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Steering the Ship

28 Jan

Sometimes life takes us to places we don’t want to go.  When we’re struggling we may question how we ended up here.  How did we get to this place that doesn’t fit or move us forward?  We can’t read the future and it’s not always easy to see where a path will take us.  It takes time to consider all possible eventualities but if we don’t rush and think carefully before choosing we’ll have a better chance of ending up where we want to go.  Odds are no matter where we are it’s exactly where we were headed.  Every road has a destination and will take us there every time.  But it’s not the end of the journey.  If we’re unhappy we can move on to someplace that feels better and fits us more perfectly.  We’re always in control of our lives and can go anywhere we want but we have to decide where that is and then do what is necessary to get there.  We can design our lives any way we like but we must take control.  A ship at sea without a rudder and someone turning the wheel to direct it forward will simply flow wherever the water takes it.  Our lives are the same way.  If we don’t control our decisions and choose our paths, life will choose them for us.  We can decide what we want and then steer our ship in the direction we want to go.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and every destination is available but we must take control and move forward toward success.  It’s all up to us.  The world will do what it will and we can follow along but taking charge of what we’re doing will bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.  We know what we want.  With persistence and determination we can achieve anything and reach any shore we desire.

There are always all kinds of unknown variables that may come into play in every decision we make.  Because we never know what’s around the next corner or who will enter the picture, learning to be flexible is an asset that will help us succeed.  There are many ways to accomplish any task.  We can keep our eyes focused forward, make changes as needed, and get to the goal.  We have everything we need to reach any destination.  We can bend when we need to and find our way.

Some people are very self-directed and forceful.  They place great value on their ideas and may be very convincing.  We can follow anyone at any time and simply go wherever they’re headed.  It’s easy to acquiesce and do what we’re told but nobody knows us better than we know ourselves.  What’s best for one doesn’t mean it’s best for all.  Our personal choices are valuable and worthwhile and we can have any kind of life we choose.  We can take our own roads and reach the places we want the most.  Our lives belong to us and we can make our dreams come true.

Today if you’ve been letting others steer your ship and just following along, remember how valuable you are.  You can do anything you want.  Decide where you want to go and step forward.  Be confident and trust yourself.  You have everything you need to prevail and nothing is out of reach.  All your dreams are possible and with determination you will make them come true.

Where We Are

29 Dec

Life is a long journey and our lives are always changing. There are countless roads and endless destinations. When we’re clear on where we want to go we can find our way and go forward confidently. But sometimes when we’re moving forward in one direction something changes and we see the road differently. Sometimes where we are or where we’re headed doesn’t feel right and we want to change directions. It may be a gradual adjustment or we may suddenly decide one day that we’re going the wrong way and turn everything around. Where we are right now does not determine where we may go from here. We can change directions at any time and find exactly what we’re seeking. Life is flexible and ever changing. If what was comfortable yesterday doesn’t fit today, we can re-evaluate our way forward and turn another way. Our lives are ours to design and we can make them any way we want them. If we want to go somewhere new, or be something different, we can. Where we are now is just where we are now. Where we go from here is up to us.

Although our lives belong to us there may be times when we find ourselves in situations we didn’t plan because of the influence or involvement of others or circumstances we couldn’t control. We may be in careers we didn’t choose because they were the only jobs we could find at the beginning and although we never intended to remain, time has passed and we are still there. We may be in difficult relationships with others that continue because our days have been intertwined with them and we’ve simply gone along. Or we may be living a life that we don’t really like because we haven’t done anything to change it. Living well is a gift we all deserve but it requires action. Our lives belong to us and we may design them any way we like. We don’t have to simply go along as the days pass and accept whatever comes. We can actively make choices to get what we really want and find satisfaction and joy.

Every idea of perfection is different. What one person thinks is the perfect life, another doesn’t. We are all unique and can make our own choices. If we want lives filled with action and adventure, we can set a course that will bring it to us. If we prefer a simpler model in a small setting with those we know, we can design our lives that way. We can do anything but first we must determine exactly what we want. When we know that, we can proceed to make it happen and find real happiness and fulfillment living the way that fits us best. If we aren’t where we most want to be and if our lives are not the lives we desire, we can change them. We have the power to change anything. Every single day is a gift. We can live well and happily by choosing to honor each day as it comes and live it fully the way that fits us best.

Today if you feel your life isn’t where you want it to be begin making decisions that will change it. You can do anything you want to do. Be brave. There isn’t anything you can’t manage and you can have the life of your dreams. Move forward on the road you want most and you will find happiness. Your life belongs to you. Make it yours today.

Lost and Found

24 Dec

We have all kinds of experiences in our lives, good and bad, usual and odd, and sometimes even crazy things happen to us. We form all kinds of relationships with friends, co-workers, acquaintances, lovers, would-be lovers, and family. Sometimes if we are captivated we can be pulled from our normal choices into situations where we might begin to believe things that aren’t true. If we’re really drawn to someone and want them to be special in our lives, and they lie to us or manipulate us, we may not see it, and if we do, we might even overlook it. It’s possible to get so caught up we lose our way, and we may make allowances for things we wouldn’t have tolerated before. Getting lost and caught up can make us forget who we are, what we really want, and where we want to be. It can be a confusing time if the other person continues to tell us everything we want to hear, but their actions belie everything they say.

