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21 May

Everyone is unique and we all have different experiences as we go through our lives. There are billions of people on the planet and we’re all different. Our package of attributes belongs to us and nobody else. Even identical twins differ in some respects. We will meet all kinds of people and each one will be individual and specific to themselves. While we may understand we’re all different, there may be times when we yearn to be exactly like someone else. If we’re timid and quiet, we may wish to be gregarious and outgoing. Or we may want money and riches we don’t possess, or extreme beauty and poise. We can change most things about our lives and it’s good to have a goal, but if we obsess over a personal attribute we don’t have, we may begin to feel we aren’t good enough as we are. No matter where we are now, there will always be something more we can achieve. That doesn’t mean we’re less than we should be right now, or lacking in some way. It just means that life is filled with opportunities and if we want something more, we can do what is needed to attain it. We are completely perfect just the way we are for the lives we’re living. If we want to change something, how we look, what we do, where we work, or anything else, we can. We are perfectly capable of creating the lives we want the most, and with attention and determination we can make all our dreams reality. But while we’re pressing forward and reaching for something different, we can value where we are and honor the lives we now have. The gifts and benefits we have to offer can’t be given by anyone else. We are valuable and worthwhile just as we are, and the whole is blessed because we are here.

We are constantly bombarded with messages all around us that we should be somehow different in some way. They tell us we should never be satisfied with what we have or where we are and should do more, and be more. It’s good to strive to be the best we can be, but the world does not set the standards for our lives. We do. We decide what we’ll do and where we’ll go. All the other opinions are just noise. We know what we want, and have everything we need to do anything we desire. We can design our lives any way we choose, and find complete happiness.

If we aren’t meeting someone else’s idea of how they think we should be living, they may ridicule or criticize us, telling us what we should do and what changes need to be made. Everyone has their own ideas, and we can listen to anything we like, but nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. We’re in control of our own destiny and can decide how our lives will go. Every single goal is possible, and nothing can keep us from doing what we want the most.

Today if you feel you aren’t good enough or somehow don’t measure up, remember there isn’t anyone else like you in all of creation. You are rare and precious, and worth more than you can imagine. The whole world is enriched by your presence. You are perfect just as you are. Believe in yourself. Be confident and move forward. Every success you desire is waiting just ahead, and nothing can keep you from it. You are amazing, and incredible, and make the world wonderful.


13 Feb

Today’s personal standards tend to be very high. It seems we’re expected to look our best all the time, be friendly and intelligent in every situation, and strive to live a high standard of living. It’s not enough for us to be normal people – more and more it seems we’re expected to be super people who never tire, never get grumpy, and are always ready for the next challenge. Of course those messages are false and unattainable. The problem is although we know it’s impossible, sometimes we buy into them and think we should meet the expectations. We might even think we need to be perfect. But what does it mean to be perfect? Is it a reflection of society’s idea of perfect, our family’s idea of it, our friends’ impressions of it, or can we decide? Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of what perfection is, and the only standard we need to measure ourselves against is the one we choose. It may be very different from person to person. But when we are striving to be our best, our standards are the only ones that count. We don’t have to be tall, or thin, or genius, or rich. We can be what we determine is best for us. It’s fine to strive for perfection as long as we define what that looks like.

The world is filled with differences. Everywhere we look there are all kinds of people, no two exactly the same. We don’t look alike, we don’t dress alike, we don’t act the same way, we don’t even speak the same language. There is no way to measure one against the other and there can’t possibly be one version that is better than another. Each has it’s own assets and draw backs. That being the case, there is no way to define what a perfect person should be. If we try to measure ourselves against others, and their expectations, we may come up short. Someone will always be more talented, more beautiful, more gifted, or more wealthy. If we want to reach personal perfection, we can do it in our own unique way.

There is often pressure to conform and be like those around us. It can seem easier if we fit in and mimic the patterns and lifestyles of those we associate with. But if we do everything the way someone else is doing it, there is no room for us to do it our way. We are experts in being ourselves. Nobody knows us like we do. We know what makes us happy, what makes us mad, and who we really are. What’s unique about us is what’s perfect. We don’t have to fit somebody else’s mold, and we don’t have to pretend we’re something we’re not. Just being who we are, striving for what’s important to us, going after the goals we want to achieve, and being completely authentic is perfect. Every one has a special gift to share with the world that nobody else can bring. If we remember that when there is pressure to conform, we’ll have the courage to be uniquely ourselves. We can do what we want, dress the way we like, and live our lives our way. And when we do, we’ll be perfect.

Today you don’t have to try to make yourself into something you aren’t in order to fit in. There is nobody else like you in the whole world. You are a blessing to us all just as you are. Be uniquely you and show us how wonderful that is. It’ll be the very best you can do. In fact, it’ll be perfect.