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Showing Up

30 Nov

There are a lot of different things we can do with our lives, many activities we can become involved in, many goals we can achieve and many connections to build.  Everything we want to do is possible but we will never accomplish anything unless we show up and become part of the experience.  It’s fine to dream about the things we want to do and we can talk about them forever but until we actually start doing something it doesn’t mean much.  The old saying that “talk is cheap” is correct.  We can talk about who we want to be, what we want to do and how we’re going to live indefinitely but until we put action behind our words they are empty and meaningless.  We can pretend to be moving forward without doing anything, we can talk a good game about all the things we’re planning to do and we might fool some people but we’ll never fool ourselves.  Our lives belong solely to us and what we do with them is our responsibility.  We can sit and dream or we can get up and move forward toward our goals.  Nobody will make our dreams come true for us and there are no fairy godmothers who will appear with a magic wand to make everything different.  It’s all up to us.  If we’re unhappy where we are, we can complain about our lot in life or we can step forward and change it.  It’s easy to stay in the same place and bemoan our situation but that will never bring us real happiness.  Life is an incredible gift and we can do anything we like but if we want to make the most of it, we have to do what is needed to move forward.  There isn’t anything out of reach and with determination and commitment we can achieve anything.

It’s important to be honest in everything we do including being honest with ourselves.  If we tell lies to others we damage our integrity and may lose the trust of those we care about.  Lies always bring disharmony and complications and if we lie to ourselves about what we’re doing and who we really are, it can hold us in place and keep us from moving forward.  We have incredible potential but potential is unrealized expectations and can’t become reality until we do what is needed to achieve it.  We are capable and wise and nothing can keep us from our goals if we are committed to accomplishing them.  We can make our dreams come true by being honest and changing what is needed to bring us success.

Everything worth having is worth working for.  No matter what we want to do, we can find a way to accomplish it.  Some things come easily and we move forward quickly but others may take a lot of time, planning, preparation and work.  Success is always possible but we must show up and do what is necessary to make it happen.  We can make all our dreams come true and have the lives we want the most.

Today if you’ve been thinking about a change you want to make but haven’t done anything to move toward it, take the first step.  Your life is yours to design and you can achieve any dream you desire.  Decide what you want the most and start moving toward making it a reality.  You are amazing and deserve every happiness.  Step forward and create the life you want today.


Sitting Tight

19 Jul

There are times in our lives when we wait for something to happen. Maybe it’s something as simple as waiting on a train or a cab or a bus. Or maybe it’s something more complicated like waiting for a change to happen for something we really want. Waiting for a bus is easy. We can read, chat with those around us, enjoy our surroundings while we wait, or spend the time thinking. But waiting for important changes to occur can be more difficult. If we’re waiting for someone to change their mind, or for our lives to move from one situation to another, or for something important to happen, the wait can be interminable. Sometimes we wait because there is nothing we can do to move things forward and we are dependent on the actions of others. Other times we may sit tight in a situation simply because we haven’t yet figured out what to do next. If we aren’t sure how to take the next steps we may wait and see if things will change on their own and move us through. That rarely happens and if we wait for a situation to move us forward without doing it ourselves, the wait may be long or even endless. We can sit and wait for as long as we want but doing nothing will not change our circumstance. If we want the change we’re waiting for to happen, it’s often up to us to do what’s needed. Instead of waiting for things to change on their own, we can pro-actively move our lives in any direction we choose.

When we’re waiting we have no control over the situation. We have no way to direct our progress or move forward. Waiting keeps us where we are until something else happens. Because we are dependent on an action outside ourselves we have no power to determine when the needed development will occur. But we do have power over ourselves and we can decide when the wait will end. If we want to, we can take control and change our personal situation to move things forward on our own. We can determine to set our plans in place and take the next step. We need not wait any longer than we are comfortable for something else to happen first. When we’re ready, whether the anticipated change or development has happened or not, we can move ahead.

Sometimes because of our relationships we may feel we need to wait. Perhaps someone depends on us to stay where we are or keep things the same. Everyone has their own desires and expectations about their lives and if we’re involved in them they may have influence over our choices. We can keep our commitments to those around us and still control our own lives. If we need to change something and move in a different direction, we can. We can be kind and gracious and still make decisions that direct our lives the way we want them to go. It’s up to us how we’ll move forward. Having control over our decisions is appropriate and important. We know what’s best for us and we need not wait for others to approve of our choices or embrace them. We don’t have to wait for anything. We can move forward whenever we’re ready.

Today if you feel like you’ve been waiting for something to happen so you can move forward, take the first step on your own. You know what you want to do and where you want to go. You have everything you need to get there. You don’t have to wait. You can start today. Take the first step.