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2 Jun

As we go through our lives, we make many connections and alliances with those around us. We build relationships and friendships, and when they are positive, they embellish our lives and bring us joy and comfort. Each time we connect with someone, we create an anchor of some sort. If the connection is beneficial, it will give us a stronger foundation and help us as we move forward. A personal relationship with someone who brings joy and support is an anchor we can lean on when times get tough. But not all anchors are helpful. If we have a job we don’t like, a personal relationship that isn’t working, a family situation that’s destructive, or any other difficult situation we remain in out of convenience or fear, we may find the anchors we build hold us down and keep us from our goals. Anchors can be very heavy, and we may find ourselves stuck in place, dealing with a situation that isn’t changing and will not help us advance. Our lives belong to us and we never have to stay in any position forever. We can let go of whatever is holding us back, and step forward on a new road that leads to the destinations we desire most. It doesn’t matter what others think or how they want us to proceed. We can do anything we desire. Each day is a blessing and once it’s gone, will never return. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to direct our lives any way we choose. By letting go of whatever is holding us in place, we can purposely choose the best road ahead, and move forward with confidence that we will succeed.

Traditions can be very powerful. When things have been done a certain way for a long time, and we want something else, we may face opposition from those around us. If our family holds onto specific situations and activities, and we want something different, conflict may arise. We never have to live our lives according to someone else’s ideas, and we can manage any complications that come. Our lives are ours to design, and we can let go of anything that keeps us from success. We are powerful and capable, and can do anything we desire. If we trust ourselves, we can be sure we’ll reach every destination we choose.

If someone near us is overwhelmed by a situation and we offer to help, they may try to dump the whole problem on us and walk away. We never have to carry anyone else’s load, or build an anchor that prevents us from moving forward. We can take care of our own lives, and make our own decisions. We know what we want to do and where we want to go. We can set down anything that holds us back, and make excellent decisions that help us move closer to our goals. Success is always there for us, and nothing can keep us from it.

Today if you’re stuck in place because of an anchor that will not let you move, remember you’re in control, and can change anything. Let go of whatever is holding you down, and step forward with confidence. You have so much to offer, and every success is possible. Have courage, and be sure. Success is already there for you. Step forward and claim it.


Big Poke

11 Nov

Everyone has things they want to accomplish. When we’re ready, we make plans and get involved, and push forward with focus and attention toward the next destination. It’s good to be focused and moving toward our goals, but as we concentrate on the road ahead, we may miss some important cues along the way. Change is constant and sometimes our situation fluctuates and everything modifies but if all we can see is the next step forward, we may not even notice. If the change is drastic enough, it’s possible the goal we’re after is no longer there. If there are others moving forward with us, and they notice what’s happened they may poke us to make us look up. It’s helpful to have someone else looking around when we all we’re looking at is the road ahead. If we’re alerted to stop, and review our situation anew, we can determine if it’s time to revise our plans and move in a new direction. Life is filled with complications, modifications, unexpected twists and turns, and endless change. If we don’t take the time we need to notice them as they occur, we may find ourselves pushing toward something we no longer want, or that no longer exists. It’s pointless to waste our efforts to get somewhere that in the end isn’t where we want to go and won’t help us move forward. Every step we take moves us toward a destination. We can look up and ensure we’re still moving toward something we desire. Life is all about learning and every decision we make, and every step we take teaches us something new. We can take the knowledge we gain with each development forward with us to help us find success. We know what we want and by paying attention, and modifying our course when needed, we can reach any goal we desire.

If we’re in charge of steering a ship through the vast ocean, and want to go south, we can turn the ship and head that way. But if we fall asleep at the wheel, the ship will go wherever the water takes it, and when we wake, we may discover we are somewhere we never intended to go. As we pursue our goals, if we aren’t watching carefully and noticing the changes around us, we may end up with the same result. We are highly capable and can do anything we desire. We can ensure we’re headed where we want to go, and reach our chosen destinations.

If we’ve been pushing toward a goal, and working hard to reach it for a while, but we’ve changed, and it isn’t exactly what we want anymore, we can alter our direction. Everything we’ve done has given us new information and our lives are ours to design. We can change course at any time. Every dream we desire is possible and with determination and clear-eyed focus, we can make them ours.

Today if you’ve been pushing forward toward a goal but things have changed, stop and think about what you really want. You can go anywhere and do anything. Clarify what you want to accomplish and start again. Nothing is beyond your reach and you can find your way to any goal. Success is there for you and with determination and focus, you will reach it. All your dreams can come true, and you will make them yours.

Man Overboard

17 Oct

We are all capable of accomplishing many things.  We are strong and smart and when we put our minds to the task, there are few situations that are impossible for us to manage.  But there may be times when something happens or someone asks us to do something that is so far out of our normal realm that we’re sure there is no way we could ever get through.  It might be something beyond our comfort zone and we’re sure it will overcome us and are afraid to even attempt it.  It takes courage to step into the unknown and push ourselves beyond what we believe are our limits, but in reality we can do far more than we may think is possible.  When the stakes are high and we’re facing the seemingly impossible our first instinct might be to turn and run.  We can always step back from any challenge, but there is great reward in stepping beyond what we know and pressing forward toward a difficult goal. We have skills and abilities we can rely on to get us through very daunting tasks and will learn more with each step we take.  Once we reach the end of the trial and look back at what we’ve accomplished, we may be amazed at how strong we really are.  We have deep reserves ready to pull from and there really isn’t anything we can’t do.  No matter how great the challenge or how difficult the road ahead, we can trust ourselves to succeed.  We can be brave enough to travel any road before us.  Life is filled with opportunities and embracing them as they come along will deepen our perspective and bring great reward and confidence.

