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Dropped Calls

20 Feb

In this day of cell phone technology, many of us carry phones constantly and are always on call. Sometimes that’s helpful and other times it complicates our lives. Technology isn’t perfect and there are times when we get calls and while we’re talking the connection is lost. When the call is dropped, we can try to call back which often works, but if we can’t reach the other person we may be left with half a conversation and half the facts we need. If the issue at hand is important and there are time restrictions, we may be forced to move forward without all the information. Sometimes in our lives we’re faced with similar situations. We might be in a position where we have only part of the story or must move forward with half the facts. We can try to fill in the blanks or navigate around the missing pieces and if there is no way to get the information we need we may face complications. Sometimes we know what’s missing and other times we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s difficult to navigate any situation without all the facts and if that’s the case, finding our way may be difficult. There are always options available to us no matter where we are and we can take the time to review them and choose the best way forward.

Some people hold their cards close to their chests and don’t like to reveal any more information than they absolutely must. It may be because they are unsure of what they know, or they may feel their information is proprietary to them only, or they may hold some things back as a way of insuring their position. If we must rely on them for the information we need to move forward and they hold back, we may be stalled or even stopped in our tracks. We can’t make anyone tell us anything they don’t want to share. If we need something and can’t get it from others we will have to find another way. We could do our own personal research to find the answers we need or consider previous similar situations we’ve been in and succeeded. There are all kinds of possibilities in every scenario and we can find the answers.

Moving forward depends on a lot of factors. We have to decide where we want to go and how fast we want to get there. We must depend on the facts we can get that will help us navigate the road we’ve chosen, and find all the information we can to ensure we know where we’re headed and what it will take to get there. If we get a dropped call while getting directions and don’t know which way to turn we can rely on our intuition and all the experiences we’ve had before to help us discern the right way forward. Dropped calls happen and when they do we can still find our way. It’s great to have someone else lead us forward but if that isn’t possible we can find the way ourselves. We know what we want to do and have everything we need to be successful.

Today if you’ve been stuck because of a dropped call and aren’t sure which way to turn, remember all the times you’ve been successful finding your way in the past. Rely on the information you have and choose the best answers going forward. You are capable and wise and you will find your way. The road may be long but you have everything you need to succeed.

I Wish

13 Jan

We have so many decisions to make in our lives.  They come at us from all directions at all times and in all ways.  There are the simple ones we make without even thinking about them and then there are the ones that leave us tremulous and worried.  We all want to make good decisions, and mostly we do, but sometimes because we don’t have all the information, or someone has deceived us, or things change unexpectedly, the decisions we make end up badly.  When that happens we may have regrets and wish things had gone differently.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to know everything or what’s coming.  We have to choose from where we are and see things as they seem at that moment.  When we look back and regret a choice we made and wish things had gone differently, we must remember that we may not have known then what we know now.  It’s hard when things go south and we get hurt because of a choice we’ve made, but nothing is certain in this life and sometimes we don’t have all the facts available to us.  No matter what’s happened, we can only go forward from where we are.  Learning from the past will help us choose more wisely the next time, but the decisions that have been made will remain forever.

We all have some regrets.  It’s impossible to live our lives perfectly and make the absolute correct decision every single time.  Sometimes things will go wrong.  And sometimes it’ll be because of something we chose.  Nobody makes decisions that bring them pain and heartache on purpose.  We do the best we can where we are.  If we take the time to see the whole picture, and ponder the ramifications of our decisions we have a better chance of things going well.  When they go well, we often don’t even think twice and just proceed on with our lives.  But when there’s a sudden stop, when something we’ve decided causes problems, our attention is clearly focused on the situation.  We may question our decision, we may regret our choice, and we may obsess over what we think we should have done, but nothing can change what’s happened.  The best we can do is move forward and amend the situation the best we can.

If our decisions are highly influenced by those around us, we may be heavily impacted.  We may doubt our ability to make good decisions without their input and if we get bad advice, we may choose a path that doesn’t work.  But we don’t need to rely on others to make good choices.  We have everything we need inside ourselves to choose well.  We can look at any situation objectively, weigh our options and if we want advice we can ask for it, but in the end we can make the best decision ourselves.  Wishing and hoping for things to go well will not ensure a good outcome.  Only by taking the time we need to evaluate the situation and see all the possible outcomes can we make the best choices possible.  Then if things go wrong we will be confident that we did the best we could.  And that confidence will carry us through until the situation improves.

Today if you’re concerned about a decision you’ve made, if you have some regret over the choice involved, remember you made the decision with all the facts you had at the time.  If things don’t go as planned, you can adjust your focus and alter your plans going forward.  Setbacks teach us how to go forward.  Be confident.  You are capable of making excellent decisions and you can choose wisely.

Story Time

3 Nov

As we go through life and experience different things, we make lots of decisions. Sometimes when we’re in a situation that isn’t ideal it may be hard to face it as it really is. When that happens we may decide instead to spin the reality just a little so it’s easier to accept. The truth of our situation doesn’t change even if we try to make it more palatable, but sometimes we aren’t quite ready to face things as they are. We pad the way a little to make things seem better. For example, if someone is being mean to us, instead of standing up for ourselves, we may determine they are having a hard time, and let it go. If someone lies to us, we might tell ourselves we misunderstood them, and look the other way. Or if someone lets us down again and again, we may allow it because they are unsure. While we make these excuses, nothing really changes the reality of what is happening, and when we make up stories, we end up hurting ourselves. Truth has a way of always surfacing no matter how long we look the other way. It doesn’t go away because truth is what’s real. And we live in the real world.

It can be hard to face facts sometimes. If we really care for someone, and they continually hurt us, we can find limitless excuses for their behavior. We can let them keep hurting us for as long as we decide to. But looking the other way, and pretending the situation is better than it really is, will only prolong our discomfort. We don’t have to confront them, and it isn’t our responsibility to try to make them change. But we can decide to open our eyes and see things as they are. We can accept that everyone has the opportunity to make their own choices, and sometimes those choices won’t be the best they can do. And then we can plan our path going forward – clearly, openly, and understanding the situation as it really is.

Facing truth seems like a simple thing. We should all be truthful in everything we do, including what is going on around us. But when we care for someone and they do things we don’t understand, or things that hurt us, we may choose to ignore the truth and make up a story instead. It’s hard to believe that those we love would hurt us on purpose, so we convince ourselves it can’t be true, and we look the other way. If we want to be happy, truly and honestly happy, we need to face things as they are, even when they aren’t what we want. Only when we see things truthfully and allow ourselves to face the situation as it really is can we move forward with confidence. Truth always brings confidence. When we understand the truth, we have all the control we need to make the best decisions. Our best decisions take us where we most want to be. It takes courage to face truth, but we have all the courage we need to make that happen.

Today if you’ve been making up stories to cover what is really happening, allow yourself to accept things as they are. You already know the truth and there is no need to look the other way. You are strong enough to face everything as it is. You have everything you need to go forward with confidence. Clear your head, refine your focus, and do what is best and right for you. You are worth more than you can imagine, and you deserve the very best of everything.