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Seeking Diligently

26 Jun

As we travel through our lives we may come upon many complicated situations, problems, confusions or obstacles we must navigate and solve.  There is an answer to every question we encounter but sometimes those answers may elude us.  Although we know we can solve any problem we face, finding the solution may take serious work and thought and we may find ourselves stumped from time to time.  When looking for answers, often how quickly we find them depends on how seriously we seek them.  If the issue isn’t too bothersome we may half-heartedly look for the solution or we may even ignore the problem hoping it’ll just fade away.  When the problem is serious or impacts our lives greatly we may be more motivated to look for the answer.  It’s unlikely we’ll find any answer we aren’t looking for and if we really want to find it, seeking diligently will help us get there as quickly as possible.  To be diligent means to be steady and energetic.  Solutions we need won’t just appear out of nowhere.  We must make the search for them a priority, and seek them earnestly and seriously in order to find them.  Complications come to all of us and the only way to live in harmony is to find the answers we need so we may navigate them effectively and with as little stress as possible.  Seeking diligently will allow us to find the solutions we need as quickly as possible to solve any problem we are facing.  We have everything we need to live our lives well.  We can resolve issues and find peace and comfort going forward.

There may be times when things go wrong we feel the problem is too intense or too complicated for us to face.  When that happens we may purposely look away and refuse to see what is really happening.  But looking away will never change the facts and until we decide to see things as they really are we will be stuck.  Nobody want’s trouble in their lives but when trouble comes to us, looking away and ignoring it will never help us get through it.  We can see everything clearly and begin the process of openly and diligently searching for answers until we find what we need to move forward.

Sometimes a quick fix or a temporary patch feels like an option to help us resolve a difficult situation.  They may work for a time but because they are not permanent the problem will return and we’ll have to solve it again.  Instead of facing the issue over and over again it’s better to take the time we need to really examine it and find a permanent solution.  Being able to move forward without dragging along complications from the past will enable us to live more fully and successfully.  We have everything we need to live happily.  Seeking diligently and then applying the answers we find will enable us to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Today if you’re facing a difficult situation that is complicated and daunting, look at it clearly.  You have everything you need to solve any problem you face.  Seek diligently and the answers will come.  Move forward with confidence.  There isn’t anything you can’t do and do well.  Success is there for you.


On the Road

8 Jun

Every day with every step we take we travel forward toward something. If we’re paying attention and directing our lives we may be on the road that leads to a desired destination or goal. However, if we simply take things as they come we are still on a road but where it leads may be a mystery. Sometimes we might end up somewhere we like by chance but other times if we didn’t plan ahead we may reach a destination we don’t want. Our lives are journeys and with any journey if we want to end up in a particular place we must plan our way forward. There are countless roads and endless side trips we may take. If we don’t define where we want to go we may spend years wandering about here and there, taking one turn after another and either going nowhere or ending up somewhere we don’t want to be. We don’t have to plan every second and every decision but it’s important to decide where we want to go and how we want to get there. Our lives are ours to design but if we don’t choose where we’re going the forces around us will choose for us. Since nobody knows us better than we know ourselves, it’s unlikely anyone else could possibly choose what’s best for us. We can plan our journey to take us to any destination we desire. We have all the wisdom and courage we need to accomplish anything and go anywhere we want to go. We can be in control of our journey and successfully arrive at any destination we choose.

Life is complicated and we are often busy. There are many details to take care of, we have responsibilities we must manage, and time is always a factor. If we let the busyness of life control our days we may find ourselves merely going through the motions in order to complete all the tasks at hand. Each day is a gift and once it’s gone can never be recaptured. If we spend it doing all sorts of things that keep us busy but don’t move us forward we may get stuck. There are countless things that may capture our attention and if we aren’t focused on what’s most important the time will go by and we will not have moved any closer to our goals.

