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Now What?

30 Apr

Life is full of surprises. It would be great if they were all happy events like an unexpected party, found treasure or an unforeseen promotion, but we don’t live in fantasy land and sometimes the surprises that come are unwelcome and difficult. Our whole world may be turned upside down in a moment and everything we depended on and thought would happen may go up in smoke. The road we were happily pushing forward on may disappear, and the rug may be pulled out from under us. “Now what?” we may wonder. How are we going to proceed when the way ahead is gone and we are standing alone, bereft, and confused? We may struggle to see through dark, difficult days, and believe life will never be good again. It may seem as if everything is over, this is it, and we are done, but that will never be the case. We may be dumbfounded and feel lost, and unsure how to proceed. Hard times will undoubtedly come to us all, and our worst dreams may materialize before our eyes. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong, it doesn’t matter how bad the situation gets, and it doesn’t matter if at first, we can’t see any way out. The answers will be there for us. We are intelligent and highly capable, and we’ll find them. There are limitless roads to every destination. If the bottom falls out of our plans, we can make new ones. If we can’t move forward where we were, we can adjust our course and start again. Nothing is powerful enough to end our progression or hold us down forever. Nothing. Every single dream is still there for us, and we can reach them. We already have all the courage and wisdom we need to do anything we desire. We can stand firm, look at all the possibilities and then decide how we want to proceed. Storms will come, and dark clouds may press, but they cannot continue indefinitely. With patience and determination, we will find our way through and reach success.

Everybody stumbles from time to time, and we’ll all face challenges that try us and push us against our limits. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we don’t have to solve everything right away. We can take a break when we need it, and as our minds rest, new answers will appear. Everything we need to succeed is there for us. We can step forward with clarity and be confident we will prevail.

When we’ve been enduring a difficult situation for a while, and no matter what we do it continues, we may believe it will never end and we are doomed. Change is constant, but it isn’t always immediate. Nothing can stay the same forever, and we have everything we need to endure and manage whatever we must until our situation resolves. We are strong enough to handle any issue or problem, and will find our way through.

Today if you’re going through a difficult challenge and are struggling to find the way forward, trust yourself. You are smarter and more powerful than you imagine. Decide what you want, and step forward on the road that will take you there. Nothing can overcome you. Every success and every dream are possible, and they will be yours.


14 Jan

We all have expectations about our lives. We set goals, work toward them and expect to succeed. Every time we do something we expect a certain result. Sometimes those expectations are realized exactly as we planned, and sometimes they go another way. We can have great expectations about what we want from others, and if we are able to effectively communicate them, and those involved are willing to comply, we may get exactly what we’re hoping for. But again, sometimes things go another way. If our expectations are too high we may be disappointed, and if they are too low we may not get the results we were hoping for. We need to find the balance between what we want to happen and how we’ll get there. If we think about that and plan accordingly we might have a better chance of getting where we want to be. But finding the right balance isn’t always as easy as it sounds. And when we miss the mark we often miss the goal as well.

If we want others to work with us and make plans that include responsibilities above what they can or want to provide we will not find success. Perhaps we’ve been in situations where what we’ve been expected to provide is more than we could accomplish. It’s an uncomfortable situation and even if we know going in that it’s impossible for us to accomplish, we may try anyway. But expectations are just a belief that something will or should happen. They are a plan for the future. We are living today and there is no way to predict what will come. We can plan and make decisions about what we want, but realizing those plans and decisions depends on a lot of factors. If we aren’t careful when we set our expectations, we may fail.

How can we find a happy medium, the place where our expectations stretch us but don’t prevent us from success? If our goal involves a big change it won’t happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we probably won’t make big changes in one either. To be successful we can make many smaller goals that one by one will lead us to the final achievement. And we must be prepared for all the complications that undoubtedly will arise along the way. But if we take the time to objectively look at where we are, where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there, and then set intermediate goals along the way, we will succeed. We need to consider everything in our lives, all the time pressures, our financial limitations, our responsibilities, and then make a plan that is both workable and adaptable. When we want something we sometimes want it right away but life doesn’t work that way. There isn’t anything we can’t do if we want to badly enough. But expecting any change requires planning. Setting up realistic expectations is the first step. Once we begin we can plan each step as we go forward and if we’re consistent and diligent, keeping our eyes on the prize, we will reach the goal.

