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Red Rover

27 Jul

There is a children’s game Red Rover where there are two teams of players lined up opposite each other holding hands and forming a line.  One side calls a player from the other team over to their side.  That person runs over to the other side and tries to break through the line.  If they succeed they take one person from that side back to join their team.  If they fail they must stay and join ranks with the other team.  It’s a fun game and the winner is the team that gets all the players on their side.  In our lives we might feel we’re playing Red Rover when we try to convince others of an idea or plan.  We present our idea and hope others will join us and sometimes they do.  But sometimes they counter with a revised plan and we end up joining them on their side instead.  When things go our way and others join us we feel confident and happy we prevailed.  But if our idea was important to us and we have to go another way it can be hard to let it go and join the other side.  Life is all about give and take, and sometimes we have to give when we’d prefer not to.  Compromise isn’t always easy especially when the compromise means we have to give up what we want.  If our ideas aren’t embraced the first time we present them, we can return to them again later.  If we must change our plans and go a different way for now we can wait.

Learning to wait for what we want can be a struggle.  If we’re sure what we desire is good and don’t see any reason we can’t have it we may be frustrated if it isn’t forthcoming.  But sometimes we have to wait even if what we want is beneficial.  There are a lot of factors influencing our lives – the decisions and desires of others, the current situation, timing, future plans, and present stressors may all come into play.  When we have a great idea and feel certain it will bring a desired result, we want to make it happen.  If that doesn’t work out the first time we try, we can back up and set it aside for now.  Things change every day.  We can try again later when the situation is different and we may find immediate success.

When we’re waiting for something we want if we focus on other things the wait will be easier.  If we obsess over the original idea, and worry about when we’ll make it happen we may lose focus of what we’re doing now.  We are living right now.  If we’re involved in what we’re doing at the moment and where we’re headed we will feel fulfilled.  Constantly thinking about a situation that isn’t where we are will only bring frustration.  We can plan for the future and how we want things to go, but if we must wait we can live effectively in the meantime.  When our lives change and the opportunity arises for us to try our plans again we will.  Until then, we can live fully where we are and learn as much as possible going forward.

Today if you’ve been thinking about something you really want to do but it’s not possible right now, move forward.  You can set it aside for now and live well.  Later when things are different revisit your plans and try again.  You have everything you need to accomplish anything you like.  Be patient.  Everything will come to you in time.

Hiding Places

29 Feb

Life is full of challenges. We face some sort of challenge every day and sometimes they are difficult for us to manage. If they seem too hard we might decide that instead of facing them we’ll hide. There are limitless places to hide if we want to. If we have a relationship issue we don’t want to face, we can hide by working long hours so we’re unavailable to talk about it. If we don’t want to see someone, we may hide by creating unexpected complications that prevent us from meeting them.  We can hide in limitless ways when we don’t want to face something. But if we want to be the best we can be we have to be willing to face whatever comes to us. We are capable of managing anything we encounter but we may forget that if we’re threatened or afraid of the outcome.  But hiding never works. All it does is delay the inevitable, and trying to hide indefinitely is exhausting. The best we can do when things get difficult is determine to face them head on, no matter what comes. We’ll have to confront our problems at some point. It’s best to do it when they first appear because aren’t going away until we solve them. We are wise enough, brave enough, and smart enough to face whatever the issue is, and find an acceptable resolution.

Truth is truth and no matter what we do, it will always surface. Looking the other way or pretending it doesn’t exist changes nothing. Hiding from the truth only prevents us from moving forward. If we aren’t moving forward, we’re either standing still or going backward – neither of which will take us to our goals. When things go wrong, or we’re facing developments that are difficult, the only way to get through them is to face them squarely, figure them out, resolve them, and move on. It may be painful, but we are capable of managing pain. It might be complicated, but we’re smart enough to figure anything out, and it might take some time, but as we process the problem we’re moving forward through it. We can handle whatever it takes.

Nothing stays the same in life. Whatever we’re going through today will be different tomorrow. We can’t control the things that come to us but if we proactively face our problems and find workable solutions to them, we can move through them. Once we’ve solved them, we can let them go, and move forward. If we hide and obsess over them instead of facing them, we force ourselves to carry them longer than we must. Carrying problems around instead of solving them gets us nowhere, and can have a negative impact on our ability to be happy. We all deserve to be happy. By courageously facing our problems, and determining the wisest path going forward, we can solve them, and find our peace again. Happiness is a gift we give to ourselves. Refusing to hide even when things get hard allows us to return to happiness as quickly as possible.

Today if you’ve been hiding from something that has been difficult for you, do what you must to take the first step in solving the issue. There isn’t anything you can’t manage. You are strong enough and smart enough to face anything. Face the problem and solve it. Your happiness will return and you’ll feel more confident going forward. You can do anything. Today do your best to move forward.