In the Web

17 Oct

Spider webs are interesting.  They can be very intricate and quite large, and the detail of each is amazing and often quite beautiful.  Despite their beauty, spider webs are built as a snare to catch prey.  They are sticky and when the intended creature gets too close they are caught up and entangled, unable to escape.  Each individual strand is very strong and they are efficient traps for insects and other morsels the spider wishes to catch.  Although we don’t spin the same sorts of webs as spiders do, it’s possible to get caught up in a different kind of web.  If we are involved with people who lie, or cheat, or manipulate, or are dishonest they may entangle us in a web of deceit that is strong and may hold us tightly in place.  If we’re closely involved with someone who is dishonest and can’t see the entire picture, we may become ensnared.  It’s good to have close relationships but it’s important to be able to step back from time to time to see the whole story.  Confusion is often an important clue.  If we feel confused about a situation it can be a clue that we need to step back and see the bigger picture.  Deceit can be very painful to face but finding truth is imperative in everything we do.  If we get caught in a web, truth will show us the way out.

Living dishonestly can take many interpretations.  Maybe we don’t tell the entire truth when telling only part of it benefits us.  Maybe we don’t do everything we say we’ll do because it’s difficult and time consuming.  Maybe we pretend to be something we aren’t so we can look different to someone we want to impress.  Whatever means of dishonesty we employ may get us by for a time but eventually the truth will rise and we will be held accountable.  It may seem that sometimes a little dishonesty won’t hurt anything and will make things easier.  Unfortunately, however, once the lie is uncovered our lives will be more complicated and may be more difficult as we try to untangle things.  Like a large, complex web that is sticky and thick, dishonesty will eventually trip us up and we’ll have to tear it down to get back to the truth.

Living an honest and clean life takes effort.  Although we may see the road we should take, choosing it may be difficult and require courage.  We are certainly capable of making good choices and being truthful in all things.  When we are honest the road may be a little harder than if we’d lied, and it may take a little longer than if we’d cheated, but in the end choosing well will bring a victory clear of deception and filled with content.  We can always choose the right and find our way.  We deserve the best life possible.  Choosing to live honestly in all our dealings will bring us happiness.  We can offer our best to the world and make all our dreams come true, honestly and ethically.

Today if you have choices to make and you’re thinking about cutting corners or being dishonest to make them easier, think again.  Choose the best way forward and be honest about everything you do.  Be the very best you can be and make your best decisions today. You have greatness in you and the world needs your example.  Be the light and show us the way.

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