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That’s It

26 Jul

Frustration is a constant factor as we deal with issues that come in and out of our lives. Most of the time we deal with small frustrations and hang ups, work them out, and move on. But if the thing that’s making us crazy is something we can’t change or we can’t seem to find a way around it we may throw our hands up and surrender. Maybe it’s an annoying individual who always gets in our way or up in our faces making ridiculous or absurd demands that are unworkable, or a situation that no matter what we do refuses to resolve. When we’re tired of dealing with an issue and fed up with trying to find a way to move forward we may decide that’s it, we’re done and walk away. Although we’re capable of finding any answers we need given enough patience and time, sometimes our patience runs out and we don’t want to spend any more time looking. We can change course anytime we choose and no matter what is pending, can move on. Timing is always a factor and we may have to step back and wait for our situation to change before we can resolve an issue. It’s frustrating to feel like there is no way forward and it can be hard to walk away from something we really want to resolve. Getting some distance from an issue will often open new ideas and perspectives and stepping back will allow us to see the situation in a new light. There isn’t anything we can’t figure out and every answer will appear in time. We can set an issue down, work on something else and return when we are refreshed and ready to begin again.

Looking at something too closely may impair our vision of the entire project. Under a magnifying glass a walnut can look like a brain and be completely indiscernible for what it really is. If we’re too close to an issue or too involved in it emotionally, it can be hard to see the entire picture and find the answers we seek. What is impossible to see up close can become clear if we step back and look again. Seeing everything from a wide perspective will help us find the way forward and open up new possibilities we couldn’t see before. If we disengage and look at the situation objectively we will find the road ahead.

There can be a lot of noise and static around us as others come in and out of our lives and unexpected things happen. There may be many facets to the problem we’re facing and combined together they may be hard to untangle. If there are a lot of distractions and complexities it may be difficult to see all the facts we’re dealing with. We can quiet the noise by clearing our focus and deciding where we want to begin. We can solve one issue at a time and find our way to success. We are capable of managing anything we must. We are intelligent and strong, and nothing is too difficult for us to solve.

Today if you’ve had enough trying to solve an issue and are ready to quit, step back and see the entire picture. Give yourself time to think. You know how to solve even the most difficult problems. Look at everything objectively and the answers will come. You are wise and powerful and nothing is beyond your reach. You will find all the answers you need and reach success.


15 May

We make millions of decisions as we go through our lives.  When we have a big decision to make we may take our time to consider all the parameters of what will happen when we choose and give ourselves lots of space to think about which way we want to go.  We can take all the time we need, but sometimes as we’re moving along suddenly we know what we want to do.  We’ve passed a turning point and are suddenly and completely sure and firmly resolved on the way forward.  We may not know what turned the tide that brought the decision, we may not be aware of what happened or didn’t happen that decided the way forward but we are sure and unshakable in our conviction.  Suddenly the task is done and we are confident of where we want to go and what we want to do.  When that happens all our doubts fade quickly away and the road ahead becomes clear.  It’s very rewarding when we are sure of ourselves.  Others may still have concerns but if we’re confident they will mean nothing.  We know clearly what we want to do, we know with assurance where we want to go and nothing can change our minds.  Once the decision is made all that remains is to move forward toward the destination.

There are many roads and countless directions in our lives.  Some will say go one way, others will say go another.  There are influences and pressures on us all the time from those who care about us, those who want us to succeed and others who may want something else.  Like static on a radio the noise can be constant and distracting.  When we need to decide something important that static may get louder as others give us their opinions and advice, requested or volunteered.  We may become overwhelmed with all the information offered and get stuck trying to find the right way through.  If we take a step back and close the door for a time, if we allow ourselves to be quiet and listen to our own personal thoughts, all the inspiration and clarity we need will rise.  We already know what we want to do.  If we take a moment to let our minds rest the confidence we are seeking will come.

We are very intelligent and insightful about what we really want and need.  We know ourselves better than anyone else ever could.  We know where we want to go and we know what we need to get there.  Trusting our personal direction and judgment and allowing ourselves time to think and consider our options will allow us to choose the right road going forward.  We can suddenly be sure even if we’ve been confused for a time.  We can suddenly be confident even if we’ve been tremulous.  We have everything we need to succeed already.  Trusting our excellent ability to make good choices and then doing what is needed to make the destination come to us will bring us all the success we seek.

Today if you’ve suddenly decided you know the way forward and you are sure even if others doubt, trust in yourself.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Be confident.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  You know what you want, you know what you need and you know where you want to go.

The Checkout Line

29 Jun

Unfortunately in our lives, there are some situations that make us uncomfortable, and sometimes there is no way to escape them. Maybe your boss wants to talk to you about an assignment you’ve been dreading, or your friend is having a bad day and dumping it all over you, or a family member is calling because you haven’t been available and they are upset, or a million other situations come up that are uncomfortable. Because we know these things are difficult we may try to dodge them. We may ignore the phone and not answer it, duck the other way down the hall when we see someone coming, or pretend we don’t see the person we are avoiding as we rush by. Those strategies work temporarily, but eventually we have to deal with whatever is waiting for us. We can try to check out, but that only delays the inevitable.

Checking out is something we all do from time to time. If we’re in an uncomfortable or boring conversation that seems never ending, we zone out. As my former boss used to say, “We go to our happy place.” I’m not sure if where we go is happy, but it is away from the situation we’re in, which may help for the moment. The benefit of doing this is that while we’re checked out of the present, we aren’t listening to whatever is making us uncomfortable. But the down side is that as long as we’re checked out, the situation cannot change. If we don’t address the issue, decide to talk openly about it, and share our perceptions and understanding, the situation will not change. And the best thing to do when we’re in an uncomfortable situation is try to change it to a more positive scenario. In order to do that, we have to be there. We have to be present.

Being present when we’re uncomfortable takes some effort. We don’t want to be there so it takes discipline, and it may take courage. We have to choose to be there. We have to recognize that is the only way out. It seems counter intuitive that the way out is to be in, but that’s how it works. We have to stay in the situation to change it. We have to check back in.

Today if you find yourself in a difficult conversation, or an uncomfortable situation, choose to be there for it. Listen completely, and calmly share your perceptions, and views. Make suggestions to change things so they work better for you. There is nothing so confusing or difficult that you can’t figure it out. But you have to be there to do that. Between stations, the radio only plays static. If we want music in our lives, we have to tune in. So plan to tune in. You don’t need any more static in your life. Check in, turn things around and harmony will return.