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Full Stop

18 Mar

Life is filled with unexpected developments and unforeseen complications. We can’t read the future, and each day there’s a chance something will stop us in our tracks. Maybe it’ll be something personal, or maybe it’ll be something huge, like a world-wide virus that is beyond our control and prevents us from moving ahead. Things happen and sometimes they get in the way. We have complete control over our own lives and the decisions we make, but everything else is out of reach. People make choices that affect us, illness strikes, disasters come, and we may find ourselves standing still, unable to move. When we’re facing a full stop and there is no way to move, we can take the time we need to see everything clearly and decide what we want to do. If we can’t move, we can still use our time effectively. We can evaluate all the possible options and prepare ourselves for when things change, and we can begin again. Nothing ever stays the same indefinitely, and soon our situation will change and we’ll be able to start forward again. Life is uncertain, nothing is written in stone, and we never know where the road will take us. But with confidence and clarity, no matter what happens or what problems we must face, we can always find our way. We have all the patience and wisdom we need to manage whatever comes. We can trust ourselves to find the answers we need, and be ready when the door opens again.

It’s frustrating when we have a lot we want to do but because of circumstances cannot move forward. It’s hard to wait when we have a goal in mind and are eager to get to it, and it feels almost impossible to stand still when all we want to do is move. If we’ve evaluated all the possibilities before us and we still can’t progress, we can choose to do something else. If we have to remain in place, we can spend the time working on personal goals that don’t require us to move. Everything always changes, and soon we’ll be able to take control again. Until then, we can find satisfaction in doing what we can, and prepare for the future.

During times of stress and uncertainty, it’s hard to feel comfortable and safe. We don’t know what will happen next or where we’ll end up. But there is never any way to know those things, even when our lives are going well. No matter how bleak things look right now or how unsure we are, we can trust that everything will eventually settle and we’ll be able to stand strong again. No storm can last forever. The rain will stop, the skies will clear, and the sun will break through. We are resilient and capable, and nothing can stop us. We are more powerful than we imagine and in time, we will prevail.

Today if you’re unsure of the road ahead, and are worried you won’t find your way, trust yourself. You are stronger than you think you are and nothing can overcome you. Be confident and courageous. Every blessing is still there for you and with patience and determination you will reach every goal. Success is yours, and nothing will keep you from it.


27 Sep

There is something magical about being outside under the moonlight at night. The darkness is softened by the subtle and soothing light emanating down and everything looks velvety and smooth. The edges aren’t as sharp, the landscape is luminous and the world looks gentler. It’s nice to experience and wonderful to see. But moonlight is only magical at night. During the day the moon is still there, shining down on us but the bright intensity of the sun takes first priority. We need the sun during the day when we’re busier and there is much to accomplish. We need to see all the fine lines and every detail, and the brightness and clarity the sun provides is exactly perfect. Each has its place and time, and provides what we need at precisely the right moment. If we had darkness and moonlight all the time it would be hard to accomplish everything easily. And if the sun were beaming throughout the night it would be difficult to rest. The perfect symmetry of each completes our days and brings order and structure to our existence. They are dependable, reliable, and helpful. We need them both but only at their designated times.

They say timing is everything. When we are able to plan well and organize our activities things often go more easily than when we let things happen on their own. We’ve all been in situations when something we’re trying to accomplish won’t work and we have to wait until things change and try again. Learning to wait for the timing to be right takes patience. If we’re trying to do something we want badly it’s hard to wait. We can try to push the ball forward and hope it will stick and sometimes that works but often no matter what we do we can’t make things move until the time is right. We can wait and as we do we can prepare for the moment when we’re ready to proceed so when it arrives we have everything set to go. Patience isn’t just waiting but taking the time to prepare as we wait. All things come in their appointed time. We can wait and be ready.

Sometimes because of uncertainty or fear we may wait beyond the point of return. The moment we need to act may come and go and because we did nothing we lose our opportunity. Some situations only come around once in a while or even only once in a lifetime, and if we are unsure and hesitant and let them pass us by our chance to grab them may be lost. If we have clearly identified our goals and know where we want to go, when the opportunity to step up arrives we’ll be ready to take it. But if we put off the preparation, are afraid of the challenges or aren’t sure where we want to end up those chances may be lost. If we want to be truly happy we must be ready to take the leap when it arrives. Our lives belong to us and we can do anything we want. We can plan and watch and be ready, and we can succeed.

Today if you’re waiting for a change so you can move forward, use the time to prepare. If you feel unsure, decide the best way forward and plan your future. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Your time is now and everything is waiting for you. Grab your dreams and make them come true.

When We’re Ready

23 Dec

When we’re hoping for a change in our lives and working to make it happen, it’s frustrating when it eludes us.  When we want something badly it’s hard to wait.  We can try and try to make something happen, but sometimes no matter what we do we remain stuck and nothing changes.  And so we continue to do the other things in our lives that take our attention.  We learn new things and have more experiences moving forward, and after some time passes what we are trying so hard to achieve arrives.  The thing about life is that so often things don’t come to us exactly when we want them, but when we’re ready for them, which isn’t always the same time.  If we’re impatient, waiting is difficult, especially if what we we’re hoping for is something we want very badly and feel we deserve.  But impatience can’t rush anything.  It only makes the wait harder to endure.  Therefore, trying to practice more patience can only help us as we go forward.  It seems counter intuitive that we must exercise patience to become more patient, but that’s how it is.  We can do everything we can to initiate a change, but until we’re ready for it, it probably won’t come.  The trick is to be ready.

Once we’ve identified something we want to change in our lives, if it’s far reaching and requires us to alter our lifestyle or routine, we first need to make that happen to facilitate the change we’re seeking.  If we want to become a doctor, we need to plan and prepare to go to medical school.  If we want to become more social, we need to plan to attend more functions where we can meet others.  We’ll never be ready for any change without the proper preparation.  It seems easy when we first start thinking about it – we’ll just do what’s required.  But when it comes time to implement the alterations, to attend school, to study, to actually go out to the events we need to, sometimes uncertainty creeps in.  An established routine, even one we aren’t happy with, has a degree of security and predictability that makes it comfortable.  We’re familiar with it, we know how it works, and we know what to expect.  When we shake that up, we might find that taking the first step is the hardest.  We don’t really know where it will take us or how we’ll react.  But if we are brave enough to start we often find we are certainly capable of continuing, and because the first step takes us closer to where we want to be, it will bring satisfaction.

The road to change isn’t always easy or quick.  Sometimes what we’re trying to do turns out to be more difficult than we first thought.  And sometimes after we start the new path and look ahead, we see it will take longer than we realized.  But if the goal is something we want, there isn’t anything that can stop us unless we quit.  If we decide it’s too hard or will take too long, we can certainly stop and return to our old patterns.  But if we do that, it means we aren’t ready for the change after all.  And the goal will not be realized until we are.  If we really want to do something, no matter what it is, we can do it.  We just need to keep taking one step forward.  We don’t have to do it in a hurry, and we can take it one day at a time.  There isn’t anything we can’t do.  We can prepare ourselves, and we can be ready.  And when we are, we’ll succeed.

Today if you’ve been wanting a change in your life but aren’t sure you can manage it, remember there is nothing you can’t do.  Every single step will take you closer to your goal, and you can succeed.  Think about where you want to be, and plan to move closer to it no matter what.  If you’re ready, nothing will stop you.  And you can be ready now.  Take the first step today.  Tomorrow take another.  Keep going forward and the goal will come to you.