It’s not hard to get lost when we want something very much. We can be manipulated because we want things to go a certain way. We play along when we aren’t sure, and if we feel uncertainty, we may ignore it. Even when nothing makes sense we can be willing participants in the lie because we want so badly for it to be true. But lies are not truth and never will be. Even when convincing ourselves that things are okay, there may a niggling suspicion they are not. If we’re ready we’ll pay attention to the small whisper in the back of our minds, and try to see things more clearly and objectively. However, if we’re so entrenched and deeply involved, it’s hard to see or hear anything but what we’re living.

Making personal connections is important to us. We want to feel loved and cared for, and we want others in our lives. It’s healthy to want to share our lives with those around us, but it can be destructive to believe in false situations. We may lose who we are in the process. Getting lost happens, but we can find our way back when we’re ready. If we pay attention we will find the truth. We are very perceptive and even when we don’t want to see it, we can perceive when things aren’t right, when truth isn’t being told, and when we’re headed in the wrong direction. But seeing it and changing it are two different things. If we want real happiness in our lives, we must live truthfully. If we want a real connection with someone, it needs to be honest. If we’re in relationships that don’t offer complete truth and honesty, we will get hurt. Those types of relationships never succeed over time. How long we keep them in our lives is our choice. We are in control of our decisions and no matter where we are now, if we want to change our course, we can. We deserve happiness and we deserve the very best. And we have everything we need to make sure we get it.

Today if you realize you’ve been caught up in a situation that has taken you away from who you really are, and things aren’t making sense, begin to correct your course. You know who you are, and you know what you want. You deserve complete honesty and happiness in your life. Today remember what a gift you are to the world. You are worth more than you can imagine.

Take It Back

15 Aug

There are times when we may find ourselves in relationships where we’ve lost control over our lives. We didn’t set out to find a relationship that would control us, but one thing leads to another, and suddenly we realize we’ve lost something. We’ve allowed a situation to build on itself to the point that someone else is determining our decisions, and how we live. Often these relationships are painful, and we are hurt. Sometimes because the changes have been subtle and insidious, we don’t realize how hurt we’ve been. But we know we aren’t happy, and something needs to change.

It’s good to believe in others, and put our trust in them unless they show us they are not worthy of that trust. When we are kind and trusting, we can sometimes bend too far and allow someone else to gain too much control. Sometimes it starts by just going along with something we don’t agree with because we love the other person and we want them to be happy. That may change into arguments as we try to be heard, and if the arguments continue over time, we may grow weary, and decide to give in to keep the peace. When that happens, we trade our control for calm. We hand it over to prevent disagreements.

Unhappiness can sneak up on us. If it’s been a gradual decline, and we’ve been unsettled for a while, we may not realize how far we’ve gone. Then something happens that wakes us up. Perhaps a trusted friend reminds us of how happy we used to be. Perhaps we decide enough is enough. Even if we truly value the relationship that’s hurting us, even if we still believe in the promise that things will improve, we will, eventually, have to make a choice. We deserve to be happy. When we are ready, and decide we want more, we will take our lives back. It probably won’t be easy. It may hurt to turn the ship, but we can do it. We are strong, and once we remember who we are, and how strong we are, we will succeed.

Today if you’ve decided to stop hurting, and you are ready to be happy, take your life back. Take it back. You have everything you need to succeed. Don’t listen if someone says you can’t do this. You can. You deserve to be happy. Today turn the ship. You are stronger than you realize. You are worth more than you can imagine. The best of everything is waiting for you.

Your Best

19 Jun

Most of us try to do things well, to be kind, and live a good life. It isn’t always easy to make good choices but if we are wise, we try to make decisions fairly, and hope they are right. Choosing well brings us happiness. We know this but sometimes we may tire of trying, and decide it isn’t worth the effort. We may decide to let others choose, and just go along. We may take the easier road.

If we want to, we can live mediocre lives. We can give a little, take a little, help when it’s convenient, and serve when we must. We can skate by, and do just enough to look good. Mediocrity is easy. It takes very little effort to achieve. We can keep a low profile when help is needed so we won’t have to say no, and we won’t have to offer either. We can be average in our endeavors, and be nice enough to be accepted without having to excel. We can be lazy, and indifferent.

But mediocrity is selling out. When we don’t do our best, when we don’t try our hardest, we are just selling out. We will never know what we are capable of if we don’t push the envelope. We will never know what we could achieve. There is greatness in all of us – some realized, some dormant, but it’s there. We can’t know where our greatness lies if we don’t push ourselves to find it. We each have a gift to offer the world – something that is unique to us, that nobody else can give. If we recognize that, search for it, seek it out, and then offer it, the world will be magnified because of it. If we try, really try to be our best, and do our best, we will find it. And sharing it with others is the greatest we can offer.

Today if you’ve been keeping a low profile, doing just enough to get by, think again. There is something wonderful, and special about you. Find it. Uncover what it is, and determine to share it with others. You are here for a purpose. You have something to give. Find your best self. Open your eyes to it, open your heart to it, and offer it to the world. We all need each other. Give your best. The world will be brighter for it.