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16 May

People have all kinds of ideas about everything.  We’re all different and the way we see the world may be completely different than those around us.  We interpret what we see and hear through our own personal filters.  Different ideas may work against us at times if what we say or do is interpreted to mean something entirely different than what we intend.  Aspersions may be unjustly cast on our character due to incorrect interpretations and may cause us great discomfort as we try to figure out what happened.  If someone says something about us that has no basis in fact or reality but is merely based on their translation of something we did, we may find ourselves trying to untangle a mess we didn’t create.  The truth will always rise in time but in the interim we may be twisted around defending ourselves even if we’ve done nothing wrong.  The world is filled with all kinds of people and we have no control over what they think or do.  They may cause us considerable grief because they mistakenly believe something untoward about us.  If that happens, we will have to work through the situation until we find resolution.  It’s frustrating to feel persecuted unjustly and it may complicate our lives until we find the way through.  Truth is truth and will always rise.  No matter what has happened we will find the answers and correct any situation necessary.  We can stand firm and confident that our personal integrity and excellence will shine through.  We will find the answers and reach resolution.

No matter how nice and friendly we are, not everybody will always be our friend.  There may be times we meet someone who doesn’t like us or with whom we find it difficult to interact.  Perhaps their temperament is unpredictable, or they are angry or judgmental.  We have no control over what others do but we can control our response to anything they bring.  We can be gracious and kind in the face of anger, and polite and calm if things get out of control.  We are always in control of ourselves and can choose the best road regardless of what is happening around us.

Some people are dishonest and unethical.  If we have high personal standards it may be difficult to interact with them.  If we must work with them and they do things that are not in keeping with our values we may be very uncomfortable.  We don’t ever have to compromise what is important to us.  We can express our personal views and walk away from any situation that isn’t in keeping with them.  Our lives are ours and we may hold fast to what is important to us.  Opinions vary but our standards are ours to keep.  We can live true to the values we cherish and stay focused on what we want the most.

Today if someone has said something about you that isn’t true, remember your actions express who you really are.  Words mean nothing when they don’t represent what is real.  Continue to hold fast to the values you cherish and be the best person you can be.  Set an example of honesty and truth to the world around you.  You are amazing and nothing can diminish you.  Be confident and strong.  You know who you are and nothing will hold you back from achieving every goal you desire.

End of the Road

15 Nov

We make millions of decisions as we go through our lives.  Every decision has a result and takes us somewhere.  Sometimes those destinations and consequences are exactly what we’re hoping for, and other times we may end up somewhere we don’t want to be.  It’s sometimes easy to see where the road before us is headed and may be obvious which way we should go.  But roads aren’t always straight and where they lead may be difficult to see from the beginning.  We can objectively look at them and try to discern where they are headed to make the best choice going forward.  If we’re in a hurry to decide or feel pressure to choose we may begin forward without taking the time we need to be sure of where we’re going.  If we’re angry and impetuous we might choose a direction without thought and end up somewhere we never wanted to go.  Every decision has a result and we are accountable for every destination we reach.  What we do today may have an intense impact on what we face tomorrow.  It’s important to take the time we need to evaluate all the options before us and make sure we choose roads that will take us where we really want to go.  All our dreams can come true if we plan for them and prepare the way forward.  If we’re not getting closer to the goals we desire we can change our course and redirect the way forward.  We are in control of our lives and every choice we make designs the lives we have.  It’s all up to us and with careful thought we can go anywhere we desire and make all our dreams come true.

We all face times of conflict when situations don’t go well and we may feel angry or upset.  If we act in ways that bring disharmony, the ramifications of our behavior may impact the days ahead.  If we are rude and mean to those around us we may find ourselves alone when we need support.  If we are manipulative and dishonest others will learn they cannot trust us, and it may be difficult to build relationships.  We can do things that bring us loneliness and sorrow, or companionship and happiness.  Everything we do has a consequence and if we’re careful and thoughtful those consequences will be exactly what we’re hoping for.

The decisions of those around us may impact our lives unexpectedly.  Someone near us may make a choice that brings problems to everyone around them.  We interact with others but can only control the decisions we make.  If we must endure negative consequences because of situations out of our control we can walk through them with confidence staying true to our personal values.  We can clear the way forward step by step and adjust our trajectory toward the direction we want to go.

Today if you’re dealing with complications from decisions you’ve made in the past and are unhappy with where you are, take the time you need to determine how to move forward.  Decide where you want to go and make decisions that will take you closer as you move ahead.  Every destination is reachable and you can do anything you desire.  Create the life you want the most and you’ll find every happiness you seek.  You can accomplish anything.  Go forward with confidence and clarity, and you’ll reach every goal.

Bring It

16 Dec

There are times when we may find ourselves at odds with someone else. They may have ideas about what we should be doing that conflict with our decisions, or want us to agree to something we don’t feel we can. Sometimes they may even try to force our hands by blocking us or in some way try to fence us in. It’s very uncomfortable and difficult to remain in control when these situations arise. We may feel angry or we may want to run the other way to escape the tension. But if we take some time to process what’s happening and see it more objectively, often we find that all we’re facing is a difference of opinion. We are disagreeing. It may be a heated exchange and our boundaries may be sorely invaded. We might feel threatened or in some other way intensely uncomfortable. Whatever the situation, we can manage it if we back away from the emotion and try to see it for what it is. That isn’t easy when we feel personally attacked, but it’s not impossible. If we step outside ourselves for a moment and just look at the facts, the situation will become more manageable and we’ll be able to find a way through.

We are capable of figuring out any problem we face if we take the time to look at it objectively and openly. When our feelings are involved we may be overcome with emotion and unable to think. We’re focused on our extreme disappointment or anger or sadness or whatever we’re struggling with. But we can set that aside for a moment. Setting the emotion aside does not diminish it and we can more fully understand the facts of the situation and more clearly see an answer. After we’ve been through a difficult time and are on the other side, after the dust has cleared and we’ve settled down, because we are no longer so intensely involved we often see how we could have managed better. Emotions are necessary and they are important, but sometimes if we want to find our way, we need to step away from them for a time. We can do that and when we do, we may find what we’re looking for.

We are in control of ourselves. No matter who influences us or how pervasive that influence is, what we decide to do is our decision. We can allow ourselves to get angry when someone offends us or we can find a way to process the problem more effectively. Getting angry is a reaction. Thinking about the situation first is a choice. If we choose to think instead of react oftentimes we will prevent the situation from escalating and gain control. Being in control of any situation allows us to make better decisions. And making better decisions is always desirable.  If we choose to be in control, it doesn’t matter what comes to us – we will prevail.  Life can “bring it,” whatever that may be, and we can find success going forward.

Today if you find yourself in a situation that fires up your emotions, if you are angry or hurt, upset or disappointed, take a moment to step back from your feelings and see the situation objectively. Address the problem as it is, and choose what is right calmly and objectively. You will diffuse the issue and you’ll be in control. You have everything you need to prevail. You are wise and capable. Today show that to everyone involved.