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Who We Are

5 Oct

When people ask who we are we may give them descriptions of our lives. We are siblings, children, parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers, professionals, laborers and dozens of others. All of these representations help people understand us and our place in life but they don’t really define who we are. They are merely what circumstances we were born into or where we are in our lives. Who we are goes far deeper than any outward descriptor. It’s what defines us morally, ethically, spiritually, and individually, and is reflected by the actions we take. Our true selves are defined by the choices we make and the values we express. It has little to do with what others expect and more to do with what we expect from ourselves. We set our own personal standards and how we define what is noble and good is reflected in the people we become. We can bring goodness and light to the world or we can bring trouble and conflict. We can be anything we choose and everything we do will show the world what those decisions are. There are endless opportunities in life to make an impact. What that impact looks like is our decision. We can bring joy or sorrow. It’s all up to us.

Most people try to do well and be kind to those around them. We see incredible acts of goodness when trouble strikes as people step up to assist and carry those around them. We hear of heroic acts that save lives and incredible sacrifice that brings comfort. When others give selflessly to those around them it embellishes us and gives us hope for the future. Those willing to give bring great blessings to us all. Our connections to the human race are strong and more valuable than we may realize until things go wrong. We can choose to be noble and kind. We can be a light when there is nothing but darkness and the hand that reaches up when things go wrong.

Personal nobility is a choice we make. It’s easy to coast through life doing the minimum needed to get by. We can keep our eyes only on ourselves and our personal needs and refuse to get involved in anything outside our private world. If we do, we may feel safer in our routines and secure knowing what to expect. But if we take the chance to reach out and help others, and risk our personal comfort to extend ourselves in service, our lives will be enriched and we will become more connected to those around us. We can be anything we choose. Choosing to be noble and kind, selfless and loving, and helpful and charitable, will bring us incredible blessings and enrich our lives beyond our imagining. We have so much to offer. We can be the very best versions of ourselves and bless the world.

Today if you’ve been keeping to yourself, think about sharing your life with others. Look up. There are opportunities to help and serve all around you. Reach out and expand your focus. There is greatness and nobility inside you. Build on it and let it grow. You have so much to offer. Be the best you can be and you’ll change the world.


13 Oct

We all have ideas about how we want our lives to go and what we want to do. When there is something that entices us, something we want, or a destination we’ve decided on, we may be captivated by our plans to achieve it. It’s great when we’re able to succeed and gain the prize but sometimes no matter what we do we can’t get there. Sometimes the door is shut – and locked – and nothing we do will open it. There is a blockade in our path. Perhaps others are involved and blocking our way, or maybe the goal we’re seeking isn’t available to us, or it’s a desired relationship with someone else who isn’t interested in us. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to face a stop sign when we want to proceed. But if there truly is no way to get to the goal we will eventually have to accept the situation as it is. We may try to go around whatever is in our way, or try to negotiate to get in, or a dozen other tactics to try to move forward, but if the answer is truly no we will have to let it go. It’s very difficult to turn away from something we want badly. It can be hard to change and move in another direction but sometimes that’s where we are.

Facing a great disappointment takes time to process. At first we may think it’s a temporary setback and we’ll eventually get to the prize. We may convince ourselves the timing just isn’t right but feel that will change. There is nothing wrong with having a positive attitude but if the goal we’re seeking is truly out of reach it’s better to face the situation and move forward in another direction. There is little to be gained by living in a dream state. Reality is what will bring us truth and truth is what brings happiness. If we need time to grieve over the disappointment, we can take it. If we need a change of scenery, we can get it. And if we need to re-evaluate our plans going forward, we can do that. Serious disappointments aren’t easy to accept and they take time to get through. But we are capable of managing anything we have to face and if we give ourselves the time we need we can move on.

When things go wrong and we’re struggling to find our way we may feel like failures. We may overreact to the disappointment and make it personal. We may believe the lie that we always fail, that nothing we do every goes right, or that nobody will ever love us. Sometimes we will make mistakes and sometimes we will fail. And sometimes even if we haven’t done anything wrong things won’t go our way. It’s important to remember we have many excellent qualities and are capable of doing many things well. We do some things very well. Even if our plans fail, we aren’t failures. Things just didn’t go our way this time. Next time everything will be different. We can be confident in our abilities, and remember we are intelligent and lovable just as we are. Plans may fail but we don’t have to. We can learn and grow and go forward with courage to face the next challenge. There is a lot of success coming our way. We can focus on that and move forward with confidence.

Today if you’re facing a terrible disappointment and feel shaken and unsure, remember all the times you’ve succeeded in the past. There is greatness in you and many more successes ahead. Look forward and be strong. Be confident. You have so much going for you. The future is bright and it’s waiting for you.