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Half the Equation

26 Apr

We live in the world with billions of other people. Of course, we won’t ever meet them all but we’ll generally have many people coming and going out of our lives all the time. As we work with them or affiliate with them in any way, they may ask us to do things for them. Most people want to be helpful and will often do as they are asked. It’s fine if we get all the information we need and can accomplish what they’ve requested but sometimes we may be in position where we don’t have everything necessary to effectively do what we’ve agreed to. Maybe we didn’t receive all the facts to answer any questions that come up, or the situation changes while we’re in the middle of it and nobody informs us. We don’t know what we don’t know and if we aren’t told about key changes, we can’t possibly choose the best way forward. It’s very uncomfortable to try to manage something over which we have no control and it only gets worse if we can’t reach those who can shed light on the issue. If we can’t let go of the responsibility or return it to those in charge, we may be stuck holding the bag. If we can’t get out from under it, we’ll have to manage things the best we can. We can stand firm, and explain the situation to those who are negatively affected by it until we can address the issue and correct it. We are capable and can be confident that no matter what happens we will choose the best options possible. Problems arise, and complications are a continual issue. We can manage everything with confidence and grace, and find our way through.

Some people rush through their lives, always in a hurry, and moving on to the next thing. It’s hard to get all the information and facts correct if we rush over them and don’t take the time needed to make sure we understand all the facts. If we have to guess, we might get it right sometimes, but often we may miss out on important facets that will help us through. We are always in control of our lives and if a situation isn’t clear, we can ask for more information until we understand exactly what is needed.

Some issues are complicated and complex. In order to resolve them, we must get as many facts as possible so we have a clear picture of what’s going on. Getting half the information we need will never help us succeed. If we can’t get the answers necessary, we may feel frustrated and miserable trying to plow through. It’s a waste of time to try to solve anything without all the facts. We can set the problem aside and wait until we have more information and then start again and resolve it. We are intelligent and capable, and we know what we need to succeed.

Today if you been tasked with resolving an issue but you don’t have all the information you need or the tools necessary to complete it, step back and look at all the possibilities before you. If you cannot solve the problem at this time, set it aside until you get what you need to be successful. Waiting for clarity doesn’t mean giving up. When you get everything necessary to resolve the issue you can move forward. You know how to be successful and nothing is too confusing or difficult for you to manage. Every success is possible and you will prevail.

What do you see?

17 Jun

People who witness crimes, and are interviewed by police often have very different stories about what happened. Their descriptions of the perpetrator tend to vary widely – some say he had brown hair, some say he was wearing a hat, some say he was tall, and others say he was average height. There is always a lot of discrepancy between those seeing the same event. The event only went one way. Why are there so many different stories? We all have our own slant on things, our own spectrum through which we see things. Perhaps the angle is slightly different, or the light is a little brighter in different places. Sometimes we think we see things that aren’t even there. There is a lot going on in our heads, and during times of excitement, that can alter what we perceive.

I read a funny article about some ridiculous answers students gave for test questions. One really caught my eye. The question was posed as a statement, “Define hard water.” The student’s answer was “ice.” I laughed because although this was not the answer the teacher was looking for, it was accurate. Ice is, in essence, hard water. The student’s understanding of what was being asked was skewed by their perception of the question. Our lives are that way. We understand things depending on where we are, and what we’re doing.

Sometimes we misunderstand messages that others give us because our perception isn’t in the same place as theirs. A simple gesture can be misconstrued to be something entirely different than it was intended to mean. A word can be said and taken out of context, and misunderstandings happen. We are complicated beings. Our lives are busy, and our minds are actively processing a lot of information all the time. It’s easy to miss a cue, and misinterpret something. It’s important to recognize that, and get the clarification we need before we make judgments.

Today if you think someone has said or done something that has offended you, clarify the situation before you accept it. You may have misunderstood. Ask questions, and find out if what you think happened is accurate. Sometimes the sun is in our eyes, or there is something blocking our view. Clarification will correct the situation. Don’t make assumptions. Get answers. Understanding what is really happening is important. Understanding is the key. Use that key to unlock the truth.

Looking for the light.

8 Apr

So many times when heavy decisions are looming, we find ourselves searching, trying to find answers, trying to find direction. We are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, the right way to go, the directions to get to the happy ending. It can be very difficult when others are involved, especially if the decision we make will affect them. We try to figure it out on our own, sometimes we ask others, we weigh the options and the consequences, we calculate the loss or gain, we stumble around, and eventually, for better or worse, we make a decision. Sometimes we actually get it right. Sometimes not. It isn’t easy. After all, there are a lot of things to consider. There are a lot of paths from which to choose. We can’t read the future so we do the best we can.

Maybe you’re struggling with a big decision. Maybe you’ve been struggling with it for some time, for months, maybe even years. Do you go this way or that way? What if you did this? What would happen? What if you did that? What would happen? Which way is right? It can be hard to figure out, and you may be frustrated that you haven’t found the answer. In some instances, either way you go, someone will get hurt, and that just makes the decision harder. The indecision hurts, and you want to let it go. You want to move forward and put this behind you but you feel stuck.

Take some time to stop weighing everything and worrying about outcomes, and just sit for a moment and let your mind rest. Let yourself take a break from the analysis, take some time away to just feel and not think. Pay attention to what you’re feeling. Are you unhappy, are you frustrated, are you unsettled, are you confused, what are you really feeling? Take a little while to just let it go, stop intellectualizing, and just breathe. Just stop for a while. If you give yourself a space, a time when you don’t really have to think about it, you may find the answers will begin to come. You may begin to see some light. You may find the direction you’ve been seeking, and start to see what you need to do.

Looking for the light when we’re struggling in the dark can be daunting. Sometimes we see glimmers that look like the answer, but then they fade. Sometimes we feel sure we’re on the right track, and then it turns and doesn’t fit. Sometimes we just need to stop and let the light find us. Life isn’t easy. It isn’t always a picnic. It’s complicated. But if we take a moment and just rest, just stop, the answers may come. Look up. Keep looking up. Take a moment. Rest. Be still. The answer is just ahead.