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Looking Good

2 Aug

These days there is a lot of focus on our external appearance.  Everywhere we look there are ads for products to make us look younger, thinner, more desirable and more beautiful.  Some of us are short, some tall, some heavy, some thin, some old, and some young.  The scope of appearance among us is very broad and diverse.  We can try to look like all the pictures we see of famous, beautiful people and we may succeed but looking good according to the standards set by others may not bring us happiness.  There is great joy to be found in difference and if we all looked the same the scenery would be quite boring and uninspiring.  It’s important to embrace our own personal style and rejoice in our own special appearance.  We are one of a kind.  There has never been and never will be another person exactly like us.  We can love our own personal beauty even if it differs from what those around us think it should be.  When we are happy and content with who we are, when we are striving to be our very best and doing the things we most want to do our external appearance will reflect joy and peace and there is nothing more beautiful.  Finding beauty by looking good on the outside is only part of the story.  It also includes how we feel about ourselves.  We are all beautiful in different ways.  Living our lives purposefully and directing them toward the destinations we most want to achieve will bring us light and happiness that will be reflected in all we do, and will create more beauty than anything else ever could.

Our outward appearance is always affected by what is going on inside us.  If we are struggling with conflict and stress it will be reflected in our appearance.  It’s impossible to hide everything we’re going through and even if we’re great actors, there will likely be a crack in the armor.  Difficult times come to all of us and as we navigate them we may appear to be tense or even angry to those around us.  We will find comfort and respite from the trial if we remind ourselves we can manage anything that comes and will be successful.  We can overcome every challenge and continue to walk forward with confidence.

If we are living unethically or dishonestly we may try to appear to be doing things differently and we may be able to fool those around us for a time.  We may continue to smile and act as though we’re doing things well and it may work for a while but eventually what we’re doing secretly will rise and become apparent through our behavior.  We can’t look our best if we’re living deceptively.  If we want to be our best we must do our best.  We have everything we need to choose wisely and move forward on roads that will bring us true success.  Living honestly and true to our personal values will bring us joy and that will bring us true beauty.

Today if you want to be truly beautiful, make the best choices you can.  Choose to be honest and travel the roads that will bring you joy.  If there is stress and conflict, remember how powerful and capable you are.  There isn’t anything too difficult for you to manage and you will prevail.  You are a great blessing to us all and your true personal beauty is a gift to the world.


19 Jan

There is a saying we often hear about being as wise as an owl. Owls actually aren’t wise or even the most intelligent of birds, and it’s believed they are thought to be wise because of the placement of their eyes. Both eyes face forward in the front of their heads similar to primates and other highly intelligent animals. However, the placement of their eyes has no bearing on their intelligence even though they may look smarter than other birds. And as far as wisdom goes, it’s unlikely owls are able to process thought in such a way. There is great distinction between intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence is simply our ability to acquire knowledge. Wisdom, on the other hand, is how we use the knowledge after we gain it. In order to be wise, we must have good judgement to use our intelligence effectively. Wisdom doesn’t just happen. It’s something we must work toward, and practice every day. Being smart works best when we use our abilities wisely. If we only strive for knowledge and lack the desire to use good judgement, we may find our path more difficult than it needs to be.

Getting a good education is a great asset. Learning about different subjects and becoming expert in various arenas may help us achieve our goals. We can study anything we desire and with time and effort may become proficient. The ability to learn new things is always available to us and we may take advantage of the opportunities additional education affords us. As we learn new concepts and ideas, it’s important to also determine how we will use the information. Learning facts is just one piece of the puzzle. After we learn something we must decide how to apply it in our lives. We can decide to use what we’ve learned effectively to help us get to our goals. Then we can figure out the best way to apply our new skills wisely so they will bring us the best returns. Knowledge used effectively is powerful. Knowledge used wisely is nearly impossible to overcome.

Nobody is born wise. Wisdom is gained through the experiences of trial and error. If we try something and it doesn’t work, we can step back and review our choices and then determine the best way forward. As we go through our lives and experience new things our understanding deepens. We gain a clearer awareness of where we are and what we need to do. If we pay attention, that understanding will help us make wise decisions. Learning to choose wisely will always be an asset to us. We can learn as we go and take the time needed to comprehend any situation to choose well. We have a lot of tools that help us find success. Learning to be wise is one of the best tools we can gain. Using it in every decision will pave the way forward for us and help us find success.

Today remember to incorporate wisdom in your choices and use what you know to move forward. Apply your knowledge carefully. You are intelligent and today choose to be wise. If you use wisdom you will gain the best results possible. You deserve the very best of everything. Being wise will help you achieve it.

Leave and Take

26 Jan

There is a famous line from the movie “The Godfather,” that says, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” It’s given just after someone has been murdered and the killers are leaving the scene. Evidently it didn’t matter if the gun was found, but the connoli was treasured and not to be left behind. Although we will probably never be in a situation where we’ll use this same phrase in the same way, there will be times after an experience when there’ll be something we’ll want to leave behind, and something we’ll want to take with us. Every experience in life teaches us something. Sometimes the lesson is easy, and sometimes it’s hard and difficult to navigate. When we’ve been through something difficult, something that shakes us and makes us sad, worried or regretful, it helps to think about what we can learn from the experience and take with us. We don’t need to take the pain and disappointment, and can leave that behind. Every lesson we learn gives us something going forward that will shape us into who we become. Since we’re constantly changing, those lessons are continuous. If we learn all we can each time we struggle and take that with us, chances are we won’t have to learn the same lesson again.

Nobody wants to suffer or be in pain. Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Physical pain can often be treated by a physician and medication can take the edge off and make it bearable. Emotional pain tells us something is wrong as well, or that we’ve made a mistake. Unfortunately, there is no medicine that will eliminate emotional pain, and generally we must endure it until we find a way around it. Our friends and family may try to comfort us, and sometimes that helps, or we may try to shake it off and let it go, and sometimes that helps too. But when we’re hurting, if the pain is intense, it can be hard to get through and see that it will end. During those times it’s helpful to think about what we can take away from the experience that may help us going forward. There is always something to be learned, and something to be gained when we’ve been hurt.

It seems that life would be so much better if nobody could hurt us or make mistakes that bring us discomfort. But we are human beings and we aren’t perfect. There is no way for us to be perfect and we’re going to falter. We will all hurt ourselves and sometimes we’ll hurt others either intentionally or accidentally because of choices we make. It’s unavoidable. We don’t know everything, we can’t see the future and sometimes even our very best guesses are wrong. Getting hurt is part of life and although it’s uncomfortable and we don’t want it, if we are wise and try to learn everything we can from our experiences and take all we can learn away with us when we go forward, we’ll be in a better position to prevent the same pain from returning. There isn’t anything we can’t handle. If we focus on what we’re learning when we’re managing problems, we will find something positive in the end. And finding something positive in the depths of sorrow will bring us comfort.

Today if you’re going through a hard time and you’re suffering, try to see the situation objectively and find the one good thing you can take away with you. You will leave this trial behind you in time, and all the pain that went with it. Take away the best part – what you learned from the experience. You’ll become wiser and you’ll feel stronger knowing you have gained something new. You can handle anything that comes. You’re strong and capable. Be confident and go forward learning all you can.