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21 Feb

The world is a huge place and there are billions of people living in it and going about their lives making choices for good or bad. As we hear about the many places far away, we may feel very small and wonder if we have any influence at all on the world around us. It can be hard to feel we matter when we consider the big picture. While it’s true the world is huge and countless things are happening all the time, it’s also true that our lives, no matter how small we believe they are, matter. We have an impact on those around us and as we make decisions we influence the world. We may not cause a tidal wave of change, but even small stones tossed into a pond create ripples that change the surface. Every person we interact with is changed in some way because we are here and every situation we engage in is modified because of our choices. There is no way to be invisible as we go through our lives. Every single person is important. We all have gifts to offer and each gift changes the world in some way. Believing we are insignificant is an illusion. We all count and matter in ways we may not comprehend. There is a reason we are here. Remembering our importance and how valuable we are will increase our confidence and help us understand our place in life. Our presence is important and everything we do changes something in some way.

If we live in a big city with millions of people it may be more difficult to see how special we are. When there are many voices it may be hard to believe ours can be heard. But every voice is important and even whispers will be heard by those listening. Someone will always hear us no matter where we are. It’s impossible to be here and not have an impact on those around us. Everything we do changes something else. Everything we say opens new ideas. We are integral to the evolution of the world around us. Understanding that influence and using it wisely will bring us great satisfaction and happiness.

Sometimes we may feel we don’t count, that nobody sees us, and that no matter what we do we’ll never change anything. We may think our contribution is so small it will go unnoticed and that our presence means little. But it isn’t possible to live a life with complete autonomy separate from those around us. We weave in and out of other lives and everything we do changes something. We can make our impact positive and loving, and we can choose the highest path going forward. If we do our best, we can change the world for good. Every choice we make will have an effect. We can decide to make the best choices to bring about positive change and leave the world better than it was before we came.

Today if you feel your life is small and insignificant, remember everything you do will affect those around you. You have the power to change the world. You can be the stone in the pond that causes ripples of goodness to flow forward. Choose well, be your best, and never underestimate the power you have to impact the world around you. You have so much to offer and we’re all better because you’re here.


6 Feb

Everything we do has an affect on something. Every decision we make takes us somewhere and every choice has a result. If we’re paying attention we can see where we’re going and if we stay on a certain road, where we’ll end up. But that attention can be distracted if we’re involved with someone we really like, or the road is very beautiful, or the promised destination is something we truly want. Distraction can make us oblivious to certain clues and cues, and we might find we end up somewhere that isn’t anything like the destination we thought we were traveling to. They say hindsight is 20-20 and that’s true, but it’s only true because we can’t possibly know what we don’t know. In the end it’s easy to see all the missed steps because we have more information. However, if we’re alert and allow ourselves to see things as they really are as we travel forward, we’ll be able to make better choices. People who want us to do things their way, or go where they think we should go may convince us by making things seem different than they really are. It may not be malicious, and they may think they know what’s best for us. But we know better than anyone where we should be, and if we look carefully, we’ll find our way there.

Every choice we make will bring us a result, either good or bad. Sometimes they are the results we’re seeking, and sometimes we have to try again. There are a lot of roads we can take, and some are very attractive. If we aren’t careful we may follow them without looking at where they will ultimately lead. For instance, if we meet someone we feel very attracted to we may plunge ahead without a second thought. They may seem to be everything we’ve been looking for, but as time passes we notice they don’t always follow through on what they say, and although they seem very sincere, they continually break their promises. If we get caught up in their charisma, and the charming promise of who they say they are, we may miss these important cues for a time. But in the end, truth always surfaces and if they are dishonest and insincere, eventually we’ll see it. If we’re very invested in the relationship when the truth comes out, it will be painful to redirect our course. It’s much easier to be willing to see everything openly at the beginning and make a positive decision starting out, than it is to fix a situation after problems are evident.

B always follows A. If we look at situations with a broad view and see where they’re headed, and allow ourselves to be objective instead of getting caught up in the image of what might be, we will better direct our course. We’ve all been swept away, and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we thought it would. When someone wants something from us – our time, our effort, our affection, our love – they may paint the palette with the exact colors we need to see to follow along. We can be entranced, enchanted, and mesmerized, and if we are, we won’t see the situation objectively. But we can remember that B always follows A. One thing always leads to another, and if we pay attention we can see where we’re headed. We have the power to objectively and wisely make any decision, even one that is framed in illusion and promise. We can step back, clear away any curtains of influence, and see the whole situation objectively. Being proactive at the beginning will help us to go forward confidently and wisely.

Today if the road you’ve been on isn’t going where you thought it would, you can change your course. You are capable of making excellent decisions and if you need to change something, you can. Nobody’s life follows a perfectly straight line. Every detour teaches us something. You know where you want to go. Do what you need to get there. You’re in control. You can change direction and you will be successful.

The Simple Life

23 May

There is a lot to be said for a simple life. A life lived without complications, without drama, without intrigue – a simple, straightforward existence. Of course, we can only control some of the complications, drama, and intrigue that come into our lives. We live in a world with other people – friends, family, acquaintances, clients – and they all come in and out of our lives on a regular basis. There are all kinds of people, all over the place. They complicate and compliment our lives. And their choices can affect our lives.

Since we can’t control what anyone else does, and we can’t always control circumstances, it’s in our best interest to control what we can. We have a choice each day as to how we will navigate what comes to us. We can face our challenges with a calm demeanor, or we can over react, get intense, and have a more difficult time. It isn’t always easy to be calm, it isn’t always easy to control our emotions, but if we work at it, we can find a place where we feel more comfortable in times of stress.

I have a friend who loves drama. Everything that happens to her is a big deal. Every disappointment is the end of the world. Every situation she gets involved in is filled with drama. She seems to need the stress, and conflict in her life. If she gets involved in a situation where there isn’t any intensity, she creates it. She feeds on the struggle, the intrigue of guessing, and the anxiety of potential disaster. She is rarely even tempered, rarely truthful about what is really going on, and makes up stories to spice up every situation. It’s exhausting to be near her. It’s challenging to work with her. And it’s nearly impossible to trust her.

It’s much more advisable to see, and accept things as they really are. Not hiding when it’s difficult, not pretending the situation is different, not making up stories about what is real – just facing reality as it exists. This is always the best course. It sounds simple, but sometimes our reality is not what where we want to be. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that it’s different than it really is. But if we want to live an honest, noble life, we have to live it cleanly. Without illusion, without drama, and without exaggeration. We have to live it as it really is.

Today, if you feel the need to pad a situation to make it more palatable, or to cover up what is really happening, think again. No matter what the issue is, facing it openly, scars and all, is the best option. Making up false pretense complicates our lives, and makes it more difficult in the end. What is real is all we need to face. Face that. Keep your eyes wide open. Facing true reality brings us confidence. And with confidence there is no need to dress anything up. It is what it is. And that’s just fine. You can manage that.