We live in a world with billions of people and there may be many in our lives who need or want time from us. We can give them all the attention we desire and share our lives with them and still reserve time for our personal goals. We can set limits to ensure we have enough time and energy to continue moving forward on the road we’ve chosen. Our lives belong to us and we can plan them so we are able to accomplish what is most important. We are always on a road. It’s up to us to make sure it’s the road that will take us where we want to go.

Today if you’ve been pulled in many directions and have gotten off the path that leads to your goal, turn back, correct your course and move forward again. Your life is very important and you deserve to accomplish everything you desire. Pay attention. Control your direction and you’ll find great success. You have everything you need already. Move forward with confidence. Everything you desire is just ahead.


Letting It Go

11 Apr

Pain is a part of every life. Sometimes things go wrong, people make choices that hurt us, or unexpected developments derail our lives and we suffer. It’s impossible to live a perfectly happy existence every single day. We will get hurt from time to time, people will offend us, our plans will go awry, and we will fall. Although it’s unpleasant when we’re going through it, we can overcome whatever happens and find joy again. Sometimes if something truly disastrous happens, something that hurts us so badly we feel broken, we may struggle to keep going. When the pain is intense and it’s hard to face the future, we may hold on tightly to what has happened. It may seem holding onto the pain helps us hold onto what has been lost and we can hold on so tightly we hold ourselves in place indefinitely. If we can’t let go we can’t move forward. What’s done is done and what we do next is up to us. There is nothing, no matter how horrible or disastrous it may be, that can control our lives unless we let it. We can face any situation clearly, feel the sorrow for the loss and then let it go. Letting go does not diminish what has happened. We can grieve for what we’ve suffered and then move forward with confidence knowing we have overcome and will find happiness again.

It’s possible to get stuck going over the same scenarios again and again looking for answers. Sometimes it’s important to know why things went wrong if we’ve made a mistake so we learn from the experience and don’t make it again. But other times we suffer loss through no fault of our own because of situations out of our control or decisions made by others. If there was nothing we could do to prevent the loss, there is nothing to be gained by reviewing it over and over. Every experience teaches us something but we can only learn the lesson if we are willing to see it objectively and then move forward. We have all the courage we need to face whatever comes to us and we can rely on that courage to move forward and begin again.

The road ahead is filled with many experiences and events. In our darkest hours if we take one step forward there will be something new waiting for us. There are countless doors we may walk through that will bring us happiness and satisfaction. They’re all there just ahead waiting to be opened. If we stay where we are and hold onto what is gone we cannot get there. Our lives are precious and each day, each moment is a gift that once passed can never be recaptured. We can go forward a little at a time and as we gain strength discover limitless arenas of happiness waiting for us. Life flies by in an instant. We don’t need to give another moment away to something that has been lost. We can move forward into the sunshine and be happy.

Today if you’ve been holding onto a big disappointment or pain that hurt you deeply, you can set it aside and let it go. You have so much to offer and there is so much happiness waiting for you. Take a step forward and begin again. There is sunshine just ahead and light to find the way.

The Destination

15 Aug

Whatever we’re doing in our lives we are headed somewhere.  Our lives change every day in some way and even if we’re doing the same thing today we did yesterday, we are on the road to something new.  The destination may end up being a modified version of exactly where we are now if that’s what we want, or it could be someplace very different.  Every experience brings us information and teaches us something.  Our lives are ours to direct and we can use our experiences to point the way forward.  They say we always do what we want to do most and that’s generally true.  We can move toward a new goal or stay where we are.  We get to choose but one thing is sure, we will arrive at the destination we’re traveling toward.  If we’re on a road we don’t want to travel but do nothing to step away, we will go where it takes us.  Conversely, if we decide we want something different we can change our direction at any time.