Today if you’re deciding on a change, and making expectations for how it will come about, plan carefully. Consider the entire picture and then determine how you’ll go forward. You can succeed at anything you want to do. Take it one step at a time, adjust your path as needed and move forward. The goal is attainable and you will reach it. You have everything you need to get anywhere you want to go. Start today. Expect the best and then plan for it.

Learning to Tuck

18 Sep

We have a lot on our minds every day.  When complications arise, we have even more to address, and it can be overwhelming.  Since we can’t do everything at once, it’s sometimes hard to address everything right away.  We may need to prioritize what we can handle at the moment, and tuck the other issues away until later.  There is sometimes the feeling that we have to do everything right away, or we aren’t doing enough, but that isn’t true.  It is proactive to manage our responsibilities and issues by taking care of the most important things now, and waiting to address the others until we have the appropriate time to manage them.  We are in charge of our lives, and we know what we can manage.  It’s wise to tuck the things that can wait aside until later.

What is the most important thing we must accomplish today?  If we think about that each morning before we start, and identify what we most need to get done, we are more likely to accomplish it.  In the busy responsibilities of daily life, our time can get away from us.  We may get carried away by additional tasks we hadn’t planned on, sometimes things go wrong that hold us up, and there may be complications caused by others.  Add to those the unexpected things that seem to always come up, and our days can get away from us.  If we just take things as they come, there’s a possibility we won’t complete what we need to, and feel disappointed at the end of the day.  But if we have identified what is most important for the day, we can focus on accomplishing it and have a better chance of success.

Tucking things away that can be put aside for a while is a useful tool, but we must ensure we actually go back and address them.  Some people make lists to remind them of things they need to do, some people put reminders in their smart phones or computer, and some people put sticky reminders out where they will see them.  If we are lucky enough to have an assistant, they may remind us of our pending tasks.  Whatever works most easily for us is what we should use.  Tucking things away doesn’t mean forgetting about them.  It just means delaying them for a time.  When we have the time, we need to address them and make sure we are timely in taking care of them.  If we do that, we’ll feel in control of our lives, and happy with our success.

Today if you are overwhelmed with things that need to be done, take a moment and determine what is the most important thing on the list.  Focus on that and tuck the other things away for a time.  You can accomplish a lot if you prioritize your concerns and take each as you can.  You are capable of managing your time and getting all your important tasks completed.  Use wisdom and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  Plan your work, and then work your plan.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Coming Up Short

25 Aug

We all want to feel strong and confident, and able to face whatever comes our way. We try hard, we work hard, and we hope we have what it takes no matter what comes. Nobody likes feeling impotent and weak, but none of us is perfect and there are going to be times when we will feel overwhelmed, and unable to cope. We tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on others. We expect to be able to do whatever is needed, when it’s needed, and do it effectively and well. When we can’t accomplish that, we might feel bad, and we may think we’ve failed.

We all have shortcomings. We have some things we do well, some things we do very well, and some things that trip us up. Nobody is good at everything. We want to do everything well, but sometimes that’s not possible. So we have to learn to be patient and understand we all have weaknesses. We can learn, we can grow, and we can develop new skills that will help us move forward. We are able to change anything we want. But while we’re learning something new, we need to accept that it’s not going to happen overnight. It will take time, and generally it takes more time than we want.

Accepting ourselves as we are is important. Where we are is fine for today. But we aren’t frozen in time, and we aren’t stuck with the patterns we have. We can move forward, and we can change to become anything we want to be. If we’re not happy with a facet of our personality, we can change it. We can work on it and practice a new behavior until it becomes second nature, and part of who we are. It takes focus and time, but nothing is impossible if we want it enough. We have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we aren’t going to change in one either.

Today if you’re disappointed with where you are, if you want more, or if you want to be different in some way, begin doing what is needed to change. You are capable of doing anything you want. You can be happy, you can feel confident, and you can be strong. You have all the tools you need. You are capable of great things. Set the goal and start walking toward it. Before you know it you’ll be where you want to be. This is your life. You are the artist and you can design it any way you want. Whatever you design will be perfect for you.