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Missing the Mark

24 Apr

We have all kinds of experiences in our lives. We learn new things as we go along and are often successful in accomplishing our goals. When we get things done well, we feel confident and capable, but sometimes we miss the mark. We never know what will happen next and may get tangled up in an unexpected development that snags our progress and pushes us completely off track. Our judgement may be impaired because we didn’t get all the information, or maybe we had to guess and the road we chose didn’t work out. Lots of things can go wrong and even if we’ve tried to plan effectively, we may stumble or fall down. Life is filled with all kinds of unknowns, and we may struggle or even fail when we’re trying to move ahead. Failure doesn’t mean we’re not capable of succeeding, or that we’re not smart enough to figure out what to do. It just means our first choice didn’t take us where we wanted to go. There are many roads to every destination and if one doesn’t work out, we don’t have to stop and give up. We can look around at the options available and try again. Each step will teach us something new and give us more information to use going forward. Every destination is possible but they won’t all come easily. We may have to try several different roads before we find the one that works. Success is always possible as long as we keep moving ahead. The only sure guarantee of permanent failure is if we stop trying. We can do amazing things and go anywhere we want. We have enough courage and determination to find our way, and can decipher any complication that arises. Nothing is out of reach and we will find success.

It’s so easy to travel on nice, even, paved roads. They are smooth and easy to navigate, and we feel comfortable as we move along. It would be great if every journey was clear and effortless, but life doesn’t work that way. There are countless problems and snags that may arise and we may have to traverse a difficult and rocky path. When the road gets hard and the way ahead is challenging and demanding, we may rethink the goal we’re trying to reach. We can always change our minds and let go of something instead of pushing forward, but if the goal is important to us, we have everything we need to continue ahead. Nothing is powerful enough to hold us in place and we can achieve anything we desire.

When what we want requires a lot of effort, we must decide if we’re willing to do what it will take to get it. Anything worth having is worth working for. The road forward may be long and we make get turned around a time or two. Our destination may be far in the distance but nothing is beyond our reach. If we stumble, we can stand again. If we take a wrong turn, we can change direction. Every dream is possible and if we keep our focus on the way ahead, we will succeed.

Today if you’ve gotten tangled up and lost, and your plans aren’t working, stop and evaluate all the options before you. You are smart enough to achieve anything you desire. Choose your next steps forward and continue moving ahead. You are amazing and capable. Every destination is possible and you will succeed.


6 Feb

As we travel our journey through life there are countless turns, switchbacks, detours and times when we must re-route our way forward. There are rarely moments when the road ahead is paved, perfectly straight and without problems. We learn to navigate by adjusting our course as needed, and try to be as flexible as possible in order to get to the goal. Even if we do everything to plan well, sometimes things go awry and all our ideas get stopped in their tracks. It can feel like a huge avalanche has fallen on the road ahead and there is no way around it. We may stop and wait until the road is cleared but there are always other options available. We can sit and watch while others sort out the mess before us, and be patient while a solution is determined, or we can act on our own to move forward. Huge complications that stop our progress take time to untangle and while we’re working on them new options become available. It’s hard to see other roads when we’re focused on moving forward. When we’re stopped we can look around and all other possibilities become clear. There is never only one road to any destination we desire. There are countless ways to travel and endless options to try. We can review all the potential roads ahead and choose the one that works. There is no destination out of reach or impossible to find. We can alter our course and find the way around any avalanche in our path.

Everyone has their own ideas about what can and cannot be done. Some people are confident in their purposes until something goes wrong, at which time they throw up their hands and walk away. If we stop our journey forward every time we hit a snag we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. There will always be problems, there will always be things in the way, and we will often need to change course. Our goals are important and we certainly have everything we need to achieve them. There is no problem we can’t solve, or change we can’t accommodate. We are strong and powerful and can do anything we desire.

We may think we want an easy life, filled with comfort and success that requires us to do little. However, when things are easy we don’t learn anything new and don’t have the opportunity to become strong. Strength is built through trial, not ease. When things go wrong and we have to try harder, or when our plans fail and we have to start over, we gain wisdom and power. We learn to trust ourselves and understand more deeply what we’re made of and how the world works. Everything we need is already inside us. We can reach and find all the courage and insight necessary to go forward toward success and have the lives we want. It’s all there for us. We need only move forward and claim it.

Today if all your plans have been stopped in their tracks and you can’t move forward, look around at the options available. There are many roads that will take you where you want to go. Make a new plan and chart a new course. You will reach your destination. You are powerful and wise, and nothing will keep you from your dreams.

Tough Nut

18 Jul

Sometimes when we have difficult things we have to do or when a situation becomes hard to handle, we often feel we’re having a bad time.  Difficult problems can be hard to solve and we may struggle to find answers but it doesn’t always mean it’s a bad experience.  Hard times don’t always mean bad times.  Untangling complicated developments and figuring out unexpected problems may take us off the path we want to be on but that’s not always a bad thing.  We learn a lot as we tackle new situations and everything we learn can be beneficial to us in some way.  If we look at these situations more positively we may find our way through them more easily.  We are capable of managing any problem or complication that comes to us.  We know in the beginning we’ll eventually solve the issue no matter how hard it is, and in the end we will be successful.  If we focus on that instead of the annoyance of going through the issue we will benefit more from the experience and feel better as we push through.

Some problems are very complicated and take time to find answers to.  In many cases, it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to solve them and we can take all the time we need.  We can ponder them, think about the outcomes we want and work them step by step.  At each point as we try to crack the nut, we learn something valuable.  Everything we learn we take with us going forward.  If we have a complex issue that requires going through a lot of steps to find the answers, we grow with each step we take.  Once the problem is solved, all the knowledge we’ve gained getting through it will be valuable and will help us in the future.  Tough nuts may be hard to crack but with determination and faith we will always break through.

It’s a common expression to see difficulty unfavorably and we all want to avoid trouble.  But hard or difficult situations aren’t necessarily bad.  When things are running smoothly our lives seem less worrisome and easier to manage.  But nothing runs smoothly all the time.  There will be regular snags, bumps, detours, problems, and complications.  It’s the nature of life.  Learning to see these experiences merely as enhancements that teach us and not roadblocks that stop us in our tracks will help us gain more as we navigate through them.  There is no problem too difficult for us to solve and no situation too complicated for us to figure out.  We can remember that and see our difficulties for what they are – complications in the process.   If we do, we’ll be more confident moving forward.

Today if you are facing something difficult and you feel it’s a bad situation that’s greater than you can handle, take a more objective look at it.  It’s just a complication along the way.  You will solve it and you will find your way through.  You have everything you need to succeed and you’ll learn more as you go.  You’ll solve the problem no matter what it is.  Be confident.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.