Wait For It

14 Oct

There are times in our lives when we have big decisions to make.  When we know we must decide on something very important we may hesitate until we feel comfortable.  Although we are capable of looking at all the options before us and determining exactly where we want to go, sometimes we wait before making the decision to proceed. We can’t tell the future and even if we’re sure we know which way to turn, things could go wrong.  There may be more information available to us if we wait.  We might see things differently later or maybe others will get involved.  There is no way to know exactly where any decision will take us and if we aren’t confident we may be hesitant.  Waiting might help us feel better in the short run, but really all it does is put off the inevitable.  We are going to have to choose.  If we have done everything we can to make the best choice we can go ahead and take the leap.  We are capable of making good decisions and we can be strong and determined when we make them.  What comes will come and whatever happens we will manage it.  If it doesn’t turn out the way we thought it would, we can modify and still go forward.

There is an old saying that “He who hesitates is lost.”  There may be times when we wait to decide something and end up losing an opportunity.  Or other times when we hesitate and the situation changes excluding us from the chance to be involved.  It’s disheartening to discover we missed out on something important because we failed to be involved when the decision was needed.  We all want to get good results from our choices but we won’t get anywhere unless we move forward.  We will never have all the facts or know all the possible outcomes.  We can look at things objectively and carefully, and then weighing everything equally choose the best path forward.  We can be confident that no matter what road we choose we will get to the goal.

Every decision we make carries some risk.  Some people manage risk better than others.  Those who do are more easily able to quickly make decisions based on the options before them.  Others prefer time to think and ponder the possible outcomes before choosing.  Both methods have benefits and drawbacks.  If we’re quick on the draw we may get to the destination quickly but miss a detail that affects the outcome.  If we take too long to think about our choice we may see things more clearly but miss our chance to participate.  We can find a compromise between the two, neither going too fast nor too slow, and come to excellent conclusions.  Big decisions tend to be important in our lives.  We are capable of finding the best answers to them and we are courageous enough to decide the way forward.  We have everything we need to choose well and find success.

Today if you’re facing a big decision and are hesitant to move forward, look at all your options carefully and decide what you want the most.  You know how to choose well and you will make the right decision.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Be brave and choose with confidence.

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