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25 Jul

We live in a world with billions of people, and although we’ll never meet even a small fraction of them, there are many others around us all the time. They come and go every day, and we build connections and relationships, some just in passing, and others that last our entire lifetimes. Everyone has their own perspective and ideas about how the world works and how things should go. We may agree, or disagree, and every exchange teaches us something new. Sometimes misunderstandings arise and we may have no idea what went wrong. There are always a lot of distractions on the surface, but if we want to know what’s really going on, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. If we want to find out what’s really happening, we’ll have to get to the very heart of the matter. That may mean looking at things we’re uncomfortable with and allowing ourselves to be see where we may have gone wrong. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. If we discover we’ve done something that’s caused pain or discomfort, we can look at the situation openly and do what is needed to amend it. In times of distress or misunderstanding, it will never serve us to ignore the issue and pretend it will go away on its own. Most problems won’t resolve without the input of those involved. They may get pushed back and ignored, but they will remain unsettled until we clearly look at them and do what is needed to address them. If we refuse to see them, we will carry them forward with us indefinitely and they may affect our future happiness and comfort. We deserve to live happily and unencumbered by problems. We can face any situation pulling on us and find the answers we need to resolve it and let it go. We have all the wisdom and intelligence we need to find every answer we desire. Our lives are important and we are valuable. We can live effectively and openly, and find every happiness.

Some people are very private and don’t like to share their feelings. They may not tell us if we’ve done something that’s offended them. Instead, they may pretend everything is fine but we may sense something is amiss. It can be hard to find answers when the person holding them isn’t comfortable sharing information with us. We can be patient and understanding, and extend the hand of friendship even in times of duress. Showing we care, despite any friction, will help us build trust and open the doors to better communication.

We have all kinds of relationships, and can always choose to build a bridge, or close a door. We don’t have to continue relationships that are painful, or destructive, and we can walk away if a situation isn’t working. If we aren’t comfortable, we can change direction and step away. We deserve happy, fulfilling lives, and we have everything we need to get them.

Today if you feel something amiss in a relationship and don’t know what to do, think about what’s happened and get to the heart of the matter. Reach for understanding, and then move forward with confidence. Nothing is too complicated for you to comprehend, and you will find all the answers you need.

Opting Out

13 Apr

There are all kinds of people in the world and limitless types of personalities. We interact with them every day and their influence in our lives varies. Most of the time we get along fine but there may be times when we struggle with someone else’s behavior or decisions. Perhaps they have trouble controlling their temperament, maybe there are honesty issues, or they are difficult for us to understand. If we must collaborate with them we may find the experience challenging and frustrating. Although there may be times when we absolutely must deal with a difficult person, generally we have the option of going another way. We don’t have to stay in any relationship we don’t want. Even if we’ve been dealing with the situation for years, unless we absolutely must keep them in our lives we may opt out and step away. Sometimes we get into a manipulative situation where the other person tries to control us or in some way exerts power over us. It doesn’t matter how much time we’ve been involved, it doesn’t matter how much the other person expects from us, and it doesn’t matter what others think. If we aren’t happy and want a change we may have it. We can do anything that is best for us regardless of other opinions. If we aren’t happy where we are, we may opt out and take another road.

It’s wonderful to have a long term successful relationship with someone else. We can share our lives together and over time develop a closeness that is very rewarding and fulfilling. But if we’re in a relationship that is hurting us or making us feel unworthy, no matter how long we’ve been involved we may change the situation. We can express our feelings and discuss what we need to be happy. If the other person is willing to work with us we may be able to stay in the relationship. However, if after we’ve said what we need they decide they don’t want to change anything we can do what is required to be happy.

It’s easy to get caught up and stay in difficult relationships because we’ve been in them so long they have become routine. Routines may be comforting even when we’re unhappy because we know what to expect. But our happiness is important and every single day we trade it away we lose a precious gift we could give to ourselves. There isn’t anything we can’t do when we’re ready. If we’re unhappy we can change. We deserve the lives we want most and we can give them to ourselves. We don’t have to stay stuck in difficult circumstances. We deserve every happiness and we may opt out and start again at any time.

Today if you’re in a situation where there is discord and you want more happiness in your life, evaluate the situation objectively. There are countless opportunities available for you. You are worth more than you can imagine and deserve to be completely happy. If what you’re doing isn’t working, make a change. You have all the courage and wisdom you need. The world is a better place because you’re here. Today do what is needed to find happiness. Nothing can stop you and you are worth it.