If we’re at sea and the boat is tossed in distress, and we are unsure about what will happen, it won’t help to jump overboard.  Jumping from a rocking ship right into the turbulent ocean will not solve our problem but when we’re facing a difficult challenge we may be tempted to jump to get away from it.  Trouble comes to all of us and doing everything we can to avoid dealing with it will never move us forward.  Few problems solve themselves.  We have all the courage and wisdom we need to figure out anything that happens.  We can stand firm in the wind, hold on tight when things get rocky and press forward.  Every answer we need is there for us and with patience and determination we’ll find it.

When we’re in the midst of a storm and are worried about what will happen next, it can be hard to see beyond what we’re facing.  It’s hard to see things clearly when we’re stressed and unsure but we’ve faced difficult times before and prevailed.  We can get through whatever we must and with each step forward get closer to success.  Trouble will come but we have everything we need to manage it and find our way forward.

Today if you’re facing a difficult situation and aren’t sure you can survive, remember how strong and capable you are.  There isn’t anything strong enough to hold you down.  Trust yourself and step forward.  Every answer you need is already there for you.  Be determined and continue moving ahead.  You will prevail.  Every success is possible and your will reach it.

Hidden Treasure

4 May

It’s exciting to think about going on a treasure hunt.  If we have a map where “X” marks the spot we could find it and start digging. Or maybe we could go out on the ocean on a big boat and find a sunken ship filled with treasure. Or we could go on a geological expedition and find a diamond in fields of rocks. It’s fun to ponder doing these things but treasures can be hard to find and may take a lot of time and resources. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there and we can go searching for them.  But there is hidden treasure that’s easier to find. We each have some special treasures deep inside us we keep safe and secure. Sometimes it’s a dream we want to pursue, sometimes it’s a gift we only share with others once in a while, and sometimes it’s something we want to become that we’ve held onto but never begun. There are treasures in all of us and when we’re ready we can bring them out and manifest them in our lives. Until then, they will stay buried, tucked away, and hidden from the world.

As we’re living our lives, we have choices to make. Sometimes we get caught up in a situation, a career, or a pattern we didn’t plan on. If we don’t control where we’re headed, our lives will go wherever circumstances lead us. Even if we want to be in control, sometimes the roads we want to travel aren’t available to us yet. But everything changes as time goes by and opportunities present themselves that enable us to re-evaluate where we are and where we want to go. If we’ve been in the same situation for a long time, even if it’s not what we really want, we may be tempted to continue because we know the road so well. We know what to expect and where we’re headed. But if it’s not the path we want the most, staying the course for convenience won’t bring us true and lasting happiness. We always have the option to change and what we do, and where we go, is up to us.

Our lives are our responsibility. We can live them any way we want to. If we aren’t happy, and if we aren’t fulfilled and we want a change, we can have it. It’s rarely easy to make big changes in our lives, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to turn our ship, but if we’re correcting our course to where we most want to go, any effort will be worth the cost. If we’re unhappy in our relationships, we can change them. If we don’t like our jobs, we can change those too. If we want to live somewhere new, we can move. And if we want to change something about our personalities, we can. There is nothing out of reach. We all have treasures to offer the world. We don’t have to dig for them. We know exactly what they are and how to reach them.  We don’t have to live lives that prevent us from opening them.  This life is a gift. Living it the way that makes us happiest is the gift we give ourselves.

Today if you want to change your life, if you’re ready to embrace your dreams and bring your treasure out, you can do it. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You can live your life any way you like, go anywhere you want to go, and do anything you want to do. Open the door and take the first step to your perfect life. You deserve everything. And you can have it.

Take It Back

15 Aug

There are times when we may find ourselves in relationships where we’ve lost control over our lives. We didn’t set out to find a relationship that would control us, but one thing leads to another, and suddenly we realize we’ve lost something. We’ve allowed a situation to build on itself to the point that someone else is determining our decisions, and how we live. Often these relationships are painful, and we are hurt. Sometimes because the changes have been subtle and insidious, we don’t realize how hurt we’ve been. But we know we aren’t happy, and something needs to change.

It’s good to believe in others, and put our trust in them unless they show us they are not worthy of that trust. When we are kind and trusting, we can sometimes bend too far and allow someone else to gain too much control. Sometimes it starts by just going along with something we don’t agree with because we love the other person and we want them to be happy. That may change into arguments as we try to be heard, and if the arguments continue over time, we may grow weary, and decide to give in to keep the peace. When that happens, we trade our control for calm. We hand it over to prevent disagreements.

Unhappiness can sneak up on us. If it’s been a gradual decline, and we’ve been unsettled for a while, we may not realize how far we’ve gone. Then something happens that wakes us up. Perhaps a trusted friend reminds us of how happy we used to be. Perhaps we decide enough is enough. Even if we truly value the relationship that’s hurting us, even if we still believe in the promise that things will improve, we will, eventually, have to make a choice. We deserve to be happy. When we are ready, and decide we want more, we will take our lives back. It probably won’t be easy. It may hurt to turn the ship, but we can do it. We are strong, and once we remember who we are, and how strong we are, we will succeed.

Today if you’ve decided to stop hurting, and you are ready to be happy, take your life back. Take it back. You have everything you need to succeed. Don’t listen if someone says you can’t do this. You can. You deserve to be happy. Today turn the ship. You are stronger than you realize. You are worth more than you can imagine. The best of everything is waiting for you.