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All In

19 Apr

When there is something or someone we really believe in and want to support, we may give all our attention and focus to helping them. If what they stand for is something we firmly believe in, we may dedicate countless hours to helping them or doing things that move them forward. It’s good to believe strongly and it’s good to have people we admire and support, but it’s important to always remember who we are and keep our personal standards. Blind allegiance will never work in our favor. No matter what we do in our lives our first responsibility is to ourselves. We set our own standards of who we are and what we’ll do. If we get caught up in situations where our faith is so intense we follow directions without thinking, we may find ourselves doing things that don’t match who we really want to be. We can be committed and still remember who we are. If a situation requires us to give up our personal standards we need to stop and re-evaluate our way forward. Being true to ourselves is our first priority. We are in charge of our lives and no matter what anyone else decides, we can always choose for ourselves. We can be dedicated and still hold strong to what is best for us. Our gifts are unique and when we share the best of who we are the world is a better place.

If there is a venture we want to be involved in we may devote our time and energy to it and work hard to move it forward. If we are asked to do something that is outside the scope of what is appropriate for us, we may consider our options. We don’t have to do anything that compromises our standards or is in conflict with the example we want to set. We don’t have to follow along blindly to show support. We always have the power to make the best choices for ourselves and choose how we will engage in any situation. Being true to who we really are is important and we may find ways to support the cause that ensure we continue to hold fast to that.

Some people are very charismatic and convincing. Their actions and words may be very attractive and compelling, and it’s possible to become attracted to their energy and intensity and get involved before we have time to think. When we are captivated it’s wise to take a step back and see the situation completely. It’s important to make choices that take us where we want to go most and help us become the people we truly want to be. We never need to sacrifice our personal standards for someone or something else. We have a lot to offer. When we are true to what we want most, we become the people we want to be.

Today if you’ve been caught up in a situation that is taking you off the road you most want to travel, you can step back. You can support any situation you choose and still be true to yourself. Remember who you are and what you want. You bring gifts to the world that nobody else can give. We all want to know who you really are and are blessed because you’re here.

Taking the Risk

7 Jan

In our lives, we all get the chance to try something new we want to do. It’s fun to try new things, but since they are unfamiliar to us there is some uncertainty and there may be some risk involved. Sometimes the risk is physical – if we want to try snowboarding or rock climbing it looks exciting but we may fall. And sometimes the risk has nothing to do with our bodies, and everything to do with our futures. If we want to change careers but we’re well established where we are now, letting our security go for something new, even if it’s something we really want, can rattle us. Should we do it or should we play it safe and stay where we are? Risk exposes us to possible loss. What that loss is depends on the situation. Of course, we can go through our lives avoiding new situations and staying on the same familiar road if we choose. But if we don’t try new things, if we don’t stretch out of our comfort zones, we’ll never know what we can do. We are all capable of greatness. But we can’t become great unless we push ourselves to do everything we can to get there.

There are more things to experience in this life than we’ll ever be able to accomplish. But the more things we expose ourselves to, the more unique situations we face, the deeper we become and our understanding of life broadens. If we keep our lives small, don’t venture far, stay away from things that are different than what we’re accustomed to and ask for nothing more, our sense of the world will be small as well. Imagine wearing the same color every single day. We know what color it is, and we know how it will look every time we put it on. The repetition of doing the same things can make us feel secure because we know what to expect. But if we put on a new color every single day, and try colors we never thought we could wear, we would see ourselves in many different ways. And that sense of newness and diversity would deepen our experiences. We might find that trying new colors makes us feel happy, something we would never have learned if we had remained in our old pattern.

The experience of taking a risk and trying something new is different for everyone. Some people thrive on the thrill of never knowing what’s coming next, and others prefer to plan escapades into new arenas. If we’re unsure, we could start small and decide to try something we’ve never done before but that will have little impact on us. We could explore new areas for work by volunteering in those arenas and trying them out instead of making a decision to change all at once. We don’t have to bungee jump over a 100 foot drop to take a risk. Just trying something new, something we want to do but have never attempted, will bring us great experience and often big rewards. There is something wonderful about being terrified of a new experience, doing it anyway, and surprising ourselves by succeeding. We can do anything we want to do. We will be enriched as we understand that no matter what comes we’ll be able to navigate it. This life was meant to be experienced. And we have everything we need to try anything we like.

Today if you’ve been thinking about trying something new but have been concerned about the risks involved, you can do it anyway. Plan for it, learn about it, and then take it on. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You are capable of stretching and learning anything you want. Enrich your life by stepping out and pushing yourself a little further. You can conquer any obstacle and on the other side your confidence will soar. Go for it. You can do anything.