on paper isn’t always easy to implement in real life.  But with time and effort we can learn new things and apply them in our lives.

Healthy relationships don’t just happen.  We meet someone, we like them, maybe we fall in love with them, and in the bliss of infatuation think everything will go smoothly from there.  But life is complicated and things happen that make seemingly easy situations more difficult.  Even if we know what we should do to navigate them to preserve a happy relationship, putting what we know into action and applying the information isn’t always as simple as it may seem.  There are feelings to consider – something that can never be predicted exactly – and other peoples’ perceptions and decisions may enter in.  If we want to navigate the issue well, we have to take our time and think before we act.  We all want easy, perfect relationships, but unfortunately when dealing with others it’s not always easy, and perfection is something we continually strive for but rarely see.

We are capable of learning new things and new ways to handle anything that comes to us.  Something that worked in the past may not work in the future, and if we want to be successful we need to be open to learning new ideas and then applying them in our lives.  All the knowledge in the world means nothing if it’s never actually applied and experienced.  If we are open to learning new things, accepting different ways of looking at situations, and willing to work on what we’re learning and use it in our lives we will find more success and more happiness.  Life is constantly changing.  Our problems and challenges today will be different tomorrow.  We can stay ahead of the curve and manage everything if we are aware and willing to learn.  We can do anything we want to do.  None of us is frozen in time.  We can change, we can grow, we can learn, and we can be successful in all our endeavors.  There isn’t anything that is too difficult for us to accomplish once we’ve decided we will do it.

Today if you’re in situation that has you confused and you aren’t sure what to do, stop for a moment and look at things objectively.  You have all the skills you need to face anything that comes to you.  Draw on your life experience and apply everything you’ve learned so far.  You can figure out any puzzle.  You are capable and strong, and can manage anything that comes to you.  Start thinking.  The answers are already there.

Free Space

12 May

Our world is a busy place. We have a lot to do every day, and no matter how much we get done, there is more waiting for us. We are glued to our smart phones, iPads, day planners, and calendars. We constantly check our email, voice mail, Twitter, and Facebook, and a dozen other things. It’s an invasive and constant situation. Of course, life hasn’t always been this way, but the technology age is here, and whether we like it or not, we are part of it. When we add our daily routines of work, chores, errands, gym, walking the dogs, cooking, cleaning up, and everything else we have to do, it gets exhausting, and can be overwhelming. After a time we need a break.

Taking time for ourselves is not just an option, it’s a necessity. We need to plan for time down, without the electronics, without the phone, without the pressure. Just time to recharge, and rest. For some of us that may include time spent with family or friends. Or it might mean an outing to a museum, or gallery. We might decide to stay home, and just veg on the couch with a good book. If we have the time and resources, it could mean a vacation trip to someplace we’ve always wanted to go. Whatever it means to us, whatever it takes to rejuvenate ourselves, that’s what we need.

But in order to make it happen, we need to plan for it. We need to write it in our day planners, enter it into our smart phones, and if we’re working, we need to request the time off. Once we have it planned we must commit that no matter what happens, outside of a natural disaster, atomic explosion or death, we will follow through, and take the time.

I have a family member who works constantly. He is always extremely busy with one project or another. He makes lots of plans, and he completes them. He goes to his regular job during the day, and when he finishes there, he starts working on the project of the month. He is always coming up with new and ingenious ideas, which are great, but he seems unable to see that all he does is work. He is not married because he doesn’t have time to date. He doesn’t go on vacation because he has too much to do and can’t ‘find’ the time. He rarely visits his family because he doesn’t want to stop the progress he’s making on item A, B, or C. He works constantly. As a result, he is always tired, and he has few friends. He isn’t happy with his life like it is, but he says working this hard now will ensure that in the future he’ll have the freedom he wants. Well, that might happen. Or he might find that this will become his lifelong model, and he’ll never stop to get to that freedom.

No matter how much we do, we will never be completely done with what comes next. Life is a continuous process. There is no end until we die. Work will expand to fill the time we give it – no matter how much time that encompasses. We can work 24/7 if we like, and we still won’t be done. So, either we control the work or the work controls us. If the work is controlling us, when do we get to live our lives?

Plan for time down. Plan for it. And then take it. Take the time you need to recharge your batteries. Turn off the phone. Turn off the computer. Shut down the iPad. Forget about Twitter feeds, and what’s happening on Facebook. Go outside. Take a walk. Take a nap. Go skateboarding. Go surfing. Play tennis. Do whatever makes you happy. Take time apart from your usual schedule to restore. If we can do this regularly, we will have more energy when we return to our busy lives, more excitement for what we’re doing, and more happiness in the long run. This life will take everything we give it. We need to make sure we give something back to ourselves.

Day of Rest

3 May

Years ago, Sundays were different than they are today. Most stores were closed, there were few, if any, local events, and there wasn’t much to do but rest, go to church, and spend time with friends and family. It was often a day when families would gather together for Sunday dinner, and spend time catching up. It was a day when we didn’t work, and when we took things more slowly. It was a day at the end of a busy week when we rested – we took a pause. But things were different then. We were different then.

Today, virtually every mall and store is open on Sunday, and there are lots of places to go, and things to do. Some families still gather for a traditional Sunday meal, but it isn’t as common as it once was. For many of us, Sunday is just another day. We shop, we work, we go to sporting events, it’s pretty much like any other day of the week. The old fashioned day of rest now looks like all our other days. We stay busy, and resting isn’t part of the equation.

Times change. Change isn’t always bad, but it is inevitable. Sundays are different now. If we practice a religion where Sunday is set aside, we may still reserve it as a day of rest. If we don’t, we may be just as busy on Sunday as any other day. If that’s the case, when can we set aside a day to rest? In our super charged society where we are so busy all the time, where there is never enough time to get everything done, where it seems we are constantly encouraged to do more, when do we recharge? When do we take a pause to reset and rest? We know we need the time for ourselves so we can be at our best, but if we don’t purposely schedule our lives for it, it slips away, and is lost. We just keep going. The result can be that we get burned out, exhausted, and fed up.

Every day we push ourselves to do more, to be more, and to get more done. But we are human beings, we get tired, and we need to take a break. We deserve to take a break. There’s a tandem relationship between pushing forward and taking time out. The best way to get ahead is to make sure we are strong and prepared, and the best way to do that is to take time to relax. If we make the time to STOP a priority, it will make us more energetic when it’s time to go again.

Today, think about scheduling a day of rest each week. Sunday is a good day for that, but if it doesn’t work with your schedule, choose another. But make it a priority. Make it important. Put it in your smart phone, write it in your day planner, and block it out of your calendar. Set the time aside to restore yourself, to rest, to reflect, and to recharge. Maybe just spend the day doing nothing. Maybe spend time with friends or family. Whatever it takes to refresh your body and spirit – plan for it and follow through. If you do, you’ll feel better, you’ll be stronger, and your focus will be clearer. You’ll be restored and ready to face whatever comes next. Our lives are busy, and sometimes challenging. We give, and give, and give. It’s time to give to yourself. Plan for it.