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Down A Peg

30 Oct

There are all kinds of people in the world, and we’ll interact with many of them as we navigate through our lives. Some will be nice, and easy to talk to, others may be aloof and standoffish, and some may be mean and hateful. The spectrum of behaviors and expressions is unlimited and varied, but building friendships and connections help us pave the road ahead. Finding others with similar beliefs and common life patterns encourages us to form alliances and strengthen bonds. It’s good to have a network around us filled with people we can trust and honor, who offer us the same in return. But not everyone is interested in getting close. Some people are highly competitive and see those around them merely as stepping stones to get closer to what they want. If we’re in their way, they may push us aside and storm past without looking back. It’s impossible to befriend someone who only sees themselves. If they are only interested in what the world can give them and don’t care about anyone else’s feelings, it will be difficult to form any kind of lasting bond. If we must work with them it may be hard to get our opinions and ideas heard. We can try to speak up and stand strong, but they may do everything in their power to knock us down a peg, and keep us quiet. We all have something of value to offer. Nobody knows everything or has all the best ideas. We’re entitled to our own views and opinions, and can be confident in expressing them. They are not worth less because someone doesn’t want to hear them. We are never devalued just because someone thinks they are better or more important than we are. We can be confident and strong in expressing ourselves in every situation. Every dream is possible, and every success can be ours. No one can stop us from achieving our goals, and nothing can keep us from any destination we desire.

Some people believe they are somehow more essential and meaningful than the rest of us. They are confident that they have the right answers to whatever questions may arise and don’t really care about anyone else’s viewpoint or opinion. It’s good to have a strong self-image and high standards, but if we minimize the importance of others, we will miss the chance to hear new ideas, and expand our understanding. Nobody has all the answers. We can be sure of ourselves and still recognize contributions from those around us.

If we are timid or unsure, we may hesitate to speak up and share our thoughts when problems arise, but we are unique, and nobody sees the world exactly as we do. Everyone’s perception is different, and we alone may hold the keys that show the way to success. We can share our opinions and trust ourselves to find the answers we seek. We are wise and capable, and the whole world is embellished because we are here.

Today if someone is trying to hold you back and keep you quiet, remember your ideas and opinions are valuable and important. Speak up and step forward with confidence. Nothing is strong enough to hold you in place. Every success you desire is there for you. Be confident and sure. You are amazing and powerful, and all your dreams are possible.


13 Feb

Today’s personal standards tend to be very high. It seems we’re expected to look our best all the time, be friendly and intelligent in every situation, and strive to live a high standard of living. It’s not enough for us to be normal people – more and more it seems we’re expected to be super people who never tire, never get grumpy, and are always ready for the next challenge. Of course those messages are false and unattainable. The problem is although we know it’s impossible, sometimes we buy into them and think we should meet the expectations. We might even think we need to be perfect. But what does it mean to be perfect? Is it a reflection of society’s idea of perfect, our family’s idea of it, our friends’ impressions of it, or can we decide? Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of what perfection is, and the only standard we need to measure ourselves against is the one we choose. It may be very different from person to person. But when we are striving to be our best, our standards are the only ones that count. We don’t have to be tall, or thin, or genius, or rich. We can be what we determine is best for us. It’s fine to strive for perfection as long as we define what that looks like.

The world is filled with differences. Everywhere we look there are all kinds of people, no two exactly the same. We don’t look alike, we don’t dress alike, we don’t act the same way, we don’t even speak the same language. There is no way to measure one against the other and there can’t possibly be one version that is better than another. Each has it’s own assets and draw backs. That being the case, there is no way to define what a perfect person should be. If we try to measure ourselves against others, and their expectations, we may come up short. Someone will always be more talented, more beautiful, more gifted, or more wealthy. If we want to reach personal perfection, we can do it in our own unique way.

There is often pressure to conform and be like those around us. It can seem easier if we fit in and mimic the patterns and lifestyles of those we associate with. But if we do everything the way someone else is doing it, there is no room for us to do it our way. We are experts in being ourselves. Nobody knows us like we do. We know what makes us happy, what makes us mad, and who we really are. What’s unique about us is what’s perfect. We don’t have to fit somebody else’s mold, and we don’t have to pretend we’re something we’re not. Just being who we are, striving for what’s important to us, going after the goals we want to achieve, and being completely authentic is perfect. Every one has a special gift to share with the world that nobody else can bring. If we remember that when there is pressure to conform, we’ll have the courage to be uniquely ourselves. We can do what we want, dress the way we like, and live our lives our way. And when we do, we’ll be perfect.

Today you don’t have to try to make yourself into something you aren’t in order to fit in. There is nobody else like you in the whole world. You are a blessing to us all just as you are. Be uniquely you and show us how wonderful that is. It’ll be the very best you can do. In fact, it’ll be perfect.