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Trusting It

21 Jul

No matter where we are or what we’re doing, chances are there’s something we’re working toward or trying to accomplish. Maybe we want to change direction in our career, or find someone to share our time with, or find a way to make more money or a thousand other things. Nobody can read the future and there is no way to know how anything will eventually roll out. Most things are out of our control and the best we can do is choose options that will most likely bring us the results we’re seeking. The world is filled with billions of people and they’re all making decisions, some of which may impact us negatively. We may be moving along easily, everything may be going according to plan, and then bam, without warning something changes and our plans go up in smoke. Although this is always a possibility, if we’ve planned effectively and done everything we can to protect the way forward, we will generally be able to find our way around any snags that come up. We are intelligent and capable and can figure out what needs to be done to accomplish the goals we desire, and then trust the process to work. We may face complications and there might be a problem that creeps in from time to time, but we can find the answers we need and continue on. Learning to trust isn’t always easy, especially if we’ve suffered a calamity in the past, and we’ve all suffered calamities in the past. When things go unexpectedly wrong and knock us down it leaves a mark and we may struggle to believe things will go well in the future. But every goal is possible and nothing can keep us from success. We have everything we need to accomplish anything we desire. By doing what’s necessary to find the best options possible, we can proceed with confidence that no matter what happens things will work out. The world isn’t going to end because one thing goes wrong or we hit a bump in the road. The destination will still be there for us, and we will reach it.

Some things are easier to accomplish than others. They say if you’re going to dream, you should dream big. Common goals that have paved roads leading to them are simple to overcome, but if we want something more, we have all the intelligence and wisdom needed to find a way to accomplish it. Our most treasured dreams, the things we think about and wish for, are possible if we’re willing to do what is required to make them ours. We can shoot for the moon, and gain the sun and stars as well. Everything is there for us and we can have the lives we desire most.

Self doubt can be crippling if we let it control our decisions. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but no matter how far we fall, there will always be a way back up. We know what we want and can trust ourselves to get it. Every single destination is achievable and with focus and determination, nothing can keep us from what we want. We are stronger and more powerful than we think we are, and can do anything. By stepping forward with clarity and confidence, sure of success, we will conquer every dream and reach every goal. Our lives are ours to design. Everything is possible, and nothing can keep us from success.

Today if you want to do something but are thinking about when things went wrong in the past, trust yourself. The past never determines your future. Every single dream is there for you and you have everything you need to get the life you want. Stand strong and move forward. You are amazing and capable, and nothing, absolutely nothing is too hard or too far away for you to reach. Your dreams are waiting. Step forward and claim them.

In a Panic

30 Oct

Most of us have fears of some sort.  Some are tangible – maybe we’re afraid of spiders, elevators, heights or other things.  And some are unseen such as the fear of speaking up or being the center of attention.  Whatever are fears are, they are very real to us even if they are irrational.  For instance, everyone knows they are far larger than any bug on the earth, and they are easily destroyed, but there are some who are terrified of them.  Although our fears may be illogical, they can still be crippling and difficult to manage.  If they are holding us back and preventing us from moving forward in a way that’s important to us, we need to look at them and take action to overcome them.  If they keep us from advancing in our careers, or building healthy relationships that bring us happiness, we need to find a way around them so we can be happy, successful and confident.

Sometimes in our jobs, we are asked to do things that are uncomfortable for us.  If we have a fear of speaking in front of others, being assigned that task may be almost crippling.  We may try to find someone else to do it for us, or plead with our superiors to be excused from the assignment.  However, when we’re asked to do something that frightens us, the best thing to do is face it.  We will never break through our fears unless we confront them head on.  It isn’t easy to do things that terrify us, but oftentimes when we do, we discover they aren’t as difficult or scary as we thought they would be.  The first time is hard, and we may stumble, but we don’t have to stop.  If we push through the experience once, we can push through it again.  After we’ve faced the issue a few times the fear will lesson, and if we keep at it, disappear altogether.

If we are afraid of commitment but really want a permanent relationship, we can make the changes needed to move forward.  If we need professional counseling we can get it.  If we’re unsure and worried about rejection, we can begin by facing that.  No matter what issue is keeping us from going forward, or whatever worries us, we can face them one at a time.  We can begin to extend ourselves a little at first until things become comfortable, and then we can extend ourselves a little further.  In time, we’ll be successful in breaking through the fear and leaving it behind.  Our lives are valuable and each day we have the opportunity to change anything that is holding us in place.  We can move closer to where we want to be, and if we do, nothing will stop us from getting to our goal.  We deserve to be happy, and have everything we dream of.  There isn’t anything that will stop us if we are determined.

Today if you’ve been afraid of going forward in some area of your life, you can start by making one small change.  Do one thing that will move you closer to where you want to be.  Tomorrow, take one more step and continue each day until you get to your goal.  You are far braver than you think you are, and you can do anything.  Start today and before you know it, you’ll be where you want to be and happiness will be your companion.