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On Hold

29 Nov

In our busy lives it’s sometimes hard to fit everything in we want to get done. We can manage our time well but sometimes we may need to set something aside and put it on hold. We may need to postpone meetings with others or wait to do something we’ve been planning, and we are flexible enough to manage adjustments when we must. But if we get into a situation where we continually set someone or something aside and there is no plan to actually engage them and take care of matters, we may create problems going forward. Most situations can wait for a while but if we hold them in suspense indefinitely they will likely suffer. Relationships put on hold will eventually break down through neglect and if we don’t make them a priority we may lose more than we’re comfortable with. Being on hold doesn’t freeze time. Things continue to change. If we wait too long to return to those we’ve set aside we may find ourselves alone. We can always find time for the things that are most important to us. Leaving someone out in the cold while we do other things indicates where our priorities truly lie. We always do what we want to do most and what we decide to do indicates who we are. It takes effort and attention to build close relationships. Paying attention to those who mean the most and taking the time to follow through to show we care will create strong bonds and lasting connections. Our lives are what we make them. When we value what is most important we will find comfort and happiness.

People say a lot of things. They may tell us what they are going to do, what they want to happen, and that they care for us. Words are important in communicating how we feel but without action to back up our statements they mean nothing. If someone says they love us but never have time for us it will be difficult to believe. If they constantly put us off, postpone meetings again and again, and don’t respond when we need them, all the professions of love will be meaningless. They old saying that actions speak louder than words is accurate. We are what we do, not what we say.

Sometimes we have good intentions and want to be there but desire is only the first step in any endeavor. We can identify what we want and if we are sincere we must then move forward in ways that bring it to us. Putting it off until later will not get us closer to the goal. Nothing robs success as effectively as procrastination. Planning to do something later is planning to do nothing now. If we want strong connections to those around us and real success we must actively pursue our goal and do what is needed to bring it to pass. We can do anything we don’t put on hold. Every happiness is there and actively pursuing it will make it ours.

Today if you’ve been putting others off thinking you’ll get to them later, remember later never arrives. You only have now to do what is important. Determine what you want most and go forward caring for the things you treasure most in your life. Remember who is important and keep them close. You have everything you need to be completely happy. Be open, be available, and show the love you have for those around you. Their love in return will bring you limitless happiness and constant joy.


In the Moment

13 Apr

I know a man that has been a distant friend for many years. I know his family and hear from him from time to time. He’s well educated and capable of doing many things, but he has one problem that has kept him from achieving much in his life, either personally or professionally. He can’t seem to live in the present. He constantly says things like, “After this happens, I’ll do that. After I get done with this, then I’ll look at that. Pretty soon the time will be right, but just not now.” He’s been talking about the same goals he wants to achieve for decades but hasn’t moved any closer to them in all that time. He keeps waiting for the perfect time, which never arrives.

He talks about the past a lot, what he did as a kid, what he did in high school and college. He has a vast photo collection encompassing years of his life, and his favorite past time is to pull them out and nostalgically talk about the good old days. His entire adult life has been one of reflecting on where he’s been, and waiting for things to start. He’s either living in the past or waiting for the future. He just can’t seem to move forward. He can’t get out of the gate.

There is nothing wrong with remembering times from our pasts. There is nothing wrong with waiting until the right time to begin doing the things we want to do. But if we get hung up on waiting for the PERFECT time to come along, we may find ourselves in this same situation. There are few times in our lives when everything comes together perfectly. They just don’t happen that often. If we wait for that to happen before we actually begin to live our lives, we may find that our lives have gone by, and we have done nothing. And that would be terrible. There is an old saying that when we’re dying we won’t regret what we’ve done, we’ll regret what we haven’t done. I believe there’s truth in that.

The best time to do what we want to do is now. The best time to start achieving our goals is now. There will never be a better time to begin to plan. Maybe circumstances aren’t ideal, and you’ll have a delay, but if we don’t make a plan to resume going forward we could get stuck. We are the only ones in control of our lives but we actually have to decide to take that control and use it. Lots of things will pull on us – our families, our responsibilities, our jobs, our commitments. But if we want to own our lives, we must find a way to manage those things and not allow them to manage us.

It’s a new day every day. If we take some time – today – to begin to plan what we’ve put off, it will be the first step. And every journey begins with the first step. If you’ve been waiting, postponing, or procrastinating, now is the time to stop. Start moving. Do one thing to end the inertia. And then tomorrow, do the next thing. One thing will lead to another, and soon the goal will be in sight. Start today. The future is there waiting for you