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Square One

30 Jul

We can do anything we want in our lives. We can set goals and achieve them, go to any destination we desire, and create the lives we want the most. We always know what we want, but sometimes we may sabotage ourselves and do things that keep us from success. There are all kinds of reasons for this – we may not really believe we can win, we may not be convinced it’s what we want, or we may let others or situations influence us and hold us in place. We may go around and around in circles, saying, and even believing we want something, but doing things that prevent it from happening, and ending up at square one. Change won’t just happen because we want it, and our dreams won’t come true simply because we feel we deserve them. We can have the lives we want but we have to do what is necessary to create them. Nobody can change overnight and we don’t have to do everything all at once. We can make small adjustments that move us closer to the goal and incorporate them into our lives in ways that work for us. We can have the lives we dream about by choosing steps each day that open the doors to realizing them. It doesn’t matter how many false starts we’ve had, and we don’t have to change everything immediately. We can concentrate today on doing what is needed to push us ahead. Then tomorrow, we can do it again. Each day we can focus on doing our best and in time we’ll reach the goal. Nothing is impossible. We are never locked in place and can change anything we desire at any time. Every dream is reachable and with persistence, determination and focus, we can do anything.

Nobody will ever make our dreams come true for us. There is no magic genie, no secret combination, or hidden mystery that will unlock the way forward. We already possess all the keys needed to open all the doors ahead. We can be confident that no matter what stands in front of us, we will find our way around it. There is no situation too complex or difficult for us to manage, and manage well. All the answers are there for us, and when we’re ready, we’ll find them.

Nobody gets a perfect life with only paved roads and no problems. Life is filled with complications, unexpected details, snags, and obstacles. But for every issue we encounter, there will be a solution. There will always be an open road ahead and no matter how convoluted things get, or how many times we falter, we can find it. We are more powerful and capable than we realize, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can keep us from success. Every dream and every desire are possible. We have everything we need to reach every single goal.

Today if there’s something you want that you haven’t yet accomplished, remember how strong and capable you are. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to start again. You can do anything you desire, and every blessing is possible. Decide what you want, and then begin toward the goal. You really can have the life you dream about. Be confident. Take another step. Nothing is out of reach and you will prevail.

Overnight Sensation

21 Nov

Overnight Sensation

“Picture an egg. Day after day, it sits there. No one pays attention to it. No one notices it. Certainly no one takes a picture of it or puts it on the cover of a celebrity-focused business magazine. Then one day, the shell cracks and out jumps a chicken.” Good to Great, Jim Collins

When we see famous people who suddenly arrive on the scene they may seem like overnight sensations. One day we never heard of them and the next they’re on the cover of every popular magazine. It’s easy to think of them zooming to the top rung of the ladder all at once but that probably isn’t the truth. Often “overnight sensations” have spent many years pushing forward and working hard to get where they are. Nobody saw them when they were working three jobs to get ahead, or paying their dues for years on end trying to move forward. It’s like an egg. Nobody really pays much attention to them until the day they start to crack and a baby chick presses its way out. Then the egg gets our attention. It seems like a momentous event but in actuality the chicken has been working hard all along. It grows and develops and moves forward each moment until the day comes to break free. Although we may see the hatching as a big deal, it’s just the next step in the process for the chicken. The same is true for success in our lives. It doesn’t usually come overnight and without effort. We must plan and work and prepare for it and once we’ve done what is needed to make it happen, it arrives.

We all have dreams of things we want to accomplish. Some of them are easily attainable and we make plans and get them done. Others are loftier and take more work and time. If we are determined to accomplish a big goal, we must do what is needed to achieve it. We can push through day by day, overcome whatever obstacles stand in our way, and continue forward until we reach success. Once we achieve success it may look to others like it happened overnight. But that isn’t the truth. Nobody will know everything we had to do to get there, or see all the sacrifices we had to make or the problems we had to solve, and there is no way for others to understand all the difficulties we had to face. All they really see is our success.

There are few instances of true overnight successes. While it’s possible that something great could happen to us without any effort that won’t generally happen. We are like the egg working behind the scenes doing what is required to succeed. We have everything we need to accomplish almost anything we desire. It may not happen overnight, but if we work at it and do what we must to move forward, we will achieve success. We can fulfill our dreams step by step and day by day. There really isn’t anything we can’t do and we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been working hard and still haven’t reached your goal, keep moving forward. It may not happen overnight but you have everything you need to win. You will achieve your goal. Success is just around the next turn and you will reach it. Take another step forward. You’re almost there.

Looking Up

19 Sep

We go through trying times in life and sometimes when they stack one on the other, or the trial is extreme we can feel overwhelmed, and down and out. We may be so discouraged we can’t see the end of the trouble and become completely disheartened. At times like these we can feel like we’ve hit bottom. There is no hope left, and we feel used up and done. We’re sure we’ll fail, but then something happens unexpectedly that gives us a bounce. Something actually goes right and we are buoyed up once again. We begin to believe things may improve. We begin to look up. We start to see the end of the tunnel and the light beaming in. The skies clear, and we realize all is not lost after all.

Nothing is permanent in life. Everything changes continually. The only real guarantee we have is that whatever we’re going through now will change. But when we’re daunted and feel hopeless, we may forget that. It can seem like the trouble will never end, and if we believe that, it’s hard to go on. But nothing we face will last forever. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how hard it is to face, it’s going to change. Eventually we will solve the problem or it will work itself out. If we can keep that in our minds when we feel down and out, it will help restore our hope and give us the courage to go forward.

When we’re struggling and something good happens it can be hard to trust it. We may be suspicious that it’s not really a blessing but rather a fluke that fools us. But along with trouble, we all experience blessings as well. When they come, we should embrace them and bask in all the joy they bring. Life can bring us down but it can also lift us up. When the up times come, when things go well, when we see the sunshine we should take in as much as we can. The good experiences give us resilience for the times when the bottom falls out. If we focus on the lift we’ll be stronger in times of trial knowing we have the reserves to carry us through.

Today if you feel hopeless, if you’re discouraged and can’t see how to move forward, try to remember the other times you’ve overcome difficult obstacles. Remember the moments when you’ve succeeded and relive the experience again. You will gain strength and courage as you go through this trial. You have everything you need to get through it. You will prevail. You have come so far. Hold on. There is sunshine just around the next bend.