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12 Jun

We make millions of decisions as we go through our lives. Every day there are many things that require us to choose one thing or another. Many of the routine choices we make are inconsequential and it may not matter which way we go, but some things can be very important and weigh a lot depending on how we choose. It may not matter what shirt we wear or how we get to our destinations, but it may matter a lot whether or not we choose to go in the first place. Our lives will always be a reflection of the decisions we make. If we choose well and take roads that lead us to success we will find happiness and satisfaction. If we choose poorly or continually go around in circles of indecision instead of picking a path forward we may find confusion and disharmony. We are always in control of ourselves and every decision we make brings a result. If we don’t pay attention, or don’t care, or if we’re heavily influenced by situations or those around us, we may not make the best decisions we could. If they bring us unpleasant consequences we may be miserable in the end. Indecision can never move us forward. Saying “maybe we will,” or “maybe we won’t” is the same as doing nothing. If we want to move forward we must be proactive and confident and decide which way we’ll go. We can be thoughtful each time we choose and confidently determine the journey ahead. We have everything we need to find success and there isn’t anything too complicated for us to figure out.

When we have important decisions to make we can take the time we need to ensure we’re headed in the direction we most want to go. There’s no rush to decide but refusing to choose because we aren’t sure isn’t the same as taking time to evaluate the possibilities. Procrastinating a decision will not make it easier and continuing to go over the same facts will never change a situation. We can get all the information we need, see everything clearly, weigh all the options, and then determine what our next steps will be. We are capable of making excellent decisions and we can trust ourselves to choose wisely and move toward success.

Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes we may make a bad decision that impacts our lives negatively. We don’t know what we don’t know and there may be times when things are very different than we thought they were. We own every decision we make and blaming others or the situation when things go wrong will not improve what’s happening. If we’ve erred and are now suffering we can objectively look at all the options before us and redirect our path forward. It’s like missing an exit on the highway. We can loop back around and get it right the next time. There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well. By choosing carefully and doing what is needed to move forward we will reach any destination we desire.

Today if you’ve got a big decision looming and are unsure about how to proceed, take a look at all the possibilities. Weigh the options carefully and determine the best road forward. You are wise and capable, and every destination is possible. Be confident. You have everything you need to find success.


19 Jan

There is a saying we often hear about being as wise as an owl. Owls actually aren’t wise or even the most intelligent of birds, and it’s believed they are thought to be wise because of the placement of their eyes. Both eyes face forward in the front of their heads similar to primates and other highly intelligent animals. However, the placement of their eyes has no bearing on their intelligence even though they may look smarter than other birds. And as far as wisdom goes, it’s unlikely owls are able to process thought in such a way. There is great distinction between intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence is simply our ability to acquire knowledge. Wisdom, on the other hand, is how we use the knowledge after we gain it. In order to be wise, we must have good judgement to use our intelligence effectively. Wisdom doesn’t just happen. It’s something we must work toward, and practice every day. Being smart works best when we use our abilities wisely. If we only strive for knowledge and lack the desire to use good judgement, we may find our path more difficult than it needs to be.

Getting a good education is a great asset. Learning about different subjects and becoming expert in various arenas may help us achieve our goals. We can study anything we desire and with time and effort may become proficient. The ability to learn new things is always available to us and we may take advantage of the opportunities additional education affords us. As we learn new concepts and ideas, it’s important to also determine how we will use the information. Learning facts is just one piece of the puzzle. After we learn something we must decide how to apply it in our lives. We can decide to use what we’ve learned effectively to help us get to our goals. Then we can figure out the best way to apply our new skills wisely so they will bring us the best returns. Knowledge used effectively is powerful. Knowledge used wisely is nearly impossible to overcome.

Nobody is born wise. Wisdom is gained through the experiences of trial and error. If we try something and it doesn’t work, we can step back and review our choices and then determine the best way forward. As we go through our lives and experience new things our understanding deepens. We gain a clearer awareness of where we are and what we need to do. If we pay attention, that understanding will help us make wise decisions. Learning to choose wisely will always be an asset to us. We can learn as we go and take the time needed to comprehend any situation to choose well. We have a lot of tools that help us find success. Learning to be wise is one of the best tools we can gain. Using it in every decision will pave the way forward for us and help us find success.

Today remember to incorporate wisdom in your choices and use what you know to move forward. Apply your knowledge carefully. You are intelligent and today choose to be wise. If you use wisdom you will gain the best results possible. You deserve the very best of everything. Being wise will help you achieve it.