Dropped Calls

20 Feb

In this day of cell phone technology, many of us carry phones constantly and are always on call. Sometimes that’s helpful and other times it complicates our lives. Technology isn’t perfect and there are times when we get calls and while we’re talking the connection is lost. When the call is dropped, we can try to call back which often works, but if we can’t reach the other person we may be left with half a conversation and half the facts we need. If the issue at hand is important and there are time restrictions, we may be forced to move forward without all the information. Sometimes in our lives we’re faced with similar situations. We might be in a position where we have only part of the story or must move forward with half the facts. We can try to fill in the blanks or navigate around the missing pieces and if there is no way to get the information we need we may face complications. Sometimes we know what’s missing and other times we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s difficult to navigate any situation without all the facts and if that’s the case, finding our way may be difficult. There are always options available to us no matter where we are and we can take the time to review them and choose the best way forward.

Some people hold their cards close to their chests and don’t like to reveal any more information than they absolutely must. It may be because they are unsure of what they know, or they may feel their information is proprietary to them only, or they may hold some things back as a way of insuring their position. If we must rely on them for the information we need to move forward and they hold back, we may be stalled or even stopped in our tracks. We can’t make anyone tell us anything they don’t want to share. If we need something and can’t get it from others we will have to find another way. We could do our own personal research to find the answers we need or consider previous similar situations we’ve been in and succeeded. There are all kinds of possibilities in every scenario and we can find the answers.

Moving forward depends on a lot of factors. We have to decide where we want to go and how fast we want to get there. We must depend on the facts we can get that will help us navigate the road we’ve chosen, and find all the information we can to ensure we know where we’re headed and what it will take to get there. If we get a dropped call while getting directions and don’t know which way to turn we can rely on our intuition and all the experiences we’ve had before to help us discern the right way forward. Dropped calls happen and when they do we can still find our way. It’s great to have someone else lead us forward but if that isn’t possible we can find the way ourselves. We know what we want to do and have everything we need to be successful.

Today if you’ve been stuck because of a dropped call and aren’t sure which way to turn, remember all the times you’ve been successful finding your way in the past. Rely on the information you have and choose the best answers going forward. You are capable and wise and you will find your way. The road may be long but you have everything you need to succeed.

Hero Worship

8 Feb

Sometimes we meet people who seem larger than life.  They may be beautiful, talented, and successful and might appear to be close to perfect.  We may believe they are everything we want to be and more.  When we’re with them perhaps we can’t take our eyes off them, or hang onto their every word, and we may think they could never do wrong.  This sort of hero worship can happen to all of us.  While there are some people who have achieved great success, or done things we have only dreamed of, we must remember nothing comes without a cost and nobody is perfect.  Even the most successful among us have shortcomings and personal issues they must deal with.  Although their faults and weaknesses may not be readily apparent, they have them just like we do.  It’s good to admire those who have achieved great success, no matter what that success entails, but it’s important to remember they are just like us.  They may be further down the road than we are, and they may have opened more doors than we have but we are all on the journey together.  We can take from them the lessons that will help us going forward and we can be confident in continuing on our own course to the success waiting for us.

Everyone has personal struggles.  We all pay for our successes in one way or another and even those who seem to have it all have sacrificed something valuable along the way.  Nobody is truly perfect and even when others seem to have it all, there are things we can’t see.  We all have things amiss in our lives and problems we must solve.  Everyone has challenges they must overcome specific to their own circumstances.  We can learn from others’ experiences and they can learn from ours.  Everyone has a unique road to travel and the trials along the way are specific to the goals we are trying to accomplish.  Nobody gets a free ride or a free lunch.  We all have our challenges and issues, and it’s those who refuse to let them overcome the journey who succeed and reach their goals.

Although we may feel others are heroes, the real heroes in our lives are ourselves.  We are the only ones who truly know what we’ve been through, how hard the journey has been, all the detours we’ve had to navigate and the price we’ve paid.  Our determination to continue forward and reach for the next door is heroic and brave.  When we don’t quit and continue to persevere we are courageous.  We can honor the choices we’ve made to stay the course even when it gets hard, and take credit for staying in the game.  If we stay up all night with a sick child, endure a difficult boss, extend ourselves when we feel we have nothing left to give, or share when we don’t have enough, we are heroes.  Choosing to be the best we can be no matter what our circumstance, is the most incredible thing we can do.  And when we make that choice we are the real heroes.

Today if you’ve been admiring someone you think has it all, remember how wonderful you are.  You are the real hero in your life.  You are a blessing to the world and those around you. Remember that today and go forward with increased confidence doing well and changing the world for good.