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Swinging the Bat

7 Aug

There are a lot of risks in life. Every day we take some sort of risk just going through our responsibilities and accomplishing our tasks. We never know what will happen so we try to be careful and do the best we can to make sure everything goes the way we want it to. Most of the time things work out but sometimes they don’t and when that happens we are able to change our plans and move forward a little differently. If we want to change something in our lives – our jobs, our relationships, our financial situation, even our appearance – we must take a risk that what we do will work in our favor. It can be unsettling to step away from what we know and try something new but we will never reach our goals if we stay locked in place. It’s impossible to hit the ball if we don’t swing the bat. We can dream about what we want and talk about the changes we desire for years, but until we take action, nothing will change. Time will go by and we will stay exactly where we are, doing exactly what we’re doing. We can make all our dreams come true if we’re willing to step away from what’s comfortable and take a chance. Every opportunity is available and nothing is out of reach. By looking at every situation objectively and making a solid plan and then taking the first steps forward determined to continue until we reach the goal we’ll find success. We can do anything. We are brave enough and wise enough to face any risks we must and find our way forward.

It’s easy to stay in the same place over time. We know the scenery, the others involved, and we understand the role we play. If we become complacent and simply go through the motions of the same patterns every day, chances are our lives will be predictable and easy. There is nothing wrong with having a simple life that is easy to understand and navigate – if that’s what we want. But if we yearn for more challenge and more reward we must step away from where we are and walk on a new road. We don’t have to change everything at once. A simple adjustment that moves us in a new direction will open unexpected opportunities that embellish our experiences and bring us great satisfaction.

There is no time limit for change and we are never too old to try something new. There are no expiration dates on possibilities. Even if we’ve been doing the same things for many years, we can adjust our course going forward. We can always change direction and extend our reach in a new arena. Life is filled with opportunities and we can aim for anything we desire. There will always be risk but taking a chance on a fuller, more exciting and fun life, will bring great rewards.

Today if you’ve been doing the same things for a while and want a change but are unsure you’ll succeed, take the chance. You will manage whatever comes. There is great reward in trying new things and your life will be magnified as you open new doors. Do what you dream and push ahead. Everything is there waiting for you. Take the first step and you’ll reach your goal.


Worth It

30 Aug

When we’re making decisions about what we want to do, it’s important to remember that everything we do creates a reaction of some sort. There is no free space for decisions. They always affect something – our lives, other people’s lives, our freedom, our finances, and a dozen other possibilities. Some decisions are trivial, like what we’ll have for lunch today, but even that will have a result. If it’s a good lunch for us, we may feel satisfied and happy afterward. If not, we may have another response. For the important decisions, for the heavy matters that weigh on us, it’s very important to consider not just which way to go, but what the ramifications of those decisions may be. Some responses may be predictable, and some may be surprises that come unexpectedly.

We make so many decisions in our lives that we take the process for granted. We look at a situation and pick the answer that looks best, or easiest, or quickest. Sometimes it’s a good decision and things go well, but sometimes there are complications we may not have considered. We can’t know the future so taking a moment to ponder where our decisions might take us is helpful. Our perspective is ours alone and nobody will share it completely. Nobody knows what we need better than we do, but even then we sometimes make mistakes. So, it’s important to think about our decisions before we make them – even the small ones.

If we’re in a relationship with someone and decide things have gotten too intense, we may decide to back up for a time. We don’t want to end the relationship but we want a little space. Explaining that to the other party may be difficult but if we need the time, it should be addressed. The question is, what will be the cost of stepping back? If we are dating the other person and we take some time away, they may find someone else to spend their time with. Are we willing to accept that? If we are in a friendship that has gotten too intense and we want to take a break, if the other person is offended by the request we may not be able to re-establish things afterward. Can we live with that? Everything we do will bring some sort of reaction. It’s important to think about what that may be before we go storming forward.

Today as you make your decisions, take a moment before you decide and think about what the results may be. Let your mind go wide and consider all the possibilities. Nobody can read the future and it’s wise to ponder what could happen before we choose. If the decision is worth whatever may come, go forward. You are capable of making good, wise choices, and only you can determine what’s best for you.

In the Circle

30 Jul

We all have a circle of friends and family that we spend time with. Our circles are filled with people we’ve come to trust, and share our lives with. They can change from time to time as people move in and out of our lives, but we enjoy those we keep close, and appreciate our association with them. Our circles are ours to design and fill with the ones we most want to be around. If we like, we can close the circle off and keep new people from joining us. Some of us like that idea, and the stability of keeping everything the same. But it’s important to think about keeping our circles open. Our lives change from day to day, and there are endless opportunities to meet new people and engage them. If we develop new friendships and allow new people to share our lives, we will be enhanced and enriched.

There are countless varieties of personalities and individual traits in the human race. And each and every one of them has something to offer. When we have dinner, it’s wonderful to have a delicious, savory meal, and then at the end have something light and sweet. If all we had were the sweets, we would miss the pleasure of the savory. The contrasts are what make the meal special. It’s the same with us as people. It’s the differences that make everything rich. People who are like us may make us feel comfortable, but those who are different from us enrich us with new experiences, and new interpretations. If we keep our circles open just a little, and allow new relationships to enter, we will gain a broader understanding of life.

It’s easy to close our lives up, and keep things predictable. We can stick with the same people, go to the all the same places, drive the same kind of car, etc. But if we are able to open up just a little and let new ideas in, let new people get close to us, and allow ourselves to embrace new points of view, our perceptions will deepen, and we will learn more than we may have thought possible. It’s wonderful to meet new people, and it’s interesting when they share their differing viewpoints with us. This life is a great experiment. The more variables we allow, the more we’ll learn.

Today if you feel you’ve kept your life closed in a little, take a chance and open your circle a bit wider. Get to know new friends. Exchange new ideas, and be receptive to differences. Your world will get more expansive, your perceptions will get broader, and you will be richer. Extend your hand. Be welcoming. The more friends and family you let into your circle the greater your life will be.