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Not Losing

10 Mar

We all have goals we want to accomplish and dreams we want to make ours. We can do anything we like and with determination can reach any destination we desire. Anything worth achieving is worth working for, but it won’t all come easily. If we really want to succeed, we must be willing to face whatever complications get in the way and figure out how to overcome them. If we are very focused and clear on what we want, when problems or issues arise, we will do what is needed to fix them and stay on track. Continuing forward despite difficult challenges takes patience and determination to succeed. If the road has been long and hard, and we’re tired of the struggle, we may decide we don’t really need to win anymore. Just not losing will be enough. There is a lot of difference between thinking about winning and thinking about not losing. If all we want to do is survive, basically get a “C” in the class, we can take shortcuts and ignore details that are hard to figure out. We can all manage to get through anything but simply getting through and achieving excellence are entirely different scenarios. Our time is valuable and once it’s gone can never be recovered. Wasting it on trying to achieve mediocrity will not enhance us or bring great satisfaction. Just doing the minimum to get to the next step will bring little gratification. There is greatness inside us all, and we have the potential to accomplish amazing things. But potential is unrealized expectations. Just because we’re capable of doing something incredible, doesn’t mean the road to achieving it will be easy, clear, and paved. If we want to become the best we can be, and make our dreams reality, we must be willing to stay the course no matter what comes. Instead of merely wanting not to lose, we must want to win. With focus, clarity, and conviction, we can find great success. We can do anything and go anywhere. The whole world is there for us, and every dream is possible.

Before we step forward in any direction, we must first decide what we want. It’s very hard to push forward toward a destination we don’t really care about. If we aren’t invested in achieving the goal, the first obstacle may knock us down. We know who we are, what we want, and where we want to go. We can decide how we want to proceed, and then do what is needed to reach any goal and make it ours.

It’s easy to coast through life. We can sit back and just let things roll out as they will, and maybe we’ll go somewhere we want, or maybe not. Sitting in the back seat and just riding along is fine if all we want is to take in the scenery. But there are dreams and destinations waiting for us, and by taking control and driving our own train, we can achieve them all. Our lives are ours to design, and with clarity and focus, we can have the lives we desire most.

Today think about what you really want. Once you decide, make a plan, and take the first step forward. You are amazing and powerful and can accomplish anything you desire. Everything is possible, and you already have everything you need to succeed. Be confident. Every dream is possible, and you will win.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

25 Sep

Life is filled with different experiences, locations, and people, and nothing is the same two days in a row. Sometimes things roll out easily and everything goes forward without a hitch. Other times, there are snags, delays, detours or complete stops as we try to push ahead. It’s helpful when things match up or complement each other in ways that bring quick and easy resolution. Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly. When that happens the road ahead is easy to travel. But life is fickle, and just when we think everything will run smoothly, something happens that brings a wrinkle to the plan and slows us down. It would be great if we could just make a plan, execute it and get to the goal without complications, but things are ever changing and nothing is predictable. When our progress is stalled and we’re facing an uphill challenge to get moving again, we may feel frustrated and confused. We may even decide the goal isn’t worth the hassle and let it go. Of course, we can do anything, and if we don’t want to push through trouble to continue on, we can turn away and move on to something else. But a life filled with unfulfilled dreams and incomplete journeys will never bring us satisfaction or happiness. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong or how the road turns. If we’re determined to achieve the goal, we can adjust our trajectory and start again. It may take longer than we planned on and may be more complicated than we imagined at the beginning, but we are strong and smart, and can do anything we want to do. All our dreams are possible, and nothing can keep us from success.

We can’t see beyond a turn in the road. We don’t know what lies ahead or who will enter the picture and change the scenery. Everything is up for grabs and there are countless complications and developments that might happen. If we’re determined to keep things the same and refuse to bend when things change, our chances of success will diminish. Roads can turn, our journey may be diverted, and we may find ourselves reversing course through no cause of our own. It’s not possible to move forward if the road we’re on is now headed in the opposite direction. We can’t prevent what may come but we can alter our plans to allow us to continue moving ahead and ensure we reach our goal.

It’s good to be confident in our decisions. We can make excellent plans and move toward any destination we desire. Sometimes everything will go exactly as we expected, but those times are rare. Usually something will go wrong or change, and we’ll have to regroup and make some modifications. We are intelligent and capable, and nothing can keep us from moving forward. Every goal is within reach and with patience and flexibility, we can go anywhere and do anything we choose.

Today if you’ve hit a big roadblock and can’t move ahead, look at all the possibilities before you. You are wise and intelligent, and nothing can hold you in place. Make a new plan and step forward with confidence. Every goal is there for you and nothing can keep you from success. Step forward and claim the destinations you seek. You are amazing and capable, and can achieve anything you desire.

More Than One Way

11 Sep

There are a lot of different ways to look at things.  Some people see a situation one way, others may see it completely differently.  It doesn’t mean either interpretation is wrong, but everything we see and do is colored by our perspectives and our experiences.  When we are looking for solutions to problems there are some who feel there is only one right way to solve it.  It’s hard to convince them there isn’t a paved road to their particular solution, and it can cause some conflict.  But of course, there is rarely only one solution to any problem we face.  More often there are several scenarios that will address the issue and each has its merit.  It’s important to remember that, especially during times when we feel strongly that we have the answer.

No matter where we want to go, there is more than one route and more than one mode of transportation to get us there.  We could drive, we could fly, we could walk or we could ride.  There are main highways, direct routes, back roads, detours, and endless differences in how we get to the destination.  But eventually they will all take us where we want to go.  The scenery may differ, it may take various amounts of time to travel, and our experiences while we’re in transit will be different.  But eventually we will arrive at the destination no matter how we choose to get there, or what route we take.  We understand this when we think about actually going places, but understanding it when we’re solving problems is a little different.

We all feel strongly about certain things.  Some of us take a wide view of things and are laid back with details.  Others of us are precise and prefer things to be planned exactly and predictably.  Neither method is right or wrong.  It’s just a difference in style.  When we have a problem we need to solve and others are involved, if we are strongly convinced that our method is the one true answer, it will be difficult for us to hear other ideas.  But other ideas have value, and there is much to be learned by hearing them, and understanding them.  The best solutions are found when several ideas are considered.  If we focus just on our solution and don’t hear anything else, we miss the opportunity to possibly discover something better.  We all want the best solutions, and hearing other perspectives often leads us to them.

Today if you’re working on a solution to a problem and you are sure you have the best answer, take a minute to explore other possibilities.  Listen to the other ideas presented and be open to seeing how they could work.  Look around and evaluate all the possibilities.  You have great ideas, but so do others.  Be open to them.  You want the very best solution, and that often comes from several sources.  Be creative, and embrace the possibilities.  You might discover that the perfect solution is something different than you first imagined.