Some people bemoan their lives and say they never got to do this or that and are unhappy with the way things turned out.  There are some circumstances that may prevent us from doing things we want to do at the moment, but nothing is permanent and everything changes.  When the tide turns, as it inevitably will, we can change our focus and move in the direction we want to go.  But everything takes effort.  There is no free lunch in life.  If we want something we can generally get it but we’ll have to do what it takes to achieve it.  If the cost is more than we want to cover, we can let the goal go.  We can make the decision not to pursue it.  Our lives belong to us and we can manage them any way we want to.  But if there’s something we want to achieve and  things don’t work out the first time we try, instead of complaining about the loss we can keep our eyes focused on the future and when the situation changes we can try again.  There is no limit to the number of times we can open new doors.  If we’re persistent and keep our eyes on the prize we will attain it.

Personal courage is needed when we want to make a change or seek a new goal.  We have to believe we are capable of achieving it and then be brave enough to move forward and do what it takes.  It’s easy to get stuck and complacent, and ignore dreams we want to achieve.  But each day is a chance to start again.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve let things go before, we can start any time we’re ready.  If we missed the chance the last time, we can grab it now.  There is no time limit for success.  It comes to us when we are ready to achieve it.  It’s always there waiting for us.  We can take control of our lives and begin the journey to the destination we want most.  We can move forward day by day and step by step and we can win.  We have everything we need to be successful.  We are strong and capable and we know what we want.

Today if you’ve been waiting to move forward toward a desired destination, take the first step.  You know where you want to go and what you want to do.  You have all the courage and strength you need to get there.  Start moving.  Success is waiting for you.  Go get it.


12 Jan

As we live our lives we have three choices when we think about our progress. We can move forward, we can stay where we are, or we can go backward. Sometimes we’re happy where we are and comfortable, and we don’t need or want the challenge of change. Sometimes we have to go backward to accomplish something that needs to be addressed. But generally we want to move forward in our lives. We have goals we want to achieve and plans for our future. Sometimes we get caught up in a situation that stalls our progress. We can get stuck and end up going around in circles unable to move forward. Sometimes it’s because of a relationship that isn’t working, or a job situation that has us frozen in time, and sometimes it’s because we really aren’t sure how to go forward so we keep repeating the same pattern over and over. Going around in circles is frustrating. Even when we recognize that’s what’s happening we may not know how to stop the process. A circle is just a continually repeating pattern. All we have to do to break the cycle is step a little to the right or the left to change direction. It sounds easy but patterns have a way of taking control, and unless we are determined to make a change, we may find ourselves stuck for a while.

Healthy relationships are active. They are constantly changing and if we’re paying attention to them, can be continually improving. But sometimes relationships can become stagnant, and don’t change, and we may get stuck. If it’s a relationship that’s important to us we may stay in the situation longer than we’re comfortable. However, if we want things to change, we have to speak up and express our concerns. We can ask for what we need to make the relationship move forward and if the other person is in agreement, things may improve. But if we can’t do anything to change the situation we must decide how we want to proceed. For some people, staying on the same course is fine, even if they’re stuck, so long as they have the other person in their lives. For others, if they’re unhappy and things don’t change, it may be necessary to leave the relationship behind. We’re all different and only we can determine what’s best for us.

If we have plans for our future and goals we’re working toward but find that we aren’t getting any closer to them doing what we’ve been doing, we can change. If the road we’ve been on isn’t taking us where we want to go, we can change direction. We can achieve almost anything we want to if we want it badly enough. If we aren’t moving closer to our goal then we’re either moving further away from it, or we’re standing still. Once we determine where we’re headed and what we want, we can adjust our plans and change our course whenever we need to. All the roads are open to us. All the avenues to get there are available. We can pay attention to what we’re doing and modify our plans for success. If one path doesn’t work, we can simply try another. If we stay true to the objective and keep our eyes on the prize, we’ll get there. We don’t have to go around in circles, and we don’t have to be stuck any longer than we want. We have all the power we need to move forward.

Today if you feel like you’ve been treading water and going in circles and you’re no closer to a goal you want to achieve, switch things up. Try something new. Let go of the things that are holding you back and modify your plans so you can move forward. You can do anything. See the destination in front of you and steer yourself toward it. You’ll be successful and everything you are hoping for will come to you.