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21 Feb

The world is a huge place and there are billions of people living in it and going about their lives making choices for good or bad. As we hear about the many places far away, we may feel very small and wonder if we have any influence at all on the world around us. It can be hard to feel we matter when we consider the big picture. While it’s true the world is huge and countless things are happening all the time, it’s also true that our lives, no matter how small we believe they are, matter. We have an impact on those around us and as we make decisions we influence the world. We may not cause a tidal wave of change, but even small stones tossed into a pond create ripples that change the surface. Every person we interact with is changed in some way because we are here and every situation we engage in is modified because of our choices. There is no way to be invisible as we go through our lives. Every single person is important. We all have gifts to offer and each gift changes the world in some way. Believing we are insignificant is an illusion. We all count and matter in ways we may not comprehend. There is a reason we are here. Remembering our importance and how valuable we are will increase our confidence and help us understand our place in life. Our presence is important and everything we do changes something in some way.

If we live in a big city with millions of people it may be more difficult to see how special we are. When there are many voices it may be hard to believe ours can be heard. But every voice is important and even whispers will be heard by those listening. Someone will always hear us no matter where we are. It’s impossible to be here and not have an impact on those around us. Everything we do changes something else. Everything we say opens new ideas. We are integral to the evolution of the world around us. Understanding that influence and using it wisely will bring us great satisfaction and happiness.

Sometimes we may feel we don’t count, that nobody sees us, and that no matter what we do we’ll never change anything. We may think our contribution is so small it will go unnoticed and that our presence means little. But it isn’t possible to live a life with complete autonomy separate from those around us. We weave in and out of other lives and everything we do changes something. We can make our impact positive and loving, and we can choose the highest path going forward. If we do our best, we can change the world for good. Every choice we make will have an effect. We can decide to make the best choices to bring about positive change and leave the world better than it was before we came.

Today if you feel your life is small and insignificant, remember everything you do will affect those around you. You have the power to change the world. You can be the stone in the pond that causes ripples of goodness to flow forward. Choose well, be your best, and never underestimate the power you have to impact the world around you. You have so much to offer and we’re all better because you’re here.

The Two Step

21 Jun

Few things in life go as planned when we start out. Rarely do we go from one point to another in a perfectly straight line with no deviations. Even if we know exactly where we want to go and are confident we know how to get there, obstacles will often arise that impede our path. It’s like doing the two step. We go forward for a while and then have to step to the side. Or we have to step back for a time and wait. It can be frustrating as we deal with whatever detour or complication has presented itself and when we finally get things worked out again we’re eager to get back on track. It seems so easy when we’re making our plans. We just need to go forward and get to the goal. But life is complex and there are a lot of things happening all the time. While we’re making plans, so is everyone else. And there are many things outside our control. It’s true that we can accomplish almost anything we set out to do. But it’s also true that straight lines in this life rarely exist. That doesn’t mean we can’t get where we want to go but it does mean we may have to adjust again and again along the way.

When we’re impatient to achieve something and eager to move ahead, complications in our way are frustrating. In our desire to move forward we may simply shove our way through problems and try to keep going. However, rushing through any development often leads to further difficulties if we’ve neglected to resolve the issue before moving on. It’s hard to slow down and process every problem to find the best solution when we’re eager to move past it, but brushing them off with a cursory glance won’t allow us to resolve them and they may pop up again. If we stop and look at each development clearly, and take the time to completely resolve it we have a better chance of leaving it behind for good. Loose ends have a way of tangling our progress. If we tie them up and close them off, we can let them go and move on.

When we’re making plans to achieve anything it’s important to look at everything that may prevent us from success. Sometimes because we’re in a hurry or determined to get to the goal we may miss some important cues to watch out for. It’s rare that any plans we make won’t involve others in some way. It’s important to plan for how that involvement will work and how to navigate any complications it may cause. Just like taking a road trip we have to make sure the tires are in good shape, we have plenty of gas, our GPS is set or we have a map to get us through any detours, and we know exactly where we’re going to end up. There are always many things to consider when we choose a destination and there will always be unexpected surprises. Planning for them and expecting them will help us get to our goal. Straight lines are nice but learning to bend with the curves can be critical. We can do the two step and do it well. We can bend and turn and weave and dance, and still get to the goal.

Today if you’re trying to move forward but there is something blocking your way, stop and resolve it completely. Take the time to make sure all the loose ends are taken care of and then continue on. There isn’t anything you can’t manage. You know where you want to go and you have everything you need